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styling your summer frock: the how-to

i’ve been meaning to show you all this dress since i fell for it a month or so ago at anthropologie.  this might just be the most flattering, most versatile summer dress i’ve come across this season – though the photos on the website just don’t do it justice.  well worth your $98 for the accessorizing options alone, but the fact that this manages to simultaneously enhance the decollette, hide tummy troubles, provide a miniscule waist (even if you don’t normally have one) and be ultra-comfy makes this a definite must-do for summer.

if you stop by the store, they also have the dress in a stunning, universally-flattering shade of cobalt – my personal favorite.  but the gold and periwinkle are really lovely too.

sadly, i actually ended up returning mine…it’s best on ladies 5’7″ or shorter, unless you either have a super-long torso or are riskier with your hemlines than i am.  but if the growth chart fits, you absolutely can’t go wrong.

i loved it paired with that fab leafy necklace i showed you recently and some studded gladiators, but i was also planning to pair with…

a loose, unstructured vest (left open, please) and the biggest, baddest chain necklace i can find, and perhaps even…

a boyfriend blazer and booties, come fall.  ooh, or a leather moto jacket (as long as the length worked…keep it at least a couple of inches below the waistband on this one!).

of course, most of these styling ideas will work with whatever your favorite summer dress is this year…after all, it’s nearly time to start thinking about those summer-to-fall styling options.

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random friday finds: the ‘what i did this week’ edition

readers, i don’t think i’ve done enough shopping this week.  frightening, i realize…but i just don’t have any particularly exotic, “must haves” on this random friday.  so instead, i thought i’d share the ‘must haves’ that have actually made it into my house over the last week or two.  mind you, this is no small feat these days, as my shopping account is in serious lockdown mode.

it’s been a long while since i walked into the gap and actually fell for something on sight.  but these shoes are just so cute in person, and such a great color & pattern for summer, i couldn’t resist.  the $39 pricetag didn’t hurt, nor did the fact that they miraculously run a full size large, so they actually had my size in the store.  i was a little wary of the bow in back, but i’ve decided it gives some nice detail, and keeps them from being too generic.

i’m fairly confident i’ve mentioned how much i detest hot weather.  besides my massive discomfort whenever the mercury hits 80+, there’s also the matter of my cheeks, which insist on becoming a very radioactive shade of crimson at the slightest increase in my internal temp.  literally, i’ve had people stop me during a workout to “make sure i’m okay.”  yes, i’m fine – i’m always that color.  given the severity of the problem, when i decided to test clinique’s new “redness solutions” mineral powder, i was skeptical…i was pretty sure painting my face yellow was not the answer.  but this stuff actually works – and somehow doesn’t settle into wrinkles like most loose powders.  i highly recommend it for those of you with fair skin that rebels in heat, or for the post-workout makeup routine.

and last, i mentioned recently how much i loved a new piece by emily elizabeth jewelry, and the designer was sweet enough to send it over as a thank you (yes, i know, my life is very hard).  honestly, i’ve hardly taken it off since it arrived…i think it might just be the perfect summer necklace.  because the chain is just a bit thick, and the leaves are a bit bold, it dresses up my ultra-casual summer style beautifully, and gives me just a dash of grecian goddess chic (who couldn’t use a bit of that?).

happy weekend, everyone!  i’ll be off visiting family for a few days, but should be back bright and early tuesday for more retail therapy.

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sweet valentines from emily elizabeth


i’ve been so excited to share these with you ever since i spied them.  jewelry designer emily elizabeth uses vintage designs to create her beautiful pendants and other pieces, and the results are offbeat, original, and thoroughly charming.

with valentine’s day coming up, i can’t think of a sweeter gift than these conversation heart necklaces.  they come as a set of three, and can be worn together or individually.  i love the idea of giving all three to your love (perhaps nestled in a heart-shaped box of conversation hearts), or splitting the set and giving one to each of a few special friends as a cheeky valentine between girls.

as for me, i’m dying for that fern leaf bangle…it just reminds me of something fresh out of cleopatra.  it would make a fantastic addition to just about any ensemble (ooh, imagine it with all white in the spring!), and is a perfect statement piece.  i love the open version she has as well…equally lovely, and a bit more modern, if you’re going for that sort of thing.

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