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friday finds

Happy Friday, friends! Are you relishing these last few summer weekends? I’ve been woefully neglectful of my barbecue, which I’m hoping to remedy this weekend. Also, we finally have a backyard that’s habitable, and I can hardly wait to bust out our patio set. Here’s hoping we get a few more rain-free weekends to put them to good use.

And, with that, on to this week’s Finds!

First, I have to tell you about the two beauty products that have been saving me this summer. I didn’t quite realize their collective power until I spent a weekend at the beach, and had not even a trace of a sunburn on my alabaster (well, pale, at any rate) skin. Honestly. No sunglasses tan lines, no new freckles…nothing. Considering how much my hair bleached out over those two days, I think that’s pretty impressive. So, first, props to DDF Weightless Defense UV Moisturizer SPF 45 (wow, that’s a mouthful).

Yes, it smells like sunscreen – but only for a second when you first put it on. No, it didn’t make me break out, not even a little. Not even when I first switched over. That, friends, is impressive. If you have sun in your future, switch to this immediately.

Second, Sue Devitt’s SpaComplexion tinted moisturizer with “hydrating marine minerals”. I’ve actually had this on hand to try for a few months, but my skin was still too pasty pale from the winter. (Yes, their lightest shade was still too dark for me. Don’t judge.) But my skin finally colored just enough for me to start using this about a month ago (before I’d switched to the mighty DDF sunscreen, mind you), and I’m completely infatuated. It looks and feels like there’s nothing there at all (so you can claim that “no makeup” look), and does a masterful job of glossing over the bad, and generally evening out my skin tone. And again, no breakouts…unlike the 4 other tinted moisturizers I tested.

But enough about my trip, right? This has been a huge jewelry week for me – possibly because I’ve had samples from some of my favorite designers lying around my house all week. Sadly, they have to go back. But in their place, I’m thinking very seriously about some new little bauble for myself. This stunner of a statement necklace from DANNIJO is unbelievable. Cocktail dress? Sure. But just picture this with a grey tee and cutoff shorts. The design is exclusive to my friends at Charm & Chain, which makes me want it even more! I do love a little exclusivity.

And speaking of jewels, Lulu Frost’s collection for J.Crew just debuted. Isn’t it pretty?

It’s possible I’ve been reading too much of The American Heiress (fantastic guilty summer read, by the way), as I’m clearly craving an awful lot of sparkle these days. Speaking of, have you seen all the gorgeous mirrored and sparkly shoes at Topshop right now? They remind me of a grown-up version of Dorothy’s ruby slippers. I’m envisioning them with jewel-toned tights and a great 1940s-inspired dress…unbelievable!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend in store, friends – as for me, I have a huge pile of SEPTEMBER ISSUES staring me down. Best time of the year! I can’t wait to curl up at Peets with my trusty cappuccino and dig in. What do you have planned?

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beauty buzz: stressed skin relief from DDF

editor’s note: as you’ve probably noticed, my beauty reviews are always based on my own sensitive and perpetually dry skin (the very idea of testing a product designed to dry your skin terrifies me to my core).  regular SMC reader jennie noticed that those of you on the other side of the spectrum were getting left behind, and offered to help me remedy that by testing out a line of products for oil- and acne-prone skin. naturally, i couldn’t resist.  so, please welcome our guest reviewer, jennie!

Lately my skin has been less stable than Lindsay Lohan – and definitely as changeable as her legal representation. Normally, my skin is subject to the occasional blemish attack, but lately, it’s been one acne outbreak after another. Maybe it’s the extreme heat we’ve been suffering lately, the job search I’ve begun, or even that I’ve been lax in my prayers to the good skin gods…who can say?

All I knew is that I needed a solution, and fast. Compounding my skin stress was the fact that my go-to skin product had been discontinued…always a scary scenario.  Fortunately, I got the chance to check out the DDF skincare line, which addresses skin concerns ranging from acne to aging.  The amazing people at DDF sent over samples of their line of acne products for me to test, and I spent a full month giving them an exhaustive review.

From much experience, I’ve learned that when it comes to acne control, targeted cleansers and masks tend to be less important than treatment creams, which are the primary warriors on the frontline of acne warfare.  So while I liked the Blemish Foaming Cleanser and Sulfur Therapeutic Mask, I loved DDF’s three treatment products. I alternated between the Glycolic 10% Exfoliating Oil Control Gel, the Benzoyl Peroxide Gel, and the Acne Control Treatment. I used the Acne Control Treatment only at night (per the product instructions), but the other two I used both night and day, and was thrilled with the results!

The products were incredibly effective, and  did an amazing job of keeping my skin clear and happy.  Equally important, they didn’t make my skin red and irritated as is common with acne treatments. After using the Acne Control Treatment at night, I even noticed my skin tone was more even, and (dare I say) luminous.

All in all, DDF has struck the seemingly elusive balance between an effective yet gentle acne solution. These products are definitely going to be permanent fixtures in my battle for clear, perfect skin.

— jennie v.

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