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all in the details: alexis bittar wafer earrings

{Editor’s Note: Kate knows what I like. Those earrings! That tunic! I’m obsessed. Sadly, I better move fast – the earrings are selling out everywhere!}

Understated, but striking if you take a second look. Occasionally this is how I think accessories should best be described. It’s a conclusion that I came to when I was recently chatting about the addition of a couple of Alexis Bittar pieces to my own collection over on AnonymousChic. These  white and gold wafer earrings from Alexis Bittar caught my eye, and certainly fit the bill when it comes to being characterized as light and chic.

Gold Wafer Earring, Alexis Bittar, $150

These earrings are simply stylish, and still stunning – a way to heighten the look of an outfit without going overboard. They tread the line between casual (the colour and hammered gold) and dressy, which gives the impression of having put in a little extra effort.

Given the classic style of the earrings, I would either mimic the simplicity (white button-down and jeans) or use them to counter a print. In this instance, I’ve opted for a neutral printed tie-waist tunic from Tory Burch paired with easy navy shorts. Once autumn arrives, swap the shorts for slim cut navy pants or skinny jeans for a seamless transition. When wearing patterns let the colours influence the remainder of the outfit – picking up on accent tones (navy and white) or the base colour of the print (a deep blush-nude taupe tone).

Hana Tunic, Tory Burch, $295 / Cotton Stretch Shorts, Brooks Brothers, $49

The rest of the details should play into similar tones, colour palettes, and style (both in terms of the pattern of the tunic and the simplicity of the earrings), creating a cohesive theme. When pairing accessories with a longer earring, skip the necklace and use one bold item on the wrists.  Start with oversized sunglasses, and then pair a gold watch with a navy bracelet. Use basic nude flats to ground the outfit, and a structured bag to balance to balance the casual nature. If you’re really feeling like highlighting these excellent earrings, pull your hair up into a messy ponytail, otherwise refined beachy waves will keep the outfit from looking overdone.

Oversized Sunglasses, Michael Kors, $66 / Gramercy Crystal Watch, Kate Spade, $250 / Medium Crystal Detail Bangle, Sequin, $28 / Shirley Flat, Elie Tahari, $195 / Classic Satchel, Cambridge Satchel Company, $120

This tunic would always look great, as it’s a well-designed and interesting piece all on its own. What takes it from being a great top, to being an all-together stylish outfit is how the rest of the pieces complement it. Often with style, it’s all in the details.  ~ Kate

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elie tahari private sale

There are some great things going on at the Elie Tahari private sale today…loads of wardrobe staples marked a healthy 40% off. So, what’s in my cart right now?

I’m so glad you asked!

Friends, I am seriously in need of pants. I went a little skirt-crazy over the summer, and I’m getting tired of denim every.single.day. A pair of classic straight black pants is never out of style, and I love the slim-but-not-skinny cut on these. And for a bit of fun (and a break from all that red denim), I love this pair in royal blue.

I’m always a sucker for tweed…nothing new there. And I do especially love the jacket/cardigan hybrid as a rule. So, while I need it least of all, this grey and gold tweed cardi is probably my favorite. (Also love the contrasting sleeves, another huge fall trend). And speaking of tweed, I’m pretty obsessed with this dress (though my dress needs are more than met for the year). It feels like one part Proenza Schouler, one part Chanel, and ten parts Elie Tahari – he’s just that good. If I still worked in an office, I’d snap this up in two seconds.

Best of all, not one thing I picked here is over $300…and most (all but the dress, really) are well under the $200 mark. According to their email, the sale is private for today only…so snap up your favorite pieces before anyone else does!

Anything catch your eye?

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currently coveting: elie tahari fall 2010

spotted at elie tahari:  i’ve decided this is the girl i want to be this season.

is there anything not to love about this look?  the low-slung, wide-legged trousers?  that gorgeous part-watercolor, part-animal print on the silk blouse?  the perfect contrast with that pumpkin-hued scarf?  and the softly tailored blazer…it’s all just divine. and since it’s from the always-wonderful tahari, the pieces are perfectly priced.

a few more girls to love from tahari’s fall collection:

Picture 4

you guys know i’m a sucker for a stunning coat…what can i say?

find pricing and details on all of these pieces at tahari’s genius website…just click an image, and every piece shown is listed out in perfectly accurate detail.  it’s an overly organized girl’s dream!

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saks friends & family (complete with a cheap thrill)!

oh, it’s one of my favorite days of the year, dear readers. the saks friends & family event has begun, and you can take 20% off nearly everything (10% off beauty)!   the event starts online today and in-store on thursday (though most sales reps will be happy to presale items for you), and it will be over on sunday, 4/25. so, if there’s a little something you’ve been lusting after, now’s the time to pounce!  use code FRIEND3 to score the discount, plus get free shipping on orders of $200+ with code SFASHIP.

naturally, i thought i’d share a few things on my “i really should take advantage of this” list.

i’ve been wanting a little mini-crossbody bag for the summer, and i utterly love this one by olivia harris.  it’s edgy enough to counteract the overly sweet style a tiny bag can sometimes have, fun enough for summer but will transition perfectly to fall.  plus, i love the chain detail on the strap.  at 20% off $299, it’s sorely tempting.

i’m still on the hunt for a new spring shoe, and you know my love for sigerson morrison runs deep.  at first, i wasn’t sure about these cagey mini-wedges ($225, plus 20% off), but they’ve really grown on me – something about the ultra-feminine silhouette blended with the edgy strap details.  especially in the oak color, i think these are going to be amazing on.

spring isn’t exactly the time to be looking for black pencil skirts, but this elie tahari version is officially one of the best i’ve seen (that draping in front is gorgeous and an ingenious way to hide a tummy).  it’s already on sale for $78, so with the discount, you’re looking at about $63 for a really fantastic piece that will love you for years to come.

last but not least, well, any piece from zac posen’s new diffusion line – z spoke – would be oh so welcome in my closet.  i’m not as excited about his target collection as some, but z spoke is definitely, definitely speaking my language.  i’ll take the whole beautiful outfit, please…especially that gorgeous green skirt  sadly, i think these pieces are staying on the wish list for now…but i’m crossing my fingers for bigger spring markdowns in a few weeks!

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