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styled alternatives: velvet’s marisha dress

Good morning, friends – I missed you last week! Though I tell you, it was a vacation sorely needed. But I’m back now, refreshed, and ready to get back to business. By which I mean copious amounts of online shopping, naturally.

I didn’t get a chance to tell you about my latest find before I checked out, but I’ve been wearing it nonstop, so it’s high time. Let me introduce you to Velvet by Graham & Spencer’s Marisha dress.

I am beyond picky about summer dresses. I adore them, but never ever find one that will suit my many requirements. I should have known to start with Velvet by Graham & Spencer…they just always seem to get it right, don’t you think?

Besides being head over heels for that Aztec-inspired print and the cheery coral hue, this beauty nails each and every summer rule of mine. Plus, I cannot tell you how many compliments I get when I wear it. It isn’t too short (miracle of miracles), and that fitted bodice/relaxed skirt combo is hands-down the most flattering style ever. Oh! And. It has wide straps and a lined skirt. For once, bra straps and VPL aren’t an issue.

I tell you, this dress is magic. Even the hubs has commented on it several times. (At one point, he actually said “You should get more dresses from that company.” Way ahead of you, buddy.)

Styling this baby is easy as pie. It also happens to be one of those rare summer dresses that you can actually wear to the office (you know, unless you’re trading stocks or trying cases). So, I’ve come up with a couple of my favorite ways to wear the Marisha at work and at play.

Work: Linen blazer, Olivia Moon, $88 / Raffia woven tote, Marni, $828 / Rope belt, the i heart boutique, $22 / Anja wedge, Loeffler Randall, $262 / Mix bead necklace, A Merry Mishap, $31

Weekend: Denim jacket, KUT, $69 / Oversized popcorn raffia clutch, Bop Basics, $78 / Leaf filigree cuff, Prismera Designs, $240 / Super Skinny green belt, ASOS, $10 / Andromeda flat, Belle by Sigerson Morrison, $225

And I’m just getting started! Coral is such a versatile shade, you could swap the blue blazer for navy, or even a bright yellow if you have dark skin. On the weekend, ditch the denim jacket in favor of a military style, a short-sleeved cardi or go bare. Change out the dainty belt for a chunkier style (I happen to love my Wood & Faulk version), switch up the jewelry ad infinitum (just steer clear of long necklaces…I don’t love the look when mixed with a belt). Be bold, and this dress will deliver all season.

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random rant: stella mccartney for net-a-porter


important disclaimer:  i happen to adore this t-shirt.  i’ve been obsessed with cloud prints, patterns, paintings…anything cloud-ish for as long as i can remember, and i did a little “ooh, pretty!” gasp when i saw this.  

but it’s $495.

really, stella? are we doing $500 tees now?  i guess the real question is whether we were ever doing $500 tees, but especially now, when people are being even more frugal and cautious…is anyone out there buying a $500 t-shirt?  i mean, i’m sure it’s a completely wonderful t-shirt.  i’m sure the cut is phenomenal, the cotton is organic, and the dye is made from some sort of extremely rare vegetable that stella is personally growing in her backyard, and can only be harvested using the feathers of a dodo bird or something.  so maybe, assuming that’s the case, it’s “worth” $500.  but does that mean you’d buy it?

for those of us living in the real world, i did find a few alternatives.  bop basics makes a really gorgeous burnout tee that looks amazing up close, and comes in a very appropriate sky blue color.  for the graphic element, check out this considerably more mod cloud print tee at threads for thought.  and, of course, there’s always that sweet air tee by terra which, i have to admit, i think looks more like a $500 tee than stella’s version.

my question to you is this:  is there any scenario in which you’d consider buying a $500 t-shirt?

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sweet steals: elliott lucca and bop basics

a couple of deals worth mentioning today:

elliott lucca is giving 50% off every bag in the sale section on its website through 4/13.  i’m not one to swoon over this line normally, but the frugal fashionista in me can’t deny this is a good time to exercise a little restraint.  plus, i’m kind of loving the maxine tote in boysenberry or lilac – especially considering it’d be $90 with the deal.  the addison tote is right up there too…i actually prefer the shape on this one, but am craving slouchy these days.  the catina clutch is pretty cute, too – a perfect summer wedding option at $50!  whatever you choose, use code ELWS40609 to score the deal.

and our good buddies over at shopbop are giving 20% off everything from their house label, bop basics.  maybe not remarkable on its own, but since most pieces are already marked down, you can score $8 tees and $11 track shorts.  oddly, this gauze skirt is my favorite pick – it’s down to $25 from $85, plus an extra 20% off.  and it just looks so comfy and cool – if a little short.  use code BOPBASICS20 at checkout.


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