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conscience tees: a winner AND a discount!

…the lovely Meagan, entrant #13, who had such kind things to say:

Well, I love the idea of the bee tank, but I love the color of the peacock, so I’d go with that one.

I’m excited for the new site – I love checking here every day to see what you have on your radar, and it’s so user friendly ūüôā

aww, thanks, meagan!¬† congrats on your win – just email me (editor [@] shoppingsmycardio [.] com) by monday morning with your address and size, and we’ll get that peacock tank right out to you!

and for the rest of you, well, don’t fret – your conscience is lovingly bestowing a 20% discount code on each and every one of you!¬† just enter code SHOPPING at checkout for your discount.¬† so, you can pick up the tank you loved best for $24 (or one of each!), which is a fantastic deal!¬† snap one up now!

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this week’s giveaway: conscience tanks!

welcome to week two of the big celebration bash for the new shoppingsmycardio site. ¬†this week, we’re giving away one of the darling tanks above to one lucky reader, courtesy of your conscience! ¬†

the fantastic owner of your conscience happens to be their fabulously talented designer as well. ¬†she’s come out with these adorable tanks, just in time for this beastly heat we’re all dealing with, and my only problem is choosing which ones to buy! ¬†plus, as with all conscience tees, a whopping 16% of the purchase price goes to support an environmental charity of your choice. ¬†

but i have to admit…i’m really just in it for the darling duds – seriously, aren’t these new designs the best? ¬†i’m so torn between that gorgeous blue peacock print and the a-little-too-appropriate queen bee print on the right. ¬†decisions, decisions. ¬†

to enter, it’s the usual drill – post a comment below, telling us which tank you’d pick if you won, and we’ll announce a winner on friday! ¬†entries close thursday at midnight PDT, no anonymous entries allowed (duh), and you’ll have to email me by monday to claim your prize if you’re lucky enough to win! ¬†i know…rules, rules, rules.

and stick around – we have another fabulous week planned for you! ¬†i’m reviewing some fabulous new beauty goods, adding to your summer ‘beach read’ list, plus the usual fashion finds and deals. ¬†but if you’re jonesing for some beauty advice, check out the fruits of my exhaustive research on at-home spa treatments over at the daily obsession today!

Shop for luxury clothing at BlueBee.com!


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valentine’s giveaway winners!!!

sorry for the delay in announcing winners…i was out spending a perfectly lovely day with my valentine!

a great big thank you to everyone for entering – really. i hope some of you newbies will stick around & become regular readers…if only to get a shot at more free goods in the future. but, without further adieu, the winners of the fabulous valentine’s giveaway, generously sponsored by the folks at your conscience, are:

sara l., who said “Since we are really trying to become a more “Green” family, I would have to say I would LOVE the totes! I don’t have any reuseable bags yet…So these would be GREAT!”

sarah h., who said “How cool! I’d pick the support T-shirt because it looks bad ass and is for a good cause. Plus, I’m already stocked on totes and I look horrible in yellow.”

and savannah s., who said “I love the color and message of the Breathe shirt, but I’d definitely pick the shoppers. The messages are so much more creative than the usual ‘I’m not a plastic bag’ sayings and I think I could generate so much more interest in the web-site with bags I can use everyday!”

apparently, your first name had to begin with an “s” to win this one. (totally kidding…random drawing, as always. please do not send hate mail if your first name begins with a letter other than “s”.)

so, congratulations to the winners – you’re all getting the valentine of your choice from shoppingsmycardio and your conscience!! make sure you email me sometime in the next 48 hours (i’ll give you until monday morning)shoppingsmycardio at gmail.com – and i’ll get all of the info i’ll need from you to get your prizes out to you! if i don’t hear from someone by monday, i’ll draw another winner, so make sure you email me!

and a really serious thank you to the team at your conscience for sponsoring this fabulousness…i do so love giving things away, but when i get to generate interest in a good cause at the same time, i’m just about beside myself!

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valentine’s giveaway: last day to enter!!

just a friendly reminder that this is the LAST day to enter our fabulous valentine’s giveaway, sponsored by your conscience.

remember, to enter, just go to this post, and drop a quick comment telling us which prize you’d pick, and we’ll choose 3 winners to be announced tomorrow.

ooh, and as an added incentive to spread the word, we’re going to add an extra element: get friends, family (…coworkers, total strangers, whatever…) to enter, and if they put your name in their comment (as well as their own, obviously), they’ll be giving you a second entry into the contest. no limit to how many times you can make this work for you! so, send the link far and wide, and you’ll increase your own chances of winning too!

yes, we’re all about the selfish good deed here at shoppingsmycardio.

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shoppingsmycardio valentine’s giveaway!

i’ve been so excited to announce this contest! the absolutely lovely people over at your conscience have recently redesigned not only their website but their entire line of eco-friendly garb, and to celebrate, we get to give away fun prizes and such!

for those who haven’t seen my prior write-ups, your conscience is a truly fabulous company who has managed to come up with a really clever way of mixing fashion and social responsibility. every time you buy one of their darling tees, they donate $5 to the environmental org of your choice. so basically, they manage to make my impulse buys into environmentally responsible acts. i heart these people.

they also recently added a couple of new items to the line: a tee designed to benefit the folks rebuilding their homes in new orleans, and a set of four super-portable reusable tote bags, which i’ll be snapping up just as soon as i’m done writing this.

best of all, though, your conscience and shoppingsmycardio want so desperately to be your valentine that we’re going to buy your love with free stuff. three very lucky shoppingsmycardio readers are going to receive the chance to pick one item of their choice from your conscience – a tee or a set of totes – and it’ll be sent to their front step completely gratis!

to enter, just comment on this post and let me know which item you’d choose, and what you love about it. naturally, anonymous posts aren’t going to get you anywhere – first name and last initial, please!

we’ll choose a winner on valentine’s day (when else?), so be sure to stay tuned to find out if a valentine from your conscience will be on it’s way to you!

good luck, everyone!!

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