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all in the details: tory burch tribal scarf

{Editor’s Note: Welcome back, Kate! Today, it’s all about scarves…which, I swear, totally work for summer! Trust her.}

Lightly woven scarves are my summer transition piece and perpetual security blanket. As a cool evening breeze blows in, or for the odd overcast day, the last thing I want to be doing is sacrificing the bright bold hues of summer just on account of the weather! While light and bold options are a dime a dozen this year, one of my favourite finds is without a doubt this particular option from Tory Burch.

Combination Print Scarf, Tory Burch, $109

100% perfect-for-summer linen, an oblong rectangular shape, and a most interesting combination of lime-toned yellow-green, saturated orange, and a panel of magenta and bright pink…sign me up! When I first came across this scarf I was actually looking at another option, and this was just off to the side in the same display tray. The intriguing colours (and that on-trend chartreuse) were what clearly first caught my eye. This perfectly treads the line between bright and muted – the hues are summery, and yet I already know they’ll be equally at home in the fall with a leather jacket and boots.

When I first saw this scarf I thought “gauzy bright tank, black skirt, denim jacket”. But once I started sorting through my wardrobe, a totally different outfit spoke to me. For the foundations, I’d go the way of a black t-shirt, bright blazer (I’d go for green, but a bright pink would also work well), and your favourite skinny jeans. The best way to handle this scarf is to pull colours that are either in or reminiscent of those found in the scarf, then anchor it with dark staple pieces.

Favorite Scoop-Neck Tee, Eddie Bauer, $15 / Dark Rinse Always Skinny Jeans, Gap, $25 / Festival Blazer, J.Crew, $175

As an aside, if you’re looking to use the scarf to combat corporate air conditioning, just swap the jeans for black cigarette pants and you’re set.

Keeping in mind that the scarf may or may not be something that you wear consistently throughout the day, the additional details for for this outfit need to be able to hold their own. I love a long necklace and chunky stud earrings with a scarf, no matter the occasion. That being said, mid-length earrings and a stack of hammered bangles could also do the trick. Coordinating brightly coloured ballet flats are a must in my books (orange being my tone of choice), alongside a classic cognac bucket bag.

Crystal Necklace, Club Monaco, $70 / Crown Wax Seal Earrings, Pyrrha, $226 / Volcano Tumbled Leather Reva, Tory Burch, $195 / Classic Leather Duffle, Coach, $398

As bright and bold as this scarf is, it can really play the part of inspiring neutral in a summer wardrobe. Use it to guide the colour choices in your outfit, or just throw it on as you’re walking out the door so that you know you’ve hit the right accessories balance in your outfit. It’s all in the details! ~Kate

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the last-minute mall rush

heading to the mall just days before the big day terrifies me utterly.  i hate crowds, (most) other people, and the idea of fighting over that last tin of bath salts is just more than i can handle.

that said, it’s almost always a necessary evil.  i’ll sit up suddenly in bed, right around 3 am, and realize i completely forgot a gift for my mother-in-law, or my aunt sally, or…my hubs.  and i’m left with no choice.

for those in the same boat, hopefully this list of mall-attainable finds will help you streamline your search and go a step up from the typical, standard-issue mall gift.

Picture 4

if you’re in need of a wife/girlfriend/person who sleeps in your bed gift, i know bags are a frightening prospect for men, but trust me, this one’s pretty foolproof. i was downright shocked to walk into a coach boutique recently and fall head over heels, but the brooke hobo managed to entirely sweep me off my feet with its light, soft leather and perfect slouch.  it retails for $458, which is actually pretty reasonable in the land of handbags.  and, while i’d never presume to choose a bag for a woman i hardly know, the brooke is as close to universal as it gets.  simple, sophisticated, beautiful and ready for years and years of use.  if you’re stumped on size and color, go for the larger size in red – she can always exchange, but she’ll love that you got something more interesting than black.

for that neighbor/coworker you completely forgot, i happen to adore these mentha lip cordials from c.o. bigelow (available at your neighborhood bath & body works).  the scents are dee-vine, even for someone like me who typically hates scented lip products, because the scent fades quickly and turns into their standard-issue tingly mint, slightly glossy lip balm i’ve always loved. i’m partial to the buttered rum and spiced cider, but if she’s into more dessert-type scents, definitely go for the hot chocolate and eggnog.  $7.50 each, and get one free if you buy two.  i’d keep the freebie.  i’m selfless that way.

and for your friend – the really hip one – i want you to venture somewhere unusual.  a kid’s store called ‘the children’s place’ happens to be stocking the cutest little watch this christmas.  it’s only $14, and definitely sized to fit an adult.  love the orange face, and even love the camouflage (because it’s grey, not green) – i think this would look fantastic with a blazer/jeans look to add some interest.  i would suggest you find a way to repackage it…the box is a little lacking.  try mixing it with a $5 stack of gold bangles from forever 21, and wrap the whole thing as a set – that would be pretty chic.

(incidentally, this would also make an awesome gift for the kid in your life, obviously…how cute would your five-year-old nephew be in this watch?)

Picture 5

i thought these jeweled slippers were the cutest thing when i spotted them in a mall window a while back.  they photograph horribly, but in person, they’re just right – maybe the most stylish slipper i’ve found.  especially now that they’re 50% off, making them $12 at the loft.  sold out online, but my local shop had plenty in stock….i’ll be heading there today to score a pair!  if you can’t find them, this version makes an excellent backup choice, and either way, she’ll be looking incredibly chic on christmas morning.

stay tuned tomorrow for the ultimate last-minute idea:  a guide to my favorite books for gifting this year.

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what i want today: a touch of pink

happy breast cancer awareness month, dear readers.  no doubt you’ve been seeing BCA-related products everywhere already…like christmas, it starts earlier every year.  nonetheless, the official “BCA month” is october.  and in celebration, i like to pick a product or two to purchase that i’d love to have but otherwise might not splurge on.  after all, it’s for charity!

my cosmetic splurge of choice will be darphin’s predermine corrective wrinkle serum, available at my favorite source for all things beauty:  bluemercury.  this might be the closest i’ve ever seen to botox in a bottle…the stuff is simply amazing.  at $205, it’s a luxury i’d normally have to forego…but this month, $20 of every purchase goes to the breast cancer research foundation.  that justifies it completely.  of course, if you’re looking for a little less splurge, i’m always looking for an excuse to buy a gorgeous candle, and red flower’s wares top my list.  this month, every purchase of their gorgeously floral japanese peony candle ($34) includes a donation to the breast cancer awareness foundation.

fashion choices are tougher, as the options are practically endless.  i’ve been after these celeb-designed tees at shopbop since they were introduced.  sure, i’d normally balk at spending $88 on a t-shirt, but when 50% of the purchase price goes to charity, it’s practically my social obligation to buy one, don’t you think?  i’m especially loving sophia bush’s version, which boasts a perfectly retro, wonder woman-inspired graphic.  or, if you’re looking for a more serious splurge, coach has released a limited-edition watch for the occasion, complete with a sleek updated face and a fuschia-hued snakeskin band that has me all aflutter.  sure, it’s $398, but when you factor in the $100 donation they’re making to the breast cancer research foundation, it’s suddenly much easier to justify.

and, whether you’re a supporter or a survivor, erin condren’s sweet personalized notecards come in three ultra-girly designs perfect for impromptu notes of all varieties.  you get 20 cards, envelopes and address labels for $40, and half the proceeds go to sponsoring women participating in various BCA-related fundraisers.  these would be an amazing gift to a survivor, or just a great way to show your support for the cause.

or, if you’d rather see 100% of that money go to a BCA charity, just go the old-fashioned route and send a donation.  there are dozens of wonderful organizations out there, not to mention the millions of people participating in awareness events across the country and looking for sponsors.  a dear friend of mine walks the 3-day avon walk for breast cancer every year…i admire her more than i can say, and i show my support with my checkbook.  if you don’t know someone who’s participating, i can’t recommend my friend’s team highly enough!

whatever you choose, just choose something this month…whether it’s big or small, it’s a step.

Support Breast Cancer Awareness

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deal of the day: andrea brueckner makeup bag

i’ve been in the market for a new cosmetic case for a while now – something slim and chic to throw in my purse on a daily basis.  the one i have now is about 15 years old, no lie – it’s from coach, before they moved production to china and things went all to hell.  the leather is so soft and so perfectly broken in, i just haven’t had the heart to retire it.  well, that and the fact that am completely unwilling to splurge on the one i really want, since i know it’s going to take a daily beating.  even my excessive spending has its limits.

fortunately, i’ve finally found the perfect solution.  this gorgeous metallic case from andrea brueckner boasts sinfully soft leather, classic styling and a very accommodating size (9″x5″).  but it gets even better…use code lucky3, and you’ll get 25% off, taking it down to an impossible-to-pass-up $30 pricetag.  but grab it quick – a code from lucky means it’ll be gone before you know it. 

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