happy valentine’s day!

I searched high and low for the perfect Valentine to give you this year, friends. But to be honest, nothing has quite captured my heart as completely as this utterly charming Tiffany & Co’s Valentine’s Day campaign. So clever, isn’t it? And really, is there anything that beats a valentine from Tiffany’s…even a fictional one? However […]

get gifting: valentine’s day gifts…for you!

‘Tis the season, friends…love is in the air! All across the country, couples are fretting over how to prove their romantic prowess, and singles are just fretting. Why must Valentine’s Day be such a colossal ball of stress? Enough, I say! Skip the high-pressure dinner out, and cook at home instead (even better if you […]

be mine: a valentine’s gift guide for everyone

Every year, I start out all “Bah, humbug” about Valentine’s Day. And in the end, I’m seduced by the pretty pink and red hearts scattered everywhere you look. This year is no different…except that it was a box of heart-shaped jellybeans that got me. (Darn you and your adorably delicious treats, Sugarfina!). I’m a big […]

crafty girl: be your own valentine

Editor’s Note: I’m so very excited to introduce a dear friend and kick-ass designer as our guest for today’s Crafty Girl. Arrs is the mad scientist behind GemKitty, a fantastic website that basically allows you to staff out your DIY jewelry fantasies. Pick one of their dozens of beautiful designs, come up with a color […]

get gifting: my funny valentine

Attention wayward men who have been sent to this page by your better half: I’ve never understood the big challenge about Valentine’s Day. Make it sweet (candy or flowers are old-fashioned, but they never fail) or sexy (silk or lace), and it’s hard to go wrong. Lingerie is never a bad idea, as long as […]

smc valentine giveaway: bevin designs!

{ENTRIES NOW CLOSED…thanks for playing, everyone!} I am so excited this morning, friends…I have a Valentine for you! And trust me, it’s much better than candy hearts and overpriced flowers. But before we get to the swag, I’d like you to meet the crazy-talented Bevin Designs. Beware…coveting is likely to ensue: How could you not […]

my funny valentine

every year, i start out grousing about valentine’s day.  how it’s a hallmark holiday, created by retailers to force us to spend money, is sheer torture when you’re single, allows restaurants to charge ridiculous amounts of money for mediocre prix-fixe meals, and really…didn’t we just finish buying christmas gifts? but i always end up falling […]