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friday finds: the leftovers edition

i was going to skip ‘friday finds’ this week, if only because this whole week of gift guiding has felt like the most gigantic ‘friday finds’ ever.  but, there were a few little goodies that didn’t quite fit the guides that are still utterly lovely and deserving of your attention.  and so, this week’s guide is for them!

the very sweet melissa of zedena designs sent over this beautiful enamel pendant for me a few weeks ago.  isn’t it just lovely?  i’m a sucker for anything enamel, and i love the vintage wallpaper feel this design has.  i can tell you firsthand it does amazing things for a simple black v-neck.  the medallion is my favorite of her designs, but i’m imagining that beautiful little bird would be a perfect gift for a friend that loves music, and it’s a very affordable gift option.  oh!  and i’m told that code JINGLEBELLS will get you 10% off through 12/20, so that’s good news too.

i’m having a serious case of wanderlust these days, especially whenever i see anything related to paris.  these two prints have been haunting my dreams since i first saw them. i can’t resist much of anything that blanca gomez does, but this may just be my favorite of hers yet. and though clare owen’s beautiful snowglobe looks to be out of stock, these etsy folks are so kind, i’m betting she’d reprint if you asked nicely.

this is another handmade find i just can’t get out of my head.  i’m loathe to spend $40 on a mug, but these pretty poppies catch my eye virtually every single time i’m on etsy.  so, perhaps the universe is trying to tell me something about my personal limitations with regard to coffee mug spending.

i’ve had these little pants bookmarked to show you for months now…but really, how often do we talk baby-friendly goods here?  that said, they’re maybe the cutest baby-related thing i’ve seen all year.  even the name is cute:  crankypants!  you’re dying of cuteness right now, i know.  by the way, i do know that $80 for baby pants is ridiculous.  but if you were going to save one piece of your kid’s clothing for posterity, wouldn’t it be the crankypants?   plus, they’re handmade by a knitting cooperative in peru, so you’re basically supporting a village.  how can you say no?

Picture 20Picture 21

and, lest we get on too much of a ‘handmade’ run today, i’ll wrap up with this amazing vermeil lotus ring from the sundance catalog ($138).  you can find beauty everywhere, people…even in the middle of a hippie-crunchie catalog like sundance.  i’m head over heels for this beauty…and i just know it’s one of those things people would stop you on the street to ask about.

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