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travel in style: the perfect summer packing list!

Friends, I am so in need of a summer vacation. I’m writing this while wearing a beach caftan and white jeans…in my living room. It’s time to get out of dodge!

I’m thinking if I pack myself an overnight bag now, perhaps I’ll be struck by a spur-of-the-moment inspiration and take myself out on a weekend getaway. Worth a shot, don’t you think? I have a feeling the rest of you may have actual weekend (or week-long) trips afoot, and could use a little guidance on packing the perfect weekend bag.

As usual, I have big dreams of 3 outfits a day, shoes to match, and a whole separate trunk of accessories. But really, summer trips call for minimal effort…and minimal luggage. So, rather than fantasy, this is pure practicality. Skip the fashion-conscious gear and go for versatility. Skip the giant jewels and go for simple. Skip the boring classic novel and go for the trashy celebrity magazines. This is a vacation!

Top: Striped tank, Edith A. Miller, $58 / Tissue v-neck tee, J.Crew, $30 / Callan tee, Velvet, $86 /
Denim shorts
, Joe’s Jeans, $138 / Tank dress, Three Dots, $66

Bottom: Graf + Lantz overnighter, $379 / Druzy studs, Dara Ettinger, $95 / Rope bracelet, Kiel James Patrick, $40 / Archer flat, Dolce Vita, $69 / Espadrilles, ASOS (similar here) / Cenoire electric toothbrush, $35 / Sun Protector, Kiehls, $23

 You’ll need:

* 2 tees: one basic, one fashion-forward
* 1 tank: basic is great
* 1 pair of denim cutoffs: the ultimate in versatility!
* 1 easy summer dress
* 1 pair of sandals/flip flops
* 1 pair of walking shoes
* 1 great bracelet
* 1 pair of simple earrings
* 1 swimsuit
* 1 semi-slinky nightgown (it is a vacation, after all)
* Oh, and…extra undies!

That’s it!

Add your trusty bag of toiletries and you’re set. You do keep that pre-packed, right? No? You don’t know what you’re missing…it’s a total travel game-changer! Head to Nordstrom with a list of your staple products, ask them to make up testers for you (buy something so you don’t feel guilty), and throw them in a Ziploc. I know you have extra makeup lying around, so make yourself a travel bag with the spares. Throw in a toothbrush, treat yourself to a travel flat iron, and leave the whole assembly in your bag, so you never have to go hunting when the open road calls.

Oh, and don’t forget the big bottle of SPF. My sun-phobic favorite this season is from Kiehls – it’s SPF 50, water-resistant and broad-spectrum. Done and done!

Where are you off to this summer? Maybe I can live vicariously…

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friday finds

Happy Friday, everyone…what a week it’s been! I’ve hardly had time to breathe, let alone blog, but that hasn’t stopped me from amassing quite a list of Friday Finds. Even when I’m swimming in things to do, I always manage to find time to covet.

First, I’ve found a new love: BeautyAddicts’ “Double Deception” concealer. The right half is lighter and creamier, so it’s perfect for under the eyes, and the left side works wonders for the rest of your face. It’s all very Alice in Wonderland/magic caterpillar mushroom, but the results are flawless.

I’m obsessing a little over wanting a new pair of ankle boots for the fall. While I’m terrified of light-colored suede for a number of reasons (rain in Portland + denim = blue stripes all over my boots. Not cool.), these are calling to me. And, at $120, I can actually afford to listen.

Have you seen the latest goodies at J.Crew? I’m obsessed with a couple of things: specifically, this tweed jacket and that sequined top. Truthfully, I dream of being able to pull off sequins for day, and I’m thinking if ever there was a reasonable candidate, it’s this one.

And speaking of glitz and glam, I am fascinated by this ring. I can’t exactly figure out how it would look on, but how wrong could it be? I’m smitten.

Even though I’m mad as hell at Target over my whole Missoni debacle, I have to show you this Sonia Kashuk brush set. The brushes are great, the metallic tweed clutch is adorable (and actually cute enough to be carried as a clutch), and the whole thing is $25. I’d have bought the clutch alone for that price, so consider the brushes a highly useful bonus.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends. I’m hoping to spend a couple of hours with my husband and George Clooney…and I’ll see you back here next week!

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deal of the day: 20% off jackets and sweaters at shopbop

a little confession:  i’m loving this economic slump, if only because we’re getting great deals from stores that are generally notoriously stingy with their discounts.  now through sunday, take 20% off any and all jackets and sweaters at shopbop with code SHOPBOPSECRET.  since i’ve been lusting after some new outerwear since i first saw the fall runway pictures, i’m viewing this as a sign from above that it’s time to invest.

i hardly know where to begin.  i love the structured, military styling on this overcoat by alice + olivia, and that flash of fuschia on the belt and buttons is a perfect touch of color for drab days.  but i’ve been after those amazing exaggerated collars since day one, so i’m pretty sure this amazing black felt trench from dolce vita is going to win this time (especially since it’s only about $250 with the code!).  shopbop has the best coat selection i’ve seen this fall, hands down – and a really broad price range, which is a nice feature in this category. 

the sweater options are a little more challenging for me – unlike a coat, there’s no way i can tell myself i only need one.  i look forward to fall all year long – you can take your sun and surf, i’m a sweater girl at heart.  this slouchy v-neck is the ultimate weekend sweater, and one i know would spend very little time in my closet.  for the week, there’s one 80s trend i’ve been embracing with gusto:  the sweater dress.  simple, chic, and perfect for fall, my closet will be filled to the brim with these by january.  i’m starting with this charcoal wrap dress from DVF, which is classic enough to survive the trend, and cozy enough to remind me of my favorite cardigan.

whatever you’re after for fall, now’s the time to max those credit cards – code SHOPBOPSECRET is only good until sunday!

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what i want today: shoes from solestruck (and a discount!)

in a recent interview with now magazine, sarah jessica parker said she’d choose shoes over a guy – because they’re more dependable than men (ouch! matthew broderick?!).  talking about her sex and the city character, carrie, the 43-year-old actress said she “could probably count on a manolo more than a man.”  so is it better than sex? they asked.  “yes!”

while i may not nessecarily agree with SJP, we definitely agree on a love for shoes.  and i’ve recently discovered a new shop in the internet ether – solestuck – that allows for some serious shoe indulgence.  the selection is amazing and, while there are no choos to choose from, these babies will fit much more nicely into your budget. 

i adore betsey johnson’s playful bestyville line, and the lani heel is no exception.  with the girly flower detail and the funky rubber heel, just thinking about them makes me feel like sugar and spice! 

to keep my feet comfy (thanks to a padded sole) and looking fab, the exchange by charles david can easily be paired with a suit at the office.  the liquid patent leather in burgundy is a perfect update to your fall look, and a steal at $44.95!

for a fun, casual weekend look, the dolce vita wendy boot is a gorgeous update on a riding boot, and would be perfect with jeans, a dress or even a mini – just make sure you add tights! 

for me, though, the best part about solestruck is that you can’t get into too much trouble.  most shoes are under $100, and i don’t think i saw anything much over $200.  plus, their packaging is truly fab – it makes the online order that much more exciting!

best of all, the kind folks at solestruck have generously offered SMC readers an exclusive discount!  just enter code FERXKU9UN at checkout for 20% off your purchase, but only until september 19…so shop it up!  and, of course, make sure you let us know what you pick up while you’re there.


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