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so much style…

the lovely always instyle has featured a look today for her “street beat” section that i just can’t get out of my head.  can you believe this woman just got up, went to her closet, and came out looking like that all on her own?  so chic i can hardly stand it…

head over to always instyle to see more pics of this fantastic look, as well as their super-helpful tips for achieving the look yourself.  

what?  i’m not too proud to blatantly copy…er, imitate…

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deal of the day: chic graphic skirt

today’s deal is courtesy of the always lovely, always instyle, who showed off this gorgeous graphic skirt on her site this morning.  when i clicked over, i could hardly believe my eyes.  it was from talbots, of all places – a store i normally cringe and avert my eyes when passing – and it’s only $35.  

probably unbeknownst to them, it’s as chic as they come.  this a great in-between seasons piece, and will work perfectly for that august-october and march-may time of year when nothing you own seems right.  that bold print is perfect for fall, but the white color keeps it fresh and cool.  

i’d probably steer clear of tights with this one, but it’s definitely cardigan-worthy, especially if you top it off with a skinny belt.  pick it up at talbots, but don’t go clicking around looking for other finds:  the buck stops here.

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