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Gift Guide: The French Girl

The gift guides are here, the gift guides are here! Before we dive in, let me just say how excited I am to welcome Erin back to the SMC family for a little holiday cameo. She’s done an amazing job of helping me pull these gorgeous guides together, and I’m profoundly grateful…and impressed. Truly, they might be our best yet. Happy hunting!

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She’s always effortlessly, perfectly polished, Fashion Week is her Superbowl Sunday, and if she hasn’t already been to Paris, you can bet that a pilgrimage to the City of Love is high on her bucket list. Here are our favorite gift ideas for the chic Francophile (or really, any stylish girl you know) – all guaranteed to have her exclaiming, “C’est magnifique!Read on

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all in the details: threadbare bracelet

Kate ~ Occasionally I come across a detail that strikes me as the kind of piece that would work no matter your style. The Threadbare bracelet from RockLove is an example of that, from preppy (nautical knots and primary colours) to the indie chic rockers (refined leather and hardware), and with all the colours available, odds are there’s a version for you.

Comprised of an intricate leather knot, gold chain, and an anchor-and-eye clasp, this bracelet is chunky enough to be a statement on its own, yet refined enough that it could withstand a little extra arm candy. I’ve opted for the Oxblood Red, as it’s the kind of colour that could really be rocked year round.

Oxblood Threadbare Bracelet, RockLove, $115

When I first came across this, I was sitting in black cigarette pants, a khaki blazer, and that Tory Burch Scarf from a few weeks ago…quietly thinking that the Oxblood would both pick up the colours of the scarf and balance out an oversized gold watch on the opposing wrist. Nonetheless, while I have nothing against outfit repeats, this column is about being inspired by details and creative.

For the foundations, I’m reaching for end of summer staples: a cotton oxford button down (crisp and polished in shape, but soft in material), and dark denim shorts or jeans (either classic indigo or black will do). I’ve opted for neutral basics so that you’re welcome to weave in your own aesthetic in the rest of the details, whether it be rocker chic or downtown prep.

Broome Street Jeans, Kate Spade, $198 / Shrunken Oxford, Madewell, $60 / Boyfriend Shorts, Paige, $139

Playing up the arm candy of the Threadbare bracelet, I’d add a thin silk and chain wrap bracelet and bold gold studs to start out the details. Adding a patterned scarf with a touch of red ensures that the outfit doesn’t stray into monotone (eg. all bold solid colours/accents), and softens the look when just hanging casually around your neck. The bag, shoes, and belt should all pick up on either the red/gold of the bracelet, or the other tones of the scarf. Red ballet flats add a touch of fun, a thin yellow belt ties in the scarf, and a semi-structured tan bag keeps things in the light, late summer category. Now just add your favourite shades and keep your makeup fresh and minimal with extra flirty lashes.

Fish Print Scarf, J.Crew, $48 / Gold Chloe Studs, Gorjana, $40 / Silk & Chain Wrap Bracelet, Chan Luu, $98 / Yellow Belt, Gap, $30 / Regina Ballet, Frye, $128 / Biennial Satchel, J.Crew, $348

A bracelet like this allows your look to multitask, whether your style is classic or contemporary on any given morning. In addition, neutral statement pieces allow you to draw on inspiration from other accessories as well. A dash of coordination and a pinch of edge means keeps everything interesting, all in the details.

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floaty frocks at calypso st. barth

i honestly can’t remember how i ended up on calypso’s site…i followed a link there long ago, and started browsing.  however it happened, i’m definitely a new fan, particularly of their light-as-air summer dresses.  wouldn’t you just love to head to the hamptons or laguna beach with an overnight bag filled with these frocks?


i especially love the kimberly dress (center) which is available in short or maxi lengths and a pile of fabric choices.  i love that it’s one of the few maxis i’ve come across this season without an empire waist (not always the most flattering look), and at $150, it’s a great all-purpose summer party dress.  the short version in that fab purple madras plaid is very high on my list for the ultimate day dress.

and how can you resist that sweet, ruffle-y juno dress (right)?  i love the staggered ruffles (which, by the way, also make excellent tummy camouflage), and the fact that the styling is so easy, but still fitted enough to give you a shape.  so perfect!  for something even simpler, the piar style (left, by matta) is the ultimate option when it’s just too hot to care what you’re wearing.  with that airy cotton and wide flounced hem, you’ll look much cooler than you feel, even in triple digits.

if you’re on the hunt for summer dresses, calypso is a great place to start – besides their house line, they carry a few gorgeous styles from designers like chan luu and matta, so you’re sure to find some fabulous options.

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styling 101: chan luu sequin tank

sequins can be a tough look to pull off, unless you’re heading down a red carpet.  but they’re all the rage this season, so when i spied this tank by chan luu ($285), i couldn’t help sharing.  what i really love about it is the amazing versatility a piece this unique brings to your wardrobe, as evidenced by the myriad styling options being shown over at ron herman’s website (one of my all-time favorite resources for creative layering ideas – their stylist is pure genius).

available in walnut (a deep gold) and sheik (my personal favorite – a greenish pewter), this might just be the perfect piece to add a little sparkle to your fall wardrobe.  i love that you can take this piece from denim to cocktails, and with the proper layering (see the center pic above, possibly with a long scarf around the neck), i think you could even rock this look at the office.  or, try using it as a vest, with a sheer white button-down underneath – gorgeous.

i firmly believe in at least one seasonal splurge item to update your wardrobe, and this piece is a perfect candidate.  it’s sure to make all of your basics from last year look brand new, and it’s an easy fix for those holiday parties you’ll be thinking about before you know it.  pick it up at ron herman, and let us know all of the new ways you find to wear it!

Get Women's Basics at Tobi!

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