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trend to try: oversized outerwear

 Chloé, via Style.com / Proenza Schouler, via Style.com / Céline, via Style.com

Erin ~ Winter is not my season. As soon as that cold weather blows in, you can barely see me under the layers of sweaters, coats, hats, gloves, and scarves. So a trend that is both stylish and warm? Sign me up. The oversized trend from Fall 2012’s runways can look architectural and very “model off-duty”, while allowing you to layer a few extra sweaters underneath to combat the cold.

Of course, the runway looks are incredibly theatrical and larger than life. So how do you wear this trend without looking like you just bought the wrong size or are impersonating the Michelin Man?

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fall boot covets, part one

I thought I’d just be honest right there in the title, since you know this is going to be a fearfully long list by October.

Fall boots…I can’t get enough. Since I fulfilled the “need” on my boot list (black riding boots) at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, it’s time to buckle down and pick a fun pair to get me through the bleak winter months ahead. I’ve been imagining myself with the Rag & Bone Durham for so long, I’m sort of surprised they haven’t magically appeared in my closet, a la The Secret-slash-Field of Dreams.

Durham in grey or brown, $525

But, since they haven’t, and since I’m going to have to hem and haw for another few months (most likely until they’re sold out) before I’m willing to shell out $525 for them, I’m trying to move on to a new love.

What do you all think about studded boots?

I know, I’m a skeptic. I’m the least edgy girl I know, for starters. I’m also over 30. Both of these facts should immediately disqualify me from owning studded anything. But I have such a bizarre fascination with these Chloe Susanna boots…

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Give them a minute. They’ll grow on you…like those hidden-picture posters from the ’80s (which I never could master). Which they’ll need to do if you’re going to spend $1,300 on them. Anyway, they’re hands-down the “boot of the season” if you ask a fashion editor (or if you check Zara and Topshop for knockoffs, which is the surest sign of “it” status). Ahem:

Alvin, Topshop, $180 / Ankle boot, Zara, $189 / Pete, Laurence Dacade, $397 (not really knockoffs, but still good.)

I could find more, but I’m lazy. They’re all cute, but honestly…am I going to wear those to bop over to Target? Probs not. But! I’m thinking I may have found the perfect middle ground. What do you think of these?

Amplify studded boots, Topshop, $160

It’s like the Chloe boots and the Rag & Bone boots had a little drunken-prom-night romp in the dressing room at Topshop. Still a little edgy for me, but I’m thinking maybe these are subtle enough to try. Hey, even Hermes puts studs on things…there must be a way to make them classy.

What do you think? Can a preppy girl ever pull off studs?

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a little cameo…

picture-231this morning, i’ve taken my style scouting over to author a brand-spankin’ new “designer imposters” column for the oh-so-chic folks at luxaholics.   head over to check out my awesome $60 chloe (ish) find, and a few styling tips!

would love to see you over there today…and, of course, we’ll have more goodies here for you tomorrow!  xo

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deal of the day: friends & family at saks

happy weekend, everyone – the friends & family event at saks has been cooking online since earlier this week, but it hits stores this weekend, and is good through sunday.  use code SAKSFF2 if you’re shopping online, but if you’re heading to the store, email me and i’ll send you the coupon to print for in-store use.

this is an amazing opportunity to pick up a classic at a sale price…don’t pass it up!  you could, for example, use it as a lovely excuse to splurge on these chloe booties…which are, literally, the first booties i’ve seen that i not only tolerate, but actually quite adore.  a high bar indeed!

only good through sunday, so get shopping!

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what i want today: anniversary sale goodies!

that’s right, it’s time for my favorite holiday of the year:  the nordstrom anniversary sale!  ignore the half-yearly…this is the sale to watch for.  for those that aren’t familiar, this is the sale in which nordstrom orders in mass quantities of select pieces from the fall collections, and marks them down (usually 25-40%) for about two weeks – then, the prices go back up to regular retail.  here are a few of my faves that are well worth picking up while they’re a steal:

this taupey grey color is going to be the hit of the fall season – it’s a much warmer, more flattering shade of grey than we saw last year, and it will be everywhere.  normally i advocate bright colors for overcoats, but the tailoring on this was too pretty to pass up.  calvin klein wrap coat, $248 down to $159.90

if you want a look at the sculptural tailoring trend that’s going to be so hot this fall, check out this gorgeous boiled wool coat from alice+olivia ($365 down to $219) – zoom in and notice all of that stunning detail.

and another trend i’m looking forward to this fall is tonal texture – things like jacquard and lace overlays to give substance to traditional dark fall colors.  if you’re in the market for an evening coat, this jacquard version from milly ($675 down to $399) will round out your fall wardrobe beautifully. 

speaking of sculptural detail, this drape sleeve tee by 3.1 philip lim is about as on-trend as you can get for fall.  go classic with the black, or branch out a little with that gorgeous lagoon shade – but either way, less than $100 (down from $175) for a current-season philip lim tee is a deal not to be missed.

i’m also oddly excited about this puff-sleeve cardigan from a brand called fever (never heard of it, can’t vouch for it, but it’s $50).  it’s kind of odd in the black and “treetop” colors, but that sweet potato shade is just what the doctor ordered.  again with the sculptural detail, this is a piece i’ll be wearing all winter long.

i think i’ve just been sucked in by the fabulous electric blue color and that gorge pleating at the neckline on this classiques sweater ($158 down to $99.90).  but that’s enough – i have a feeling this will be on major closet rotation when the weather cools off.

can’t explain it, but i’m gaga for this daytripper bag from see by chloe (okay, and the matching wallet).  this is another one you should take a close look at – i love the edgy styling, and the bowler/satchel hybrid.  and that little detail on the front?  i was shocked, but it’s just zipper teeth of different colors.  i love it when designers surprise me, and chloe has done it…especially in lambskin and for $500.

as long as we’re talking handbags, the pic on the website would have had me totally passing by this nordstrom brand pleated tote.  fortunately, i got a sneak preview of this one in person, and i can tell you it’s well worth another look.  purple is oh-so-hot for fall, and the styling on this bag will keep it on-trend for years to come.  plus, it’s not often i suggest a bag under $250.

the shoe department has a tradition of lackluster options for the sale, and this year’s no exception.  but if you were in love with those flat loeffler randall matilde boots from last year (i’m still kicking myself for missing out!), but couldn’t stomach the $700 pricetag, never fear:  steve madden has actually managed two very similar versions, both under $150.  naturally, i’m going for the higher-end (a term i use loosely here), priced at $129.90 for the sale. 

last but not least, remember those extra-long scarves i was just talking about yesterday?  you won’t find another chance to scoop up an 8-foot piece of cashmere for $60…time to pounce!

so, what did you all end up buying??

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