valentines worth hearting: for him (slightly NSFW)

i have heard from so many of you this year, begging for help with what seems to be the hardest task of all:  finding a valentine’s day gift for the man in your life.  and i fully admit, it is tricky.  after all, a holiday built on pink hearts and flowers doesn’t exactly scream testosterone. […]

valentines worth hearting: for her

i happen to love valentine’s day…i loved it when i was single, and i love it still. i used to get so excited about making those valentine boxes to house all of the goodies kids passed around to each other on valentine’s day, and the valentine selection process at the grocery store every year was […]

last-minute valentines…for everyone!

       for those dear readers who didn’t win the contest, i hope you’ll still be my valentine.  and if you’re still struggling for gifts, here are a few last-minute ideas that i personally guarantee will be a universal hit. for her:  if you’re feeling splurge-y, head over to saks and grab this pink prada wallet.  it’s the […]

and the valentine goes to…

thank you ALL so much for entering the valentine’s giveaway, and for sharing with your friends…i do so love when i actually get to hear back from all of you lovely readers.  and seeing new “faces” on the site is always really exciting. alas, i cannot afford to send each and every one of you […]

be mine! a valentine’s giveaway

happy valentine’s week, everyone – whether you’re celebrating solo or duo, i hope you have some fun things plannned (or are at least enjoying some of that delish v-day candy that’s available only once a year!). since valentine’s is about celebrating with, and giving to, the ones you love, i thought it only appropriate that […]

my funny valentine

       i have sort of mixed feelings about this heart-based holiday.  i absolutely adore it when it’s done right…but done wrong, it can end up beyond cheesy.  and if you’re solo, you’re forced to either act bitter or be depressed – not exactly ideal options. my advice:  nix the dozen red roses, and the heart-shaped […]

sweet valentines from emily elizabeth

   i’ve been so excited to share these with you ever since i spied them.  jewelry designer emily elizabeth uses vintage designs to create her beautiful pendants and other pieces, and the results are offbeat, original, and thoroughly charming. with valentine’s day coming up, i can’t think of a sweeter gift than these conversation heart […]

just a little valentine brag…

i’ve been wanting to do a little piece about this designer, and my valentine gave me the perfect excuse… …isn’t it just lovely!? sigh. so anyway, the designer. his name is marco bicego, and his pieces have only been available in the united states for a year or two, but they’re finally starting to take […]