giving thanks, and why i’m skipping black friday

|  via Instagram  | Am I the only one who’s already stressed about the holidays, and they haven’t even technically started yet? Didn’t think so. Seriously. I’ve been getting Black Friday emails in my inbox since last week. And most of the sales have already started! It’s getting so out of control, I found myself siding […]

the expectations game

| Yep, I always ride my bike in a silk skirt. With my $5,000 Chanel bag in the front basket, obvi. | Friends, I don’t know about you, but lately the internet has been getting me down. One of the biggest problems about having access to so.much.information is that it’s become all but impossible to tune out the things […]

how to pick the perfect gift: a Q&A with half hitch goods

|  Carrie of Half Hitch Goods, showing off her amazing Rolling Shoppe! | Friends, I have been so excited to share this Q&A! Carrie Caillouette is the mastermind behind Half Hitch Goods: quite simply the most beautiful, creative, perfectly-curated gifting shop I have ever encountered. (And trust me, I don’t give out that title lightly.) Every […]


|  Easter dresses on parade (and my darling Nana)  | Growing up, holidays were a big deal in my house. We celebrated everything. Easter meant a frilly new dress, a fancy hotel brunch, and one of those too-beautiful-to-eat sugar eggs with a miniature Easter scene inside created entirely of frosting. Mother’s Day meant the same brunch, but no new dress (and no candy, […]

zen and the art of birdwatching

| Image via Elena Lyakir | Meditation isn’t for everyone – and, though I’ve tried more than I care to admit, I’m finally realizing it probably isn’t for me. I’ve tried, really I have. In yoga classes, with special CDs, in total silence, in an actual Buddhist temple…you name it. After reading Eat Pray Love (both times), […]

must reads: summer 2014

As a rule, I’m not much of a summer person – give me a crisp September morning over a blazing July afternoon any day. But one thing I can’t get enough of this time of year is the inevitable surge of fantastic new reads. Keep your Hollywood blockbusters (seriously, how many Transformers movies are we going to be subjected […]