must reads: january

January never fails to make a bookworm out of me. I read like a fiend all summer, but then fall hits and I’m in a shopping frenzy until after the holidays. But January…oh, there’s just nothing like a storm outside and a cup of tea inside to convince me that my Sunday afternoon is best […]

summer’s must reads

First, let me say that summer reading is my kryptonite. I shouldn’t even be allowed into a bookstore this time of year. It’s the literary equivalent of Oscar season…positively the best time of year for fiction-lovers like me. To wit, an actual photo of my nightstand at present: And that’s not even the half of […]

must reads: my summer reading list

i’ve been promising you all a summer reading list for much too long.  the truth is that, since it’s just me, a girl can only read so many books over a summer and still get her shopping done!  but i do look forward to these long summer days…or, more to the point, long summer evenings […]