travel in style: the NYT 36 hours

You know those “36 Hours” travel columns you’ve been saving from the New York Times for years? The ones that are stuffed away in a folder somewhere, shredded at the corners, turning yellow and brittle, but you couldn’t throw them out because you were dreaming of the day they’d be stuffed in a suitcase, ready […]

travel in style: ashland, oregon

Not long ago, I took a weekend trip down to Ashland, Oregon. They’re famous for hosting the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF), and I’ve been a major Renaissance geek almost since birth. (I even chose my university based largely on the fact that they hosted one of the largest Shakespeare festivals in the country.) So, I […]

travel in style: the perfect summer packing list!

Friends, I am so in need of a summer vacation. I’m writing this while wearing a beach caftan and white jeans…in my living room. It’s time to get out of dodge! I’m thinking if I pack myself an overnight bag now, perhaps I’ll be struck by a spur-of-the-moment inspiration and take myself out on a […]

travel in style: san francisco

As you might have noticed from all of my nostalgic exclamations on Twitter and Facebook recently, I packed up my most stylish duds, a slew of accessories, and spent last week in the city where I really did leave my heart: San Francisco! Five glorious days eating absolutely everything I wanted to eat, seeing (nearly) […]