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pretty in pink

i swear, the color theme this week was totally unintentional.  but i couldn’t let october go by without showing you a few things i’m loving in support of breast cancer awareness (BCA) month.

as you probably know, each october, virtually every designer and beauty line under the sun releases a limited-edition pink item in support of breast cancer.  breast cancer blenders, breast cancer flat irons, even breast cancer soap…the options are endless.  in each case, anywhere from a nickel to 100% of the proceeds go to fund research for a cure.  always one to shop for a cause, i thought i’d show you a few of my favorites.  fair warning: i do tend to lean toward the products that donate most or all proceeds to charity – giving $5 from a $200 item doesn’t do much for me.  after all, if you’re shopping for warm fuzzies, you might as well go all out!

Picture 5

i loved this necklace before i even knew it was for BCA.  gorgeous gunmetal chain, and i am crazy for that rose gold feather – so unique, perfect for everyday wear, and really reasonable at $75.  it was designed by elizabeth and james, and is available exclusively at shopbop.

every year, OPI releases a special shade of pink for BCA, and this year’s “pink of hearts” is a personal favorite of mine.  it works as a one-coat sheer (though it’s a little brighter than my usual ‘samoan sand’), but is also great full-strength.  it’s a sweet, preppy pink that goes with anything.  and it’s only $6 at amazon!

these flamingo notecards from linda & harriett are so cute, i had to share.  they just make me think of happier, tropical places – i’d love to send them out to friends right about now, when we’re struggling to remember those warm summer days.  you get 6 cards for $14, and 20% of proceeds go to a cancer center in new york.

this one’s pretty cute:  bambako is a headband designer, and has come up with seven different designs for BCA – each named for a breast cancer survivor the designer knows.  plus, a whopping 100% of proceeds go to the susan g. komen foundation!  personally, i’m partial to the feathered ‘rue’ band, but i could definitely see the ‘gloria’ and ‘rhoda’ being darling for holiday fetes.

Picture 6

and last but not least, i can’t resist a cute pair of PJ’s, especially when i know it’s for a good cause.  i love the bright pink and yellow flowers on this set by sleepyheads (on sale for $36), but they have a whole “shop for the cure” section of their site.  any item you find there will get you a 10% donation to breastcancer.org.  sweet dreams indeed!

if you have the cash, this is a great month – and a great excuse – to spend.  besides, who doesn’t need a little pink in their life? if you’ve come across any great BCA products, drop a comment and let us all know…the more ways to spend, the better for everyone!

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what i want today: a touch of pink

happy breast cancer awareness month, dear readers.  no doubt you’ve been seeing BCA-related products everywhere already…like christmas, it starts earlier every year.  nonetheless, the official “BCA month” is october.  and in celebration, i like to pick a product or two to purchase that i’d love to have but otherwise might not splurge on.  after all, it’s for charity!

my cosmetic splurge of choice will be darphin’s predermine corrective wrinkle serum, available at my favorite source for all things beauty:  bluemercury.  this might be the closest i’ve ever seen to botox in a bottle…the stuff is simply amazing.  at $205, it’s a luxury i’d normally have to forego…but this month, $20 of every purchase goes to the breast cancer research foundation.  that justifies it completely.  of course, if you’re looking for a little less splurge, i’m always looking for an excuse to buy a gorgeous candle, and red flower’s wares top my list.  this month, every purchase of their gorgeously floral japanese peony candle ($34) includes a donation to the breast cancer awareness foundation.

fashion choices are tougher, as the options are practically endless.  i’ve been after these celeb-designed tees at shopbop since they were introduced.  sure, i’d normally balk at spending $88 on a t-shirt, but when 50% of the purchase price goes to charity, it’s practically my social obligation to buy one, don’t you think?  i’m especially loving sophia bush’s version, which boasts a perfectly retro, wonder woman-inspired graphic.  or, if you’re looking for a more serious splurge, coach has released a limited-edition watch for the occasion, complete with a sleek updated face and a fuschia-hued snakeskin band that has me all aflutter.  sure, it’s $398, but when you factor in the $100 donation they’re making to the breast cancer research foundation, it’s suddenly much easier to justify.

and, whether you’re a supporter or a survivor, erin condren’s sweet personalized notecards come in three ultra-girly designs perfect for impromptu notes of all varieties.  you get 20 cards, envelopes and address labels for $40, and half the proceeds go to sponsoring women participating in various BCA-related fundraisers.  these would be an amazing gift to a survivor, or just a great way to show your support for the cause.

or, if you’d rather see 100% of that money go to a BCA charity, just go the old-fashioned route and send a donation.  there are dozens of wonderful organizations out there, not to mention the millions of people participating in awareness events across the country and looking for sponsors.  a dear friend of mine walks the 3-day avon walk for breast cancer every year…i admire her more than i can say, and i show my support with my checkbook.  if you don’t know someone who’s participating, i can’t recommend my friend’s team highly enough!

whatever you choose, just choose something this month…whether it’s big or small, it’s a step.

Support Breast Cancer Awareness

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