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a new winner! and random monday finds

first things first, we have a new winner for that gorgeous necklace from two sisters jewelry!  entry number 5, “a” is our new lucky lady, and she won with her bonus entry for posting the contest on facebook!  a, you have until the end of the day to email me – or we’ll have to let some other lucky reader nab the prize!

next up, since i had to hold off on last week’s random friday finds post, i thought we’d just bump it to monday – i’ve had so many lovely random discoveries lately, i just can’t resist sharing.


on paper, these aren’t my style in the least, but i’ve been inexplicably fascinated by this croc-stamped t-strap sandal ever since it launched in the barneys co-op spring collection.  now that it’s marked down by 60% ($440 to $173), it’s hard to resist buying them for the fun factor alone.  that almost tie-dye pattern on the croc-print leather, the chunky, bohemian leather straps and chunky wood heel…sigh.  these are such a great wardrobe-update piece, because they’ll work with so many things, and will make just about any look fresh and edgy.  perfection!

how’s this for a cheap thrill?  if you’re in the market for a thrifty fashion fix, i’m a big fan of this floral halter tank from american eagle – especially for $20.  proof you actually can find some sweet style at the teeny-bopper shops.  pair it with a leather jacket and jeans, or keep it simple and casual with a cut-off short.


and this is neither here nor there, but i spied these on my latest anthropologie run, and i think i’m just going to have to buy them.  stacking matryoshka dolls that double as measuring cups.  how cute would they be on your kitchen counter?  you’ll have to check out the zoom photos if you’re tempted…it’ll be love at first sight!

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spring canvas totes…apparently a “must have”


during my most recent evening barnes & noble outing (yes, the hubs and i lead a pretty exciting life), i grabbed instyle’s fashion tome, “secrets of style” off the bargain table, just to see what they had to say.  nothing terribly riveting, but lots of “must have” items – a list that really just stressed me out more than anything (what does it say about me as a human being if i don’t have a straw handbag, per the “required” summer handbag list?  must i immediately run to my neighborhood raffia warehouse and pick one up?).  

but, one “must have” on their list was a canvas tote for spring.  and, while i do question the “everyone needs one, without exception” mantra, a few have popped onto my radar in the last week, so i figured it must be a sign.

thomas paul is one of my favorite textile designers, and it thrills me to no end that he has just released some brand new tote bag designs.  they’re sweet, stylish, and completely affordable at $36.  in my perfect world, the handle would be just a smidge longer, so i could use it as a tote or a shoulder bag…but my world is far from perfect, and this crab tote is too cute not to share.  love the bold primary colors, love the crab…just love.

on the much more subdued end of the scale – i saw these j.crew totes right before heading to hawaii, and was instantly convinced that the world would stop turning if i didn’t have one to take on the trip.  and yet, true to my perpetual indecision, was unable to bring myself to spend $80 on a canvas tote…even if it does have leather handles.  fortunately, now it’s on sale for $49 – much more acceptable.  the natural color is classic and sophisticated, but will get dirty…i kind of like the va-va-voom of the papaya shade, especially for warmer weather.  and turns out, you can monogram these, which would be so fabulously over-the-top preppy.

i frequently chuck the teen stores off my list as a matter of course, which can be just plain wrong in the summer.  you won’t find a better source for cheap flipflops, scarves, tees…and canvas totes.  this “beachy tote” from american eagle, of all places, has a great boho style, “faux” leather detailing to give it a little structure, and the print just screams summer.  not bad for $39.

so, i have a two-part question for you:  will you be buying/do you already have a canvas tote?  and is it really something you simply can’t survive the summer without?

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