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off the rack: london edition

london shopping, via shopping's my cardio

Friends, I have so much to tell you about the wonderful time I had in London last week! But first things first – I know you want the scoop on my retail adventures, and goodness knows there’s plenty to tell. In four days, I managed to hit Portobello Road, Liberty of London, Harrods, Topshop, Selfridges, the V&A Museum shop, Cath Kidson, and of course Boots. To say nothing of the sightseeing, eating, theatre and my afternoon at the Four Seasons. Exhausted? Yep. Worth it? Totally.

While I catch my breath, I thought I’d show you a few of my favorite finds from London. Don’t fret – after some very careful sleuthing, I’ve found spots you can nab each and every one of these goodies right here in these United States.  Read on

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asked and answered: boots for small calves

hurray, reader mail!  i’ll admit that this one has taken me a while to answer…extensive research was required.  but here we are, at last:

I was wondering if you could recommend some brands or styles of boots that are good for those with really small calves.  All the articles I read mention the problem of boots for people with large ones, but I am really tiny and like boots that hug my legs (hate that swimming feeling and look).  Also looking for fashionable rain boots that are good for small calves.  Any suggestions would be great…  ~ j.v.

excellent question.  not one that personally affects me, but i have plenty of friends that have this issue.  a few rules of thumb:  steer clear of pull-on boots, as they’ll be roomier at the top than one that zips.  and, some sort of buckle closure at the top or anything else designed to cinch the boot is probably a perfect option for you.

the truth is that you have to have a lot of hands-on experience with various brands to come up with really good options in this department.  so, i decided to call in the expert:  morgan wendelborn, style director at shopbop.  here are her words of wisdom:

As far as rainboots go, I actually buy mine a half size up, because they look best when they are a little clunky (plus you can wear a thicker sock!). As long as the rest of your silhouette is fitted or slim:  pair with leggings or skinnies (don’t wear a baggy pant tucked into your boots unless you are making a late night ice cream run!) and a fitted jacket.

If you have slim calves, you should definitely take advantage of the over-the-knee boot! It is really fitted all the way up to the knee and looks great with skinnies and leggings, AND keeps your legs toasty!

i tend to agree with morgan’s take on rain boots – i think a fitted option just wouldn’t look quite right.  but if you must, ugg makes a new waterproof boot with a zip closure ($180) that should stay about as fitted as any rain boot can.  this engineer rain boot from jeffrey campbell ($72) is another great option – i think this will be as close as you’ll get to a snug fit, particularly since it doesn’t go all the way up the calf.

as for the over-the-knee boots, if you’re not sure you can rock the style, keep in mind that most of these boots can be cuffed to allow them to work as standard tall boots as well – and that will keep the top much more snug against your leg.

a few of my favorite picks for you:

  • pour la victoire over-the-knee boot ($465):  i think this is a perfect option for you, as the zipper closure and toggles at the top will keep this one snug whether you wear it over the knee or cuff it.  if you’re really narrow, you should even be able to close the toggles when it’s cuffed, keeping the top snug.
  • twelfth st. by cynthia vincent flat riding boot ($276.50):  that buckle detail should keep this one looking perfect no matter your calf size.  
  • one last little tip:  european brands tend to run more narrow, so look for styles from designers like l’autre chose and coclico for particularly trim cuts.  i love this obama heeled boot (i swear, i picked it before i even saw the name!) – it’s on sale for $378, and should fit you like a glove.

j.v., i hope this helps out – let us know what you end up buying!

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what i want one of these days…

i am not a boot girl, or a heels girl, or a (gasp) athletic footwear girl.  i may love them all in theory, but the reality is that i wear flats.  every day, rain or shine, my go-to shoe is the ballet flat.  however, now that i’m living in a much brisker climate, i think it’s time to admit that i may have to turn in my flats for the winter, in favor of something a touch more weather-friendly.  but, as i’m also living in a much less fashion-forward climate, none of my heeled boots are going to do the trick either.  so, i’m faced with the dilemma of purchasing potentially very expensive footwear that i know may never actually leave my house.  but i want to give it a go.

what i want:  these amazing taupe riding boots at barneys (left, $480) are calling my name oh-so-seductively…as are these equally stunning grey belted boots (center, $480) from coclico (the pics at shopbop are vastly superior, but the price is lower at piperlime, so they win).

what i bought:  for now, i’ve taken the hubs’ advice, and picked up a pair that’s more budget-friendly (cough, cheaper, cough) to test my fashion flexibility.  these cognac suede boots (right, $133 after discount) remind me a lot of the classic campus by frye, but at less than half the price (especially when you factor in the $25 discount AND the free vogue subscription with purchase promotions at endless right now).  this way, if i manage to make the style work for me, well, it’s splurge-city, baby. 

i’ll keep you posted on whether my attempt at a recession-friendly fashion decision paid off…

Vogue and Endless.com Special Offfer

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