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desired/acquired: my green bag

well, would you look at the little cutie that followed me home this weekend?

finally, i have that green bag craving out of my system!  since it’s physically impossible for me to pay full price for something (seriously, it’s a disorder), my sweet mama shared an invite she’d received from cole haan offering 25% off in their stores this thursday, 3/8 – an offer my flamboyantly fabulous salesperson at nordstrom was sweet enough to match for me.

(oh, you didn’t know nordstrom did that?  one of the many, many reasons i love them so.)

this bright, yummy shade is maybe a little too happy for those dark winter days, but with spring on the horizon, it will be the perfect warm-weather companion.  plus, i love the ladylike styling contrasted with the bold color – it’s the perfect dose of classic with a twist.

incidentally, if you’re wishing you’d gotten that email about the cole haan event, leave me a comment and i’ll pass it along.  always glad to pay it forward!

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friday finds

happy friday, everyone!  i hope you’re all looking forward to a weekend of parties, costumes, and – in my case – eating far too many tiny candy bars.

i’m still in heavy-duty “cozy fall” mode, and what i’m coveting now is ugg’s new venture into knitwear. their chic snuggly grandpa cardigan ($295) has my name written all over it.  and check out those suede elbow patches!  the whole collection is simple and perfect, and nearly makes up for the footwear trauma they’ve inflicted on me in the past.

Picture 11

oh, jonathan adler…the things you do to me!  he’s just released several new additions to his infamous menagerie, and i love them all.  if i had an office, you can bet your bottom dollar this peacock lollipop holder ($98) would already be on its way to me.  alas, i’m not sure having that many tootsie pops around without someone besides me to eat them would be good for my sugar intake.

Picture 12

more coats…and this mackintosh trench, at $1,175, is purely lust-only. but really, that houndstooth plaid, and the classic fitted styling?  unbelievable.  now if only j.crew could stop including insanely expensive items on their site…i get way too excited seeing something this gorgeous and thinking it’s within reach.

i’m feeling a bit guilty for foregoing my annual ‘breast cancer awareness product lineup’ feature this year.  i just get a little tired of seeing the same old stuff being dyed pink each october.  but these emily elizabeth earrings ($50) caught my eye big time, and they deserve a mention before the end of the month.  at last, a chic way to display that infamous pink ribbon.  i love the rose gold, i love the sweet little studs, and i love that proceeds go to the “feel your boobies” foundation.

and last but not least, a query for you dear readers.  are these cole haan loafers as cute as i thought they were at first glance, or are they too white, making them look like something a nurse would wear?  (no disrespect to those of you in the profession….but really, the clown-print scrubs are tricky).  i realized i’d actually bookmarked a very similar version from prada to torment you all with, but these are strikingly similar for considerably less.  thoughts?

Picture 14Picture 15

(hint: cole haan’s on the left, prada’s on the right).

let me know your thoughts, and have a fabulous halloween weekend, everyone!  here’s to a fantastic sugar coma!

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currently coveting: fall 2010 from cole haan

loving the latest releases from cole haan…they seem to really be stepping up the design these days (ahem, pun not intended).

Picture 10

those camel pumps ($298) in particular are absolutely lovely.  the zipper detailing on the toe keeps them from being too bland, but they’re still incredibly versatile.  and that military olive messenger bag ($378) reminds me ever so slightly of the proenza schouler bag that’s been absolutely everywhere this season, but it’s cleaner, simpler…and about $1,300 cheaper.  but i’m pretty sure the “most likely to end up in my closet” award goes to those darling air bacara leopard flats, which are exactly what i’ve been searching for all season.

check out the rest of what’s new at cole haan right over here.

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stalking the sales: neiman marcus steps it up for spring

neiman marcus is having a spring sale so good, it’s making me reconsider my longstanding boycott of their online store (a very long story involving a dispute over some ill-fitting prada shoes which had not been worn, i don’t care what they say.  but i digress…).  anyway, the sale is fabulous, especially with regard to spring shoes.  you get to take an additional 25% off the discounted price of everything that’s already on sale, plus free shipping at any price (with code SHOPNM).

if you haven’t splurged yet this season, may i suggest:

from left to right:  michael kors bristol wedge, $118 from $225; antik batik gladiator sandal, $108 from $215; loeffler randall brynn thong, $163 from $325; cole haan air phoebe woven rope sandal, $84 from $168; prada espadrille wedge, $193 from $385; stuart weitzman leather wedge espadrille, $163 from $325; tory burch lizard-print reva flat, $118 from $235; tory burch espadrille flat, $58 from $115;  joie wingtip flat, $149 from $198.

not to mention all of the lovely, lovely loefflers on sale, and some elizabeth and james stacking rings i’m seriously considering.

just don’t test out your new shoes on a hardwood floor…trust me on this one.

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a little spring for your step

ah, spring.  i’m so not a fan of warm-weather attire, but the shoes?  they’re another story entirely.  i get absolutely giddy when my favorite shops start to break out the sandals in january, and i start counting the days until i get to wear my peep toes for the first time each spring.  truth be told, i end up a little overwhelmed by my choices…in the best possible way, of course.

but i think i’ve finally narrowed it down to my favorites of the season.  i’ve tried (so very hard) to minimize the splurge factor, so most of these are under $100, and each and every one will bring some serious spring style to your closet.  this list is far from exhaustive (it’s a great year for sandals), but there isn’t a pair here that wouldn’t be extremely welcome at my house.

Picture 30

if you’re the type to pick one classic shoe to get you through the season, this cole haan ($108) is it.  sleek and simple, these will blend with any style you’ve got going.  but look closely, and you’ll see just a touch of inspiration from those oxford brogues we’ve been seeing everywhere.  add the nike air technology, and your long summer strolls will be utterly effortless.

Picture 29

these sweet mini-wedge espadrilles from marais ($92) just remind me of childhood…in the best possible way.  i’d love to see these paired with skirts and dresses, sure, but they’d be equally cute with cutoff denim.

Picture 31

for something a little edgier, i fell hard for these bright blue gladiators from aldo ($60) when i first spotted them.  i got the chance to test them out (yes, my job is awesome), and i can tell you they’re one of the most comfy sandals i own, and the construction is really impressive for the price.  i’ve developed a whole new affection for aldos after trying these.  rock them with your spring shorts, and release your inner badass.

Picture 28

i hardly know where to start with these studded snakeskin flat gladiators from modern vintage ($225).  they’re a bit of a splurge, i know, but look at them!  the snakeskin straps, the studded vamp…it was too much for me to resist.  these might just top my list this year.  (you can, incidentally, get a similar look for less here…not as wonderful, but under $100 is always nice.)

sigh…these rachel comey margot sandals had me at hello.  again with the mini-wedge and the bright, cheery color…i have a feeling these wouldn’t leave my feet all summer!  i’m sorry to tell you they’re a definite spluge at $275, but nab 20% off with code SPRING10 for the time being.

TOMS Yellow Newport Cordones

and last but not least, we all need a little something to kick around in when our pedicure’s lagging.  these striped yellow cordones from TOMS ($69) are an adorable alternative to those little leather oxfords we’re seeing everywhere, and a nice change from the keds of yore.  plus, you get do-gooder bonus points, as TOMS still buys a pair of shoes for someone in need for every pair they sell.  (update: the powers that be just emailed to let me know they’re discontinuing this color, so act fast if you love the yellow. if you miss out, the red version is sticking around, and it’s just as cute!)

happy friday, everyone…i hope there’s some shoe shopping in your future this weekend!

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