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get gifting: valentine’s day gifts…for you!

‘Tis the season, friends…love is in the air! All across the country, couples are fretting over how to prove their romantic prowess, and singles are just fretting. Why must Valentine’s Day be such a colossal ball of stress?

Enough, I say! Skip the high-pressure dinner out, and cook at home instead (even better if you team up with another couple or a group of girlfriends to do this). Lower expectations. Buy a box of chocolates (the ones you actually like), and eat every last one. And if you’re going to be downtrodden if flowers don’t arrive at your office on the 14th, by God, send yourself some! After all, does anyone deserve flowers more than you?

With that, a guide to the Valentine’s Day gifts you should be buying yourself this year. Though of course, feel free to forward this on to a significant other if the mood strikes. An ounce of well-placed hints is worth a pound of bad drugstore chocolate. Read on

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what a stud: 12 stud earrings perfect for summer

Statement earrings have been around for so very, very long, and my ears are ready for a break. This summer, I’m feeling the urge to regress – all the way back to stud earrings. Remember those? They’re perfect for warm weather, of course: no muss, no fuss, and no aching earlobes at the end of the night. And I don’t know about you, but when the temperature climbs, I’m spending 80% of my time with my hair in a ponytail, a situation in which those big dangly earrings simply will not do.

The trick, of course, is to keep it more edgy than twee, or you risk channeling your 8-year-old niece or your 80-year-old grandmother. I’ve been on a mad hunt for the perfect studs this summer, and I’ve found a few that hit my sartorial sweet spot (without breaking the bank). Read on

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birthday bash: winners!

Hey all! It’s the big day: time to announce all the winners of our Birthday Bash!! This was a hard one to do objectively, as so many of you dear readers are friends, or have become friends, and I wanted to thank you for that. But then, so many newbies have shown up for the Bash, and I wanted to thank them too. The only thing to do was to reach deep, deep down for my ethics, trust the Random Number Generator, and keep things on the level. And so, I did. Drumroll, please…

Winner, Day 1 – Inhabit NY cashmere sweater: Lisa S.

Winner, Day 2 – Christine Mighion aquamarine earrings: Shirlene B.

Winner, Day 3 – Mabel & Zora dress by Tiffany Bean: Lauren

Winner, Day 4 – Hayden-Harnett clutch wallet: MJ Moore

Winner, Day 5 – Clarins summer skincare collection: Elle

    Congratulations!!! I’ll be emailing each of the winners with details, so be on the lookout! And for the rest of you, well, you can shoot jealous dagger-eyes at these lucky ladies for a moment or two (they’re screaming too loudly to notice anyway), but after that, I hereby give you justification to go forth and buy yourself a little something from one of those amazing sponsors.

    Thank you again so much, everyone, from the bottom of my designer-loving little heart. The fact that you choose to spend a few minutes of your day here makes me so embarrassingly happy, I can’t even tell you. When I meet one of you, or you email me to say hello or ask a style question, it quite literally makes my day. I’m so looking forward to the next five years!

    And a special thanks to the staggeringly generous sponsors from our Birthday Bash: Inhabit NY, Christine Mighion, Mabel & Zora, Hayden-Harnett and Clarins. These are, quite possibly, my five favorite brands of all time, and I’m beyond honored that they wanted to be part of the party. Show them some love, won’t you, friends?

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    birthday bash, day two: christine mighion jewelry

    {Entries now closed, but thanks for looking!}

    Hi, friends! It’s day two of our big Fifth Birthday Bash! Are we having fun yet? I know I am – I love how excited you all are about these prizes…but wait, just wait until you see what the wonderful and talented Christine Mighion (one of our oldest and dearest ShoppingsMyCardio sponsors) has for you:

    Could you just die from the gorgeousness?

    These stunners are 6mm x 9mm rose-cut aquamarine stones, set in recycled 14K gold, and I want nothing more than to dive headfirst into that beautiful blue bliss. They have me daydreaming about walks on white sand beaches, wrinkle-free linen sundresses, and glares of intense jealousy from other women. I can’t quite believe I’m saying it, but I might love these more than diamonds. The color is just so perfectly pale and delicate, but packs enough punch to be noticed – they’re total earring nirvana.

    I can tell you from experience that Christine’s pieces are even lovelier in person…if that’s possible. They feel so special and truly made with care, like little works of art. Retail for these beautiful baubles is $275, but one of you lucky, lucky readers will win a pair just for being here. It’s a very good thing Christine is sending these to you herself…I’d never be able to part with them.


    You can enter up to three times today, and each of those three entries qualifies you to win any of the five prizes announced all this week, not just today’s prize. Keep that up all week, and you could score 12 entries! So, how to do it? Simple:

    Entry 1. Comment on the post. Easy peasy.

    Entry 2. Facebook: “Like” Shopping’s My Cardio (if you haven’t already), and repost the contest on Facebook, using those brand new, handy-dandy little buttons at the bottom of the post. Use your imagination, but something like this would work well:

    I just entered to win the most gorgeous @Christine Mighion Jewelry earrings @Shopping’s My Cardio! http://www.shoppingsmycardio.com

    …then come back and leave a second comment telling me you did so.

    Entry 3. Twitter: “Follow” @ShoppingsCardio, and tweet about the contest using those same fancy buttons. Just as a suggestion:

    I just entered to win the most gorgeous @cmighionjewelry earrings @shoppingscardio! http://www.shoppingsmycardio.com

    …then come back and leave a third comment letting me know you got that done.

    For the rest of the rules and details, head over here.

    Good luck, all!

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    friday finds: a hint of spring

    happy friday, everyone!  i don’t know how things are looking where you are, but it’s been a whirlwind week of weather here in portland.  we went from blizzards yesterday to clear blue (and sunny!) skies this morning.  and so, i’m holding on to the hope that winter was just getting one last blast out of its cranky system, and praying for warmer days ahead.

    speaking of spring, we can finally start looking forward to a higher waist, and a wider leg on our denim this spring.  can i get an amen?!  this pair of jeans popped up in my shop it to me alert (if you’re not trying it, you really should) this morning, and they’re definitely worth pointing out.  now, i don’t pick favorites when it comes to my denim…it would be like choosing a favorite child shoe.  but i can say with confidence that these paige hidden hills in twilight are the most comfortable jeans i own.  that’s not true of all of the hidden hills jeans (i have a few) – just this particular wash.  it’s due entirely to the fabric blend, which contains almost 20% spandex.  in other words, they’re essentially yoga pants you get to wear out on the town.  and now they’re on sale at piperlime for $119.  i’m seriously considering a back-up pair.

    i’m still not totally on board with madewell…i’m annoyed that a brand that’s supposed to be a younger, cheaper version of j.crew is every bit as pricey, and i’ve had mixed luck with their pieces thus far.  but i am swooning so severely over their fernwood dress, i’m either going to lose consciousness or gain credit card debt.  one look at it, and i can hardly wait for spring.

    as a rule, i tend to be skeptical of most clothing/accessories you can buy at macy’s (oh, the snobbery!).  but i spotted this rachel roy necklace in my worldwide wandering this week, and i’m a fan.  it’s a nice middle ground between last season’s gargantuan statement necklaces and the itty bitty pendants you’ll be seeing everywhere for spring, which makes it the perfect piece to buck the trend without going overboard.

    and, speaking of jewelry, i can’t head off for the weekend without showing you christine mighion’s new weekend collection.  i love all of her designs, so it’s no surprise that i love this collection too.  it feels so casual, comfortable and clean – just like a perfect weekend.  and there are styles under $100, which is seriously remarkable from a fine jewelry designer.

    have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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    get gifting: all that glitters

    we’re going to kick off this year’s gift guides with a little something that’s close to my heart: jewels! ever wonder why there are so many holiday songs about “silver and gold”? it’s because every holiday’s better with a little sparkle. take these gift ideas, for instance…i know my holiday would be dramatically improved by any one of these beauties. i tried to find a little something for every wallet, so whatever your holiday budget, you’re sure to find a little something glittering under your tree this year. significant others everywhere, take note!

    Picture 11Picture 17

    Picture 6peggy li

    sammi prismera

    Picture 22

    Star StudsPicture 13Picture 15Picture 19

    left to right, from top: christine mighion stacking diamond rings, $450-690; giles & brother chevron earrings, $115; skagen denmark rose links with glitz, $145; peggy li herkimer fringe necklace, $79; rosena sammi key to ajmeri necklace, $249; burberry prorsum leather and brass-studded cuff, $450; prismera designs amethyst slice necklace, $112; erickson beamon glenda bangle, $475; rebecca initial bracelet, $$$; gorjana star stud earrings, $35; by boe alfabet stud earrings, $18 per stud; tahitian pearl earrings, from $169 (the bigger, the better!); macha jewelry triangle stud earrings, $195.

    {FTC disclaimer: some product samples were provided to help me compile this guide, but as usual, there’s no pay-for-play here.}

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    worthy splurge: christine mighion jewelry

    i first told you about the amazing gems by christine mighion back in november – i fell for her designs at first sight, and the love has been ongoing ever since.  (in fact, christine just recently became a very welcome sponsor here at shoppingsmycardio…can’t help but love someone more when they love you back!)

    but i recently got a chance to see her designs in person, and since i don’t often get that chance with my worthy splurge picks, i had to tell you all about it.  after months of agonizing, i finally treated myself to one of her amazing chrysocolla druzy necklaces…and readers, it’s the most gratifying thing i’ve added to my closet in ages (and i’m including all of my new spring shoes in that statement!).

    Picture 4

    can you even believe the color of that stone?  i can’t stop staring at it (or wearing it).  i knew i loved christine’s designs, but in person…oh, my.  they’re so carefully crafted, so detailed, just utterly perfect.  taking the plunge to spend that much on a piece took a gulp, i won’t deny it.  but now that i’ve had the chance to see firsthand the quality of the stones she uses, the hand-worked details, and the sheer, one-of-a-kind beauty of it all, i know it was worth every last cent.

    next up for me (fingers crossed, anyway) will be one of her beautiful rings – she makes seriously stunning cocktail rings.  but then, i might have to treat myself to these sweet little pebble earrings from her latest collection in the meantime.  at $120, they’re the perfect little non-guilt-inducing treat, i think, and they shouldn’t interfere with saving for my next splurge!  plus, i have a birthday on the horizon…

    (a little tip:  keep an eye on christine’s twitter account…she often posts discounts on her collection, so it’s a great way to nab something for a steal!)

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    valentines worth hearting: for her

    i happen to love valentine’s day…i loved it when i was single, and i love it still. i used to get so excited about making those valentine boxes to house all of the goodies kids passed around to each other on valentine’s day, and the valentine selection process at the grocery store every year was serious business.

    that said, the holiday gets a pretty bad rap from grownups, singles and couples alike, and i do sort of hate what it morphs into once you’re an adult.  no one wants romance forced down their throat.  but i suggest a little change of outlook:  consider it a reminder to tell someone – a friend, a mom or a significant other – that you love them and can’t live without them.

    i tend toward small, sweet and simple for valentine’s day, and when i doubt, i go full-blown corny – if you can’t romance them, at least you can entertain them.  that said, i rarely go overboard, and while i wouldn’t turn down an overboard gift (hi honey!), i never expect one.  just something simple that shows you’re thinking of the one you love.

    today, it’s all about her…we’ll tackle the boys tomorrow (don’t worry, they’re easier to buy for locally).

    jonathan adler heart pill case keychain: my love for mr. adler knows no bounds, and i simply must have this little heart pill case for my key ring.  the front is pink, the back is orange, and the inside is bright yellow…it’s just the thing to house my happy pills (er, tylenol?).  and at $24, it’s the perfect bargain valentine.  just, please, be smart and tuck a little love note (or, you know, diamond earrings) inside.

    christine mignon rose gold hearts:  these sweet studs would certainly steal my heart away…and i’m sure they’d fare as well for just about any girl i know.  such a perfect valentine for a wife, of course, but what about a sister or a BFF?  divine.  $150 from the always-lovely christine mighion, and they’re eco-friendly besides.

    whitney smith cupcake stand:  for the more creative guys, this might just the ultimate in sweet and thoughtful (ie, guaranteed to net you serious bonus points).  pick up one of these adorable cupcake stands ($72) handmade by whitney smith, and fill it with – you guessed it – one of her favorite cupcakes.  unveil on valentine’s day, and stand back to reap your rewards.

    armani dolci truffles: i was skeptical when i heard armani‘s latest venture was dessert.  after all, couture and chocolate aren’t exactly a traditional pairing.  but girls, i got to test these out, and hoo boy…mr. armani knows his sugar.  they’re utterly gorgeous (right down to the red silk packaging), unbelievably delicious, and they’ll be glad to ship anything your heart desires from their NYC flagship store, which you can reach at 212.339.5950. pricing starts at $35 for that lovely box of 16 truffles.

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