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giving thanks, and why i’m skipping black friday

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Am I the only one who’s already stressed about the holidays, and they haven’t even technically started yet?

Didn’t think so.

Seriously. I’ve been getting Black Friday emails in my inbox since last week. And most of the sales have already started! It’s getting so out of control, I found myself siding with those hippie-crunchies over at REI for possibly the first time ever.

I need a breather, friends. And I’m guessing you do too. This has been a rough month for me. Health drama, house drama, family drama…I’m in one of those life phases when you’re convinced the universe has it in for you. And the truth is, I’m getting a little too good at wallowing in my own crap for my own good.

So this year, I’m taking Black Friday off. Ditto for Small Business Saturday (which you should absolutely support, btw), Cyber Monday, and whatever other panic-inducing schemes retailers have concocted to make you feel like you’re going to miss out on something unmissable if you don’t give them all your money rightthissecond.

I mean, I can’t lie: if you do shop, I’d be super grateful if you’d use a few of my affiliate links at some point, since it turns out running a website is sort of expensive. (I’ll list a few below that I already know will have knock-your-socks-off deals happening, or just click any of the pretty pictures on your right.)

But you know what else would be okay? Not doing any of that.

Here’s my big idea: Let’s make this weekend our breather. Instead of a frenzy of parking lots and coupon codes and early bird specials, go see a stupid movie (or a great one). Take your dogs for a hike. Buy yourself a book you’ve been dying to read, open the good wine, and don’t talk to a single soul for an entire hour.

This Thanksgiving, I’m going to try try try to find the gratitude. It’s going to be uphill, for sure. But I’m going to do my darnedest to remember what my grandfather would be saying to me right now, which would be some variation of reminding me to look on the bright side, and to remember that there’s actually very little in this crazy world over which I have any control at all. Which is both horrifying and strangely comforting.

I’m grateful for friends who haven’t given up on me yet, despite the fact that I’m not the most fun person to hang out with these days. I’m grateful for yoga pants and sneakers having been deemed “athleisure” by the fashion set (thanks, Eva!), because it means that my sore stomach and joints get some relief without my having to feel like a total schlub. And I’m grateful for fall‘s crisp air and red leaves, which clear my mind and lift my spirits every time.

And, as I am every other day of the year, I’m grateful for you. Thanks for all you do to lift my spirits every day, friends. I wouldn’t be the same without you.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone!


PS: Behold, the links you could click if you just can’t resist a sale and want to support SMC:

  • Amazon (got a sneak peek at their sales, and they’re great this year)
  • Shopbop (spend some, save some)
  • Nordstrom (always a mystery, but always worth a look)
  • Jonathan Adler (20% off sitewide)
  • Cusp (40%+ off)
  • Saks (I’m betting on a sitewide discount)
  • Tory Burch (spend some, save some)
  • James Perse (if you’re buying for everyone else, might as well treat yo’self)
  • Net-A-Porter (a mighty, mighty good sale going on.)

Thanks, friends. I owe you one!


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giving thanks

thanksgiving pie, via shopping's my cardio

I’m baking up a storm this Thanksgiving! 

I’m taking a little break from our gift guides today to wish you and yours a very, very happy Thanksgiving. Whether you’re cooking for 20 or ordering pizza, I hope you’ll have a moment or two to take a deep breath, look around, and enjoy the start of the holidays (before it turns into an official onslaught of insanity).

I’ll have our last expert gift guide for you over the weekend – it’s a goodie! – and in the meantime, I’ll be sharing all of the Black Friday sales (plus Small Business Saturday, plus Cyber Monday…sheesh!) I hear about on Facebook and Twitter, so be sure you’re following me there. There are a staggering number of deals in my inbox already, so hang with me there, and I’ll keep the discount codes coming!

Last but not least, friends, I just want to say – this year, I’m thankful for you. Each and every one of you. Whether you read SMC every day or just once in a while, whether you comment all the time or have never said a word, I really do consider you a friend. And I’m so very, very happy that you choose to spend a few minutes of your day with me.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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giving thanks (for sales)

I was going to wait. Really I was. I had this big plan to post a nice, holiday-appropriate Norman Rockwell painting, take the next couple of days off, and come back with a big Black Friday/Cyber Monday compendium for you (that’s still coming, by the way, so be here bright and early Friday morning).

But then, these two things landed in my inbox, and well…they were too good. I couldn’t not tell you.

Read on

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