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last-minute for the wife/girlfriend/friend with benefits

go ahead and forward this post to the man in your life.  i promise he’s not done shopping for you yet.

guys: while i know the prospect of approaching the cosmetics counter a week before christmas is frightening, bobbi brown is as foolproof as it gets.  they do the most amazing job of packaging wearable, neutral shades that really will work on most every person i know.  (translation: i’m eliminating the part of the shopping process in which you stand around trying to figure out whether that particular shade of pink will make your significant other look like a supermodel or a hospital patient in liver failure.)

Picture 9Picture 8

yes, it’s hard to go wrong with these little sets from bobbi brown.  i’m a sucker for packaging, and these chrome compacts are as chic as can be.  while i’m not a lip gloss person, i know i’m in the minority on that count…many a lid flipped when i showed this glitter lip balm set around among my friends.  personally, i’ve been wedded to the velvet plum eye palette since it arrived.  i’m pretty low-maintenance on the cosmetic front (the facial care is another matter), and this set just sort of handles all of my eye needs. base color, highlighter, accent shadow and even a liner shade – done!  i don’t even have to think about the eye stuff any more, which is sort of a relief.

either of these sets will make the girl in your life exceedingly happy on christmas morning.  you should be able to track these down at just about any bobbi brown counter, which you’ll find  at most department stores (ie, nordstrom, barneys, bloomingdales…you get the idea). at $40 each, they’re great stocking stuffer material…and i know you haven’t even started buying her stocking stuffers yet.

(girls, if these don’t show up under your tree, go out the day after and buy them anyway. they’re that good.)

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beauty buzz: le labo perfumes

a reader turned me on to le labo perfumes a few months ago (thanks, j!), raving about how fabulous the fragrances were, and insisting i had to try them.  i was lucky enough to get in touch with the perfumers in france, and after several chats about the various options, they sent me a beautiful little box of fragrances to try out.  quite honestly, i’ve never been so utterly bowled over by a perfumer, and i couldn’t wait to share my discovery!

i’ve been spraying le labo’s scents all morning to write this post, and dear readers, my house smells a-ma-zing!  the thing i love about le labo is their ability to blend fragrances to really enhance the essence of a single scent without overpowering it or creating just a single-note fragrance.  their scents are complex, but light and incredibly easy to wear – i have a hard time committing to some scents for an entire day, but i still find myself surreptitiously sniffing my wrists on my way to bed when i wear le labo.

my hands-down favorite from the line is their anis 24 fragrance. it’s technically only available as a home scent, but they were kind enough to make me a test sample that’s wearable (how amazing is that?!).  i love it so much that i have to be cautious when i wear it, because i’m terrified i’m going to run out!

for die-hard fans of vetiver (like me), bergamote 22 is a perfect specimen, blended with grapefruit and just a touch of amber.  the results are light, maybe a bit sweet, and so easy to wear.  if you’re a floral person, you’ll undoubtedly fall for fleur d’oranger 27 – a honeyed floral that smells exactly like the orange trees i remember from california.  and if it’s a sweeter scent you’re after, i’d suggest calone 17, another home fragrance.  they say it smells like the sea…i’d say maybe popsicles on the beach:  cool, sweet and irresistible.

if you happen to be near a store, i’m jealous.  if not, le labo will create a custom set of scents for you as well!  choose their discovery set, and you’ll get your choice of three 5ml perfumes custom packaged and personalized just for you (they even put your name on the box…it’s very exciting)!  for $52, it’s a great way to test a few of their fragrances with less commitment…and trust me, you’ll be glad you have a few to choose from!

otherwise, nab their scents on le labo’s website or from the happiest place on earth (aka barneys).

(shopper’s note: do make sure you page down on le labo’s site to get to the buying options for each fragrance.  it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure that out…)

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admiring from afar: pierre hardy pailette t-strap

okay, before you fall in love, don’t fall far….they’re by pierre hardy, and they’re $1400, so this is a look-but-don’t-touch post.  but i still had to share…i mean, look at them!

now, i have absolutely nowhere to wear these – after all, they take over-the-top to a whole new level.  but oh, i wish i did so that i could properly covet them.  as of now, they’re just making me covet the shoe and the life i’d have to have to own them (hmm, can you ever really own a shoe that lovely, or are you just borrowing it from the world?  what, too far?).

so, here’s what i’m wondering:  what amazing fantasy event would you want to attend in order to wear these amazing shoes?  for me, i’m thinking maybe the annual costume institute gala at the met.  it’s hosted by anna wintour, and i just know she’d stop me and demand that i remove my shoes and give them to her immediately.

what about you?

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cheap thrills: the prada edition!

okay, maybe not “cheap” by my normal standards.  but $166 for prada shoes is a steal no matter how you slice it.

maybe i’m just rebelling against all of those sky-high platform sandals this season, but i think these butter yellow kitten heel peeptoes will get you through the rest of summer and early fall with so much style, and they’re so classic, they’ll last for years!  plus, they’re from prada’s linea rossa line, which is always amazingly comfortable.  i’d love to see these paired with skinny jeans, and they’ll be amazing with colored tights when the weather cools off.

nab them at barneys now…they have almost a full selection of sizes left!

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ethically mandatory shopping: taytu

when i spied these boho tie-dyed leather bags at barneys, i immediately thought they were the cutest thing for summer.  i love the mellow, slouchy styles, and i love that you get all of that bold color and pattern without having to resort to fabric.  plus, prices are actually quite reasonable – all are $475 or under.  and okay, so i’m totally smitten by the little girl keychain that’s attached (i was totally that girl in the 80s who just wanted a kipling bag because i liked the little monkey that came with it).

picture-16 picture-17

but then i started to read the fine print.  turns out, tatyu is an ethiopian luxury label supported by the united nations.  the bags are made by a co-op of women, and proceeds go to help patients and families dealing with AIDS.  now, i love a good excuse to spend as much as the next girl, but this actually sounds like a pretty remarkable thing.  don’t you agree?

(in unrelated news, the marc by MJ hobo i’ve been eyeing all spring is marked way, way down at barneys today.  you know, if you’re in the market for something more understated than bright yellow tie dye…)

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a new winner! and random monday finds

first things first, we have a new winner for that gorgeous necklace from two sisters jewelry!  entry number 5, “a” is our new lucky lady, and she won with her bonus entry for posting the contest on facebook!  a, you have until the end of the day to email me – or we’ll have to let some other lucky reader nab the prize!

next up, since i had to hold off on last week’s random friday finds post, i thought we’d just bump it to monday – i’ve had so many lovely random discoveries lately, i just can’t resist sharing.


on paper, these aren’t my style in the least, but i’ve been inexplicably fascinated by this croc-stamped t-strap sandal ever since it launched in the barneys co-op spring collection.  now that it’s marked down by 60% ($440 to $173), it’s hard to resist buying them for the fun factor alone.  that almost tie-dye pattern on the croc-print leather, the chunky, bohemian leather straps and chunky wood heel…sigh.  these are such a great wardrobe-update piece, because they’ll work with so many things, and will make just about any look fresh and edgy.  perfection!

how’s this for a cheap thrill?  if you’re in the market for a thrifty fashion fix, i’m a big fan of this floral halter tank from american eagle – especially for $20.  proof you actually can find some sweet style at the teeny-bopper shops.  pair it with a leather jacket and jeans, or keep it simple and casual with a cut-off short.


and this is neither here nor there, but i spied these on my latest anthropologie run, and i think i’m just going to have to buy them.  stacking matryoshka dolls that double as measuring cups.  how cute would they be on your kitchen counter?  you’ll have to check out the zoom photos if you’re tempted…it’ll be love at first sight!

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why i love the internet: reason #847

(last jewelry post this week, i swear!)

so i have this other blog i’ve mentioned to you all before – adorned.  well, on that blog, i recently featured the designs of etten eller, a modern jewelry designer who uses vintage watch parts to create some pretty fabulous necklaces.  they’re pretty gorgeous, actually…but as usual, not cheap.  they’re available at barney’s, and pricing runs about $200-300 on each.

at the time, one of my readers commented on the post that she loved the idea, but wasn’t about to spend $300…she was going to make them herself!  and so she has…she emailed today to let me know she’s opened an etsy shop, and is selling some extremely cute versions of the same concept…for $22 each.  how clever is that?

so now, you have a choice – you can pick up the original versions, which i still happen to love.  or you can snag a one-of-a-kind design from the lovely swankyveg, for 1/10 of the price.  and i (very excitedly) get to say i had a tiny hand in this woman’s ingenuity!  

don’t you just love when things line up so perfectly?

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what i want today: comforting fall scents

the moment the weather turns cool, i start craving warm, comforting scents like cinnamon, clove and winter fruits.  short of keeping an oven full of pie at all times, my best shot for maintaining those classic fall scents in my home is via candle.  so, i’ve taken it upon myself to run an exhaustive test, and i’ve come up with my list of favorites for this fall season.

the new joya collection at barneys has my undivided attention.  i haven’t stopped burning their fantastic candles since they arrived.  they’ve collaborated with one of my favorite ceramic artists, sarah cihat, to develop candles that smell amazing, last forever, and are housed in truly gorgeous containers.  my personal favorite is the pomegranate white pepper ($48), which has the deep sweetness of pomegranate, but the snap of white pepper, ginger and cardamom keeps it from being too cloying. 

i know it’s a second pomegranate scent, but the pomegranate noir from jo malone ($65) is so different,  they’re both worth loving.  in the jo malone version, the pomegranate is more prominent, probably because of the raspberry notes in the background.  but by adding patchouli and frankincense, this turns into a much more complex fragrance.  overall, if you’re after a true pomegranate, i’d go with the jo malone…but if you’re after just a generally light sweet scent with a hint of spice, the joya is for you.

i have to admit to some work bias here, but honestly, pacifica’s tibetan mountain temple ($20) is my hands-down favorite for homey, spicy scents this season.  it’s not intended as a holiday candle, but the scents of ginger, orange and vetiver combine to make this as comforting as a scent can be.  i can’t get enough!  archipelago’s gingered grapefruit ($24) is another great option, but the grapefruit makes this one much sharper – a great candle for day to keep you awake, where the pacifica is a night-only burn for me…it just makes me cozy, warm and relaxed.

for something really different, i’ve been obsessively sniffing the new agadir candle from tocca ($36) since it arrived.  it smells exactly like sweet pipe tobacco, a scent i’ve always secretly loved, especially when the air outside is crisp.  the particular beauty of this scent (besides the gorgeous trademark tocca packaging) is that this is a scent your other half can’t pass up…it’s as manly as a candle gets.

what’s your favorite cold-weather scent?

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