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friday finds: it’s the little things

for this week’s friday finds, i thought i’d show off a few simple little things i’ve come across recently that are making my life just a bit easier, better, or even happier.  sometimes it really is the little things that make your day, and these have definitely been making mine lately!

i’m sure it’s the type A in me, but few things make me happier than pretty desk accessories. i fell for the entire oh joy! desk collection from chronicle books the moment i saw it, and have been using each and every piece since it arrived (seriously, the file folders are so pretty, i actually want to get organized!).  but i especially love the note block, which is the newest addition to the set.  i love the color palette and all of those pretty flowers, but i especially love that the holder has an itty bitty drawer in the bottom.  i find it inexplicably adorable, and i smile every time i use it.  isn’t that worth at least $14.95?

Picture 13

i’ve been hunting for an iphone cover for, well, since i first got my iphone, which was at least 18 months ago.  yes, i’m inordinately picky.  i didn’t want it to be overly bulky, but i wanted it to be protective and durable.  i didn’t want it to be too girly.  and i wanted it to have just the right texture, since i tend to fiddle with things like this quite a bit.  when i spotted the chilewich basketweave cover, it was love at first sight.  best iphone case ever, if you ask me.  i grimaced a little at the $40 pricetag, but quickly realized that if you factor it over the hours i’ve spent hunting for one, it’s a bargain.

Picture 14

i’ve gotten so tired of worrying about whether my water bottle is killing me.  first plastic was bad, then metal, then another type of plastic, next who knows what?  so when i saw these (extreeeeemely cute) glass bottles from lifefactory, they just seemed like the obvious solution.  the silicone sleeve, in addition to making them look highly chic, protects from breakage (which i inadvertently tested when it fell out of my car onto the street…utterly uneventful, thankfully), and really isn’t any heavier than a lot of reusable plastic bottles.  plus, it has a nice wide opening to fit the water & ice dispensers in my fridge.  ah, the little things. my favorite is the white, but they’re all pretty awesome.

have a great weekend, everyone!  spring is definitely worth waiting for here in portland…i hope the weather’s as sunny and lovely where you are as it has been here.

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must reads: my virtual vacation

dear readers…yesterday was what i call “a day.”  one of those days when all you want to do is crawl back into bed (not least because the one bright, shining spot in the pile of crap that was thursday was my cozy new john robshaw quilt), hide under the covers, and hope a bomb doesn’t hit.

in my case, when i’m having one of those days, i crave travel – seeing new things, shopping new shops, eating at new restaurants…a new perspective (or just getting the hell out of dodge).  since i haven’t had even a glimmer of a summer vacation this year, and this labor day weekend promises more of the same, i thought i’d put together a post for those of you who are wishing you’d had a little exotic summer travel.  and so, a few pictures from some of my very favorite virtual vacation books – the tomes i turn to when travel is nowhere to be found, but i’m desperate to get away.

if you’re dreaming of an ultra-luxe tropical respite – maybe some exotic, exclusive hotel in the middle of the ocean – you’ll want to pick up ultimate tropical (from rizzoli), stat.  i want to visit every.single.five.star.resort in this beautiful book, sit in front of every.single.infinity.pool, and sleep in every.single.canopied.bed.  come on, aren’t you dying to wake up on that bed?  surely not as good as the real thing, but considerably cheaper (and easier to come by).

the book i desperately needed yesterday was still (from chronicle), a collection of photos by debra bloomfield. aptly named, it’s the most calming book i’ve ever owned – just page after page of beautiful ocean and sky.  the layout is such that you get one photo per page, cropped square…the whole thing is just so serene.  i had the hardest time choosing which photo to share…click here for a few more, or just buy the book.

of course, a virtual vacation doesn’t have to be all zen.  it can be food and shopping and all manner of touristy goodness.  for that, my guilty pleasure of choice is the one hundred and one series (from rizzoli).  for me, i’m going straight to italy – no surprise shops and crafts is my favorite – and instantly transport myself to a cafe somewhere in florence, sipping chianti and being utterly free of stress.  or maybe a tiny little shop where i can buy handmade leather gloves, in fuchsia ostrich skin!  ahem…sorry, got a little distracted there.

so, readers, what will you be doing with this last weekend of summer?  i hope you have barbecues, relaxation…and maybe a little travel in your future.

a little admin note: i’ll be taking it easy next week. i have a birthday coming up (hurray!), family coming into town to celebrate (hi, mom!), and just looking forward to some down time.  don’t worry too much…i have a few goodies lined up to keep you entertained.  and of course, there’s always my new twitter addiction, which i’m sure i’ll be indulging.

have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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