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gift guide: ali mejia’s finds for the exotic globetrotter

{This year, I’ve asked a few of the people whose style I spend all year admiring to share their holiday wish lists. Check them all out right here!} sexy gift guide travel gift guide

By now, I suspect it’s no secret that I’m a pretty big fan of Eberjey. Bordering on an evangelist, really. Their lingerie and loungewear is quite possibly the most perfect version of what it’s meant to be: sexy and comfy. In other words, pieces you could actually sleep in, but that also have a decent chance of being ripped off of you, Fifty Shades-style. As it turns out, Eberjey’s perfect formula comes from designer Ali Mejia‘s international upbringing and fanatical attention to detail. Born in El Salvador with a passion for international travel, Ali spent her teen years having her swimsuits tailored to fit. As an adult, when she couldn’t find the lingerie she was after, she decided to create it herself, and Eberjey was born. You can feel Ali’s relaxed, bohemian attitude in every single piece Eberjey designs, from beach-ready swimwear and cover-ups to pajamas and intimates that are addictively good. Just reading her list will put you in the mood for a relaxing island getaway.

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brad pitt for chanel no. 5

Talk about Monday morning eye candy! Following in the glamorous, seductive footsteps of Marilyn Monroe, Catherine Deneuve, Lauren Hutton, Nicole Kidman and Audrey Tautou, the newest face of Chanel No. 5 is…Brad Pitt. Unexpected? Definitely. But really, is there a better person to convince you of the power of a classic perfume than a man you wouldn’t at all mind wearing it for?

Check out the full ad campaign video here, which I’m guessing will be just the thing to get you through your day. Enjoy!

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trend to try: printed pants

{Editor’s Note: Our intrepid Trends expert, Ms. Kim Brandt is back to talk about a trend I’m seriously feeling this season: the printed pant. Having just nabbed this pair (from Talbots, of all places), I can hardly wait to see her suggestions for successfully pulling off the look. Sadly, Kim is going to be taking a little hiatus from her post here while she settles in at a fabulous new job, but I’m crossing my fingers she’ll be back soon!}


We’re getting to the point where y’all are getting to know me a bit. So, I’m sure this post comes as a shock (not)…we’re talking all about prints today.  I am a big fan of the patterned pants trend happening right now. It takes a bit of confidence to pull off, but styled right, it can really work for you. I’m definitely (ahem) bottom heavy, so because of my body type I need to be really careful how I wear this one.

If you’re super tall and lean (read: model), you really don’t need my advice; you can wear anything. But if you’re anything else, this look is all about balance. Particularly if the pant is a skinny style, this look is best worn with a long, loose top, statement jewelry, and heels, though a funky loafer may work if you’re blessed with extra-long gams.

{Images c/o Anthropologie / Madewell / Whitney Eve / Natalia Vodianova, via Style.com}

If you’re especially lower-half-conscious, pair the printed pant with a sleek, loose fitting top, a long jacket, a heavy piece of metallic jewelry (think chunky watch or vintage chain necklace), and heeled booties or gladiator sandals.

{Images c/o Tory Burch, via Style.com / Vanessa Hudgens (we think), via Style / Olivia Palermo, via Mr.Newton}

For those that are blessed up top, pair the print with a shirt that has a bit of defined shape.  A tailored blazer or belted blouse is a great solution. Depending on the cut of the blazer, pair with some great drop earrings and then, as always, heels on the bottom. Be careful not to pick too narrow a heel; it’s all about balancing the shape from head to toe!

{Images c/o Dries Van Noten, via Style.com / Beyoncé, via People / Chanel, via Style.com}

So, tell us: Are you going to be rocking the patterned pant this Spring? ~Kim B.

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friday finds (sort of)

I have been a derelict of a blogger this week, friends – forgive me? The truth is, I’m house-hunting (which you’ll know all about if you’re hanging with me on Twitter), and it’s not something I do terribly well. I can shop for just about anything, but the hunt for a new home stresses me out beyond belief. Finding the right place, in the right location, with the right amenities (hello, closet space!)…and no return policy?? Too much pressure for this girl.

But yesterday, I gave myself permission to switch gears for a few minutes, and de-stress by fantasizing about one of my favorite splurges: handbags! I’m nearing the danger zone with my Chanel bag fund…in which the purchase is actually within reach, and I’m starting to have serious pangs of yuppie guilt about spending that much on something. That said, look how pretty that “something” is:

This is the new Quilted Boy Flap from Chanel’s latest accessories collection. It’s pretty fabulous, right? And, don’t worry, not as shiny in person.

But, just for the sake of argument, I could also have any one of these pretties:

YSL studded Muse Two / Proenza Schouler PS1 (crazy, I know, but this girl is inspiring me) / One more Muse Two

Could you just die for that studded YSL? My heart skips a beat every time I see it.

Anyway. I could even add on one of these:

Michael Kors Benbrooke (a total steal, by the way) / Mulberry Lily (also pretty amazing in bronze)

And, in some cases, still have enough for plane tickets to Maui. You see my dilemma.

So, talk to me, friends. What would you do? One massive splurge you’d have for a lifetime, or multiple lovelies to make you happy for at least the foreseeable future?

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plus one: nordstrom designer preview

Much as I love to fantasize about attending every fashion show during Fashion Week (New York and Paris, thank you), it’s definitely more dream than reality right now. Runway samples, models and a bevy of beautiful people sipping champagne are a coast (or a continent) away, and I’m forced to live the experience vicariously through photos, videos, and the musings of others. Until now!

It turns out that Nordstrom hosts a fundraiser every year in Portland to benefit the Women’s Health Center at Oregon Health & Science University. And not just any fundraiser. It’s called the Designer Preview, and it goes a little something like this: the store works with all of the major designers to pull runway samples from the season’s shows, then stages a massive fashion show highlighting all the biggest design houses. You’re picturing one of those lame mall-grade fashion shows, but it wasn’t that at all. This was serious business. Want to come along? I knew it.

{Click through the arrows to see all of the images}

Best of all, attendees get to shop the samples right after the show, in an exclusive designer boutique set up just for the event. In other words, you get to see, touch and try on samples fresh from the show, in all their couture glory…and, if you have the means, plunk down that Nordstrom card to special order your favorites. Try doing that at Fashion Week! A few of my favorite finds…

{Click through the arrows to see all of the images}

Sounds like a dream, right? If you can imagine, it’s even better than it sounds – and that’s not just the champagne cocktails talking. For the first time in my fledgling fashion career, I got to see a Chanel runway sample up close – to check out all of the intricate stitching, the gossamer-light linings crumpled in the sleeves to create volume, the luxe iridescence of the fabrics. I got to manhandle a silver laser-cut lace evening jacket from Marc Jacobs, that looked as if it should weigh 100 lbs, but was light as air. And to see that the beautiful striped cocktail dress that came down the runway from Gucci was actually made up of rows of intricately trimmed leather fringe.

Friends, if you get the chance, this is a ticket worth saving for (never mind the fact that the proceeds go to charity). In addition to the Portland event, Nordstrom hosts similar shows in Seattle, San Diego, Washington DC, San Francisco, southern California and Minneapolis every year. Just check with your local store to get all the details, and be sure to save the date. I’m already blocking my calendar for next year’s festivities!

A huge thanks to Nordstrom for inviting me, and to our lovely Trends columnist, Kimberly Brandt, for shooting all of these amazing photos. That is one multi-talented lady!

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resolved: the worthy splurge

It’s all about resolutions this week at SMC. But not the kind that make you feel sad and lazy because you skipped the gym only 6 days into the new year. I’m talking about the kind of resolution that you get excited about! The kind you can’t lose! The kind that’s totally, totally worth keeping.

This year, I’m resolving to save for a true worthy splurge. I’m still narrowing the field, but leaning heavily toward a Chanel bag for myself (don’t panic – consignment is just fine by me). Or a trip to Paris (with my new Chanel bag…).

Saving, as opposed to hemorrhaging money every time Sigerson Morrison shows up on Gilt Groupe, can be a tricky business. Especially once you get a hefty chunk of change in the bank – all of a sudden, that $200 Inhabit cardigan on super sale at The Outnet feels like a steal. So, to help me keep my resolution, I’ve scoured the interwebs for photos of my dream bag, made myself a little inspiration board, and will be printing it (on actual paper), and hanging it somewhere within easy view of my computer screen.

Images: 1 (c/o Sony Pictures) / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

This way, whenever temptation comes calling, I’ll have an immediate reminder of the greater good – and, hopefully, at least allow myself a moment to prioritize.

Now, does this mean I’m squirreling away every spare cent until my goal is reached? Or that I’m not spending a dime on other purchases until it happens? Of course not. Deprivation is not a virtue in my book. Telling myself I can’t have anything only makes me want everything. This applies in shopping, in diets, even in life.

But it means I’m going to take a breath before I type in those credit card numbers. It means I’m going to look at those gorgeous photos of my dream bag, and decide if the purchase in question is worth setting me back on my goal just a bit. To put it in Buddhist parlance, I’m hoping to be a bit more mindful. And if this splurge takes two (or ten) years to make, I’ll be just fine. Chanel, however lovely, is not an emergency.

So, here’s a fun question: If you resolved to save for a worthy splurge, what would it be?

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friday finds

Welcome to the weekend, friends! I fully planned on taking today off (really, it’s the last week of August…are any of us paying attention right now anyway?), but there was just too much to tell you.

First up, I’m on a boat! I’m in a book! I know, can you believe it? Me neither. But the amazing ladies at CRAVE deemed me worthy, so there I am. I went to the (extremely chic) launch party last night, and saw the book for the first time – it’s a stunner. If you live in Portland, want to visit Portland, or just want to know about a bevy of amazingly talented women who live here (plus me), check out their website to snag a copy.

I’m having a pretty serious Chanel affliction at present (wait…when am I not?). I’m a little late to the game showing you these pre-Fall ads from the house (pre-fall is so July, you know), but I can’t resist. It’s one of my favorite collections of all time – every model looks like a Russian princess. More of these beauties over at my Pinterest page…come visit!

In other very exciting news, Loeffler Randall is on MyHabit today. What else can I possibly say about that, except go…go now.

Speaking of deals, I spotted one of my favorite albums of the summer on Amazon’s $5 list today. If you don’t know Ellie Goulding yet, buy this – something tells me you’ll love it. And maybe Madonna’s Like A Prayer, if you’re one of the six people on the planet (besides me) that doesn’t own it.

That’s it, friends. I hope you have a fantastic weekend in store. I’m taking a train ride with the hubs, my BFF and her adorable son – can’t wait to see his little face get all excited! And, I’ll be playing around with some beads I bought on Etsy last week during a random crafty spree. I’m hoping to build a little something like this or this…I’ll keep you posted.

What do you have planned?

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jade with envy

i’ve always loved jade, and have secretly wished it would reappear in fashion.  while you can find jade in virtually every color under the sun, i’m especially partial to the classic milky green hue.  it’s so striking, beautiful and unexpected.  at long last, it’s back in a big way, and i can hardly wait to take full advantage!

it all started with chanel’s new jade nail colors for spring, which were all the rage during fashion week…

…which i was reminded of today when i spotted these amazing stephen webster jade earrings in an “what would she wear” post over at whowhatwear this morning.  at $510, they’re not coming home with me any time soon, but i love the classic jade juxtaposed with that gorgeous deco-meets-punk setting.

Picture 1

turned out, i also loved WWW’s budget pick from janna conner (in fact, i have the identical earrings in rose quartz, but now i’m wishing i could trade!):

and now i’m just hunting down all things jade…like this scarf (marked down to $49 at virginia johnson)….

…and these beautiful personalized jade note cards from iomoi

Picture 4

…it’s a slippery slope, you see.  but i’m definitely looking forward to adding a little more jade to my life.  how about you?

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