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cheap thrills: the bracelet edition

gah…spring sales started this morning at barneysanthropologienordstrom and shopbop – i’ve been so overwhelmed, i almost forgot to post!  overall, i’m trying to be good, but this dress may be too perfect to pass up.


once you return from all of that orgasmic sale goodness, i thought i’d share a few bargain bracelet finds that have caught my eye this week.  

yesterday’s internet browsing led me to the new dana buchman collection for kohl’s, of all places.  to save you some time, most of it looks a little iffy, but this coral bracelet is actually pretty perfect for summer, especially for $20.  it reminds me of something you’d get at banana republic, but for a lot less. don’t you think it’s just the thing to dress up those breezy, neutral summer frocks?

and then, there was this gorgeous rainbow of enamel bracelets i spied online at target.  love!!  i’m dying to buy the lot of these (at $18 each, i actually could!) and mix and match colors to my heart’s content.  if nothing else, they’re a great opportunity to play around with color combinations that might scare you.  i very literally can’t pick a favorite…but i will say the black is a little blah for summer.  pile on a stack of these beauties, and your tee-and-shorts ensemble will suddenly be insta-chic.  promise.

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