valentine’s giveaway winners!!!

sorry for the delay in announcing winners…i was out spending a perfectly lovely day with my valentine! a great big thank you to everyone for entering – really. i hope some of you newbies will stick around & become regular readers…if only to get a shot at more free goods in the future. but, without […]

the best love advice i never got

(Warning: the following is not gender-neutral. Not because I’m a big insensitive jerk, but because writing that way is surprisingly hard. Please read with whatever pronouns you love best.) It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, friends! I know, I know. Every year, I preach about how we should use this “holiday” (such as it is) to celebrate much more than […]

weekend forecast

Hey, remember when I used to do these Weekend Forecasts every week? Those were good times. But hey, it’s back for today – and we should really be living in the now, not wondering what the hell I’ve been doing with my Fridays for the last two months. Right? Right. So, here’s what I’m up […]

trend to try: the head scarf

{Editor’s Note: A big welcome back to our intrepid Trends Columnist, Ms. Kimberly Brandt! I have always wanted to be that girl that could effortlessly wear a head scarf, but have known in my heart it just wasn’t my look. Kim, as usual, is making me rethink that. Perhaps I’ll dust off one of my […]