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my funny valentine

every year, i start out grousing about valentine’s day.  how it’s a hallmark holiday, created by retailers to force us to spend money, is sheer torture when you’re single, allows restaurants to charge ridiculous amounts of money for mediocre prix-fixe meals, and really…didn’t we just finish buying christmas gifts?

but i always end up falling for valentine’s day in the end.  i’m swayed by all that pretty pink and red candy, the paper hearts strewn everywhere i go, and the fantasy that maybe, just maybe, i’ll send out valentine’s day cards where i failed so miserably at holiday cards this year.

~ bortolomiol rose prosecco:  because, really, when else is pink prosecco de rigeur?  (believe me, this one should always be…)
~ peggy li rough diamond disc necklace:  so subtle and lovely – i think it’s the prettiest valetine i’ve seen this year. plus, can you even talk about valentine’s day without jewelry?
~ see’s candies hot hearts:  simply the best valentine’s day candy ever!
~ kate spade striped bow tank:  it’s freezing, of course, but this ribboned tank makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.  in july, i’ll be wishing i’d splurged on this…and it will be sold out.
~ bristols 6 lovin’ kit:  in case you (or your valentine) are feeling a bit more naughty than nice…
~ paper source DIY moustache valentines:  is it even possible not to smile when you see these guys?
~ rifle paper co. customized valentine’s portrait:  can you imagine a sweeter valentine than this?
~ zedena designs enamel heart necklaces: conversation hearts get me every single time, and these might be the cutest yet.

what are your plans for valentine’s day this year?

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