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trend to try: printed pants

{Editor’s Note: Our intrepid Trends expert, Ms. Kim Brandt is back to talk about a trend I’m seriously feeling this season: the printed pant. Having just nabbed this pair (from Talbots, of all places), I can hardly wait to see her suggestions for successfully pulling off the look. Sadly, Kim is going to be taking a little hiatus from her post here while she settles in at a fabulous new job, but I’m crossing my fingers she’ll be back soon!}


We’re getting to the point where y’all are getting to know me a bit. So, I’m sure this post comes as a shock (not)…we’re talking all about prints today.  I am a big fan of the patterned pants trend happening right now. It takes a bit of confidence to pull off, but styled right, it can really work for you. I’m definitely (ahem) bottom heavy, so because of my body type I need to be really careful how I wear this one.

If you’re super tall and lean (read: model), you really don’t need my advice; you can wear anything. But if you’re anything else, this look is all about balance. Particularly if the pant is a skinny style, this look is best worn with a long, loose top, statement jewelry, and heels, though a funky loafer may work if you’re blessed with extra-long gams.

{Images c/o Anthropologie / Madewell / Whitney Eve / Natalia Vodianova, via Style.com}

If you’re especially lower-half-conscious, pair the printed pant with a sleek, loose fitting top, a long jacket, a heavy piece of metallic jewelry (think chunky watch or vintage chain necklace), and heeled booties or gladiator sandals.

{Images c/o Tory Burch, via Style.com / Vanessa Hudgens (we think), via Style / Olivia Palermo, via Mr.Newton}

For those that are blessed up top, pair the print with a shirt that has a bit of defined shape.  A tailored blazer or belted blouse is a great solution. Depending on the cut of the blazer, pair with some great drop earrings and then, as always, heels on the bottom. Be careful not to pick too narrow a heel; it’s all about balancing the shape from head to toe!

{Images c/o Dries Van Noten, via Style.com / Beyoncé, via People / Chanel, via Style.com}

So, tell us: Are you going to be rocking the patterned pant this Spring? ~Kim B.

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DIY, couture-style

i absolutely love the look of this dries van noten blazer from the august issue of vogue, but at $1,300, it’s unlikely i’ll ever even see it in person, let alone own it.  but ever since i spotted it, i can’t help wondering just how hard it would be to recreate on a budget.

dries blazer-aug 10 vogue

image from vogue, august 2010

i’m envisioning a thrifted (or otherwise cheaply obtained) camel or tweed blazer (i found dozens on etsy), maybe a size or two larger than you’d normally wear.  take it to your trusty tailor, along with this photo, and just ask for three exaggerated accordion pleats on either side, right above the pockets, to create that sharp definition at the narrowest part of your waist (you’ll want a larger size jacket to allow for space to create those pleats).

you’ll also probably want the shoulders taken in just a bit, and maybe even need the sleeves narrowed a bit – since the rest of the jacket was purposely too large, you’ll want those sleeves trimmed up to fit you properly.  and, assuming it’s an old-style, two-button blazer, feel free to have her add a third button and buttonhole to make it a perfect three-button blazer.

it’s major reconstructive surgery, i’ll grant you, but i think you could get it done for $50-75 (much cheaper if you don’t need the shoulder/sleeve work done).  add on the $25 you spent for the blazer in the first place, and you have a serious style fix for under $100 (original will set you back nearly $1,300).  not bad when you consider the thousand ways you’ll find to wear your creation.

now to nab that slouchy grey sweater underneath…

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my friday foot (er, shoe) fetish

cruising the web this week, i’ve come across a couple of new shoe shops that have me so excited (courtesy of feather, one of my fave new fashion blogs)!  lately, i’ve been feeling like i’ve seen every shoe out there, and i’m just sick of all of them.  discovering these shops has restored my faith in the (shoe) world…and opened up a whole new world of retail lust.


gwyneth shoes is a fantastic new discovery.  designed by a woman who’s worked for kenneth cole, steve madden and sam & libby, the line is perfectly priced, often under $80.  and they’re all incredibly stylish and fashion-forward.  these snakeskin peeptoe flats remind me too much of a pair i own by hogan (definitely not $80).  they’re perfect with literally everything – i wore them to death last year.  but my favorite are these sweet rose-covered metallic t-straps.   they’re a great way to dress up casual looks, as well as those summer dresses when you just can’t do heels.  loads of great ruffled and gladiator-style sandals as well…and all at awesome price points.


higher on the pricing scale, i was lured over to gimme shoes by these grey biviel heels.  nudes and greys can be hard to get right, but they’re the perfect option for summer.  the last thing you want in hot weather is black, but neutrals are still a must.  besides the biviel, i fell hard (oh so hard!) for these sweet flats by sigerson morrison, available in both nude and taupe.  i’m telling you, nothing lengthens those gams faster than a shoe that vanishes, even if it isn’t a heel.  and, even though they’re not my normal style, the spring dries van noten collection is well worth a look – they’re practically art!

just a little friday eye candy fun – i hope you find something to lust after.  have a great weekend, dear readers!  more summer essentials to come next week…

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