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eye candy: épice scarves and blanca monros gomez

That’s right, I have a pair of eye candy goodies this week. Because two is almost always better than one. Also, how could I possibly choose between these lovelies? It’s like a Twix bar of retail delights – and you get both pieces, my friends. Dig in!

A gauzy pile of new Épice scarves for spring has appeared at Una, one of my all-time favorite Portland haunts. If you’re not local, you can call the shop and they’ll happily ship one (sales tax-free, I might add) right to your door. There’s no need to tell you how much temptation is going on in my head right now.

And then, there’s the matter of these beautiful, impossibly delicate new baubles from jewelry designer Blanca Monros Gomez, which just arrived at Steven Alan. Consider my pennies being counted, friends.


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friday finds

Is there anything better than a summer weekend? Especially one in which the sun is actually rumored to be making an appearance? I think not. I’m going to do my darnedest to take this weekend off, friends…I suggest you do the same!

I’m sick to death of seeing the same old LemLem scarves everywhere on the web…it’s time for some bright stripes, don’t you think? Plus, it’s been much too long since I showed you a little Epicé eye candy.

Striped linen scarf, Epice, $217

As I’ve mentioned, I’m right in the middle of a home redesign, which means a whole new world of shopping opportunities! This week, my interior designer has me searching for garden stools to use as side tables. I’d forgotten all about Jamali Garden until I started hunting…wouldn’t these be an amazing indoor option?

Ivory Garden Stool, $90

I have the worst time finding shorts to get excited about. They’re never flattering, and they’re either too short, too long or too tight. But, like Goldilocks before me, I may have finally found a pair that’s just right. Bonus…they’re on sale, plus an additional 30% off, so they’re basically free.

Flower canvas shorts, Talbots, $25(ish)

A friend of mine just got back from Disneyland, and just hearing about her trip has me wistful for a ride on the Matterhorn. I’m a Minnie Mouse girl from way back, so when I spied Minnie’s new collection from OPI, I absolutely had to get it. My favorite? I’m All Ears, obviously.

OPI Minnie Mouse Collection, $8 ea, OPI.com for stores or Rush for my UK friends!

And last but not least, this week’s Pinterest Pick. I don’t often think of Drew Barrymore as glamorous, or as someone that could carry off a color like chartreuse. But here she is, doing both…and it’s flawless. This photo is a great reminder to actually try those colors you’re afraid of, don’t you think?

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

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the sale rack: accessories

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned since starting this blog (longer ago than I care to mention) is that it may be the clothes that make the man, but it’s the accessories that make the outfit.

Think of it this way: take a classic white shirt and a pair of straight-leg jeans. Add a pearl necklace and a patent skinny belt, and you’re one person. Change it up for a big, bright statement necklace and a rock-and-roll ankle boot, and you’re entirely another. Add nothing at all, and you’re….well, unless you’re Kate Middleton, you’re blahs-ville.

Doing my usual obsessive online browsing sale shopping yesterday, I came across so many gorgeous accessories on amazing sales (DANNIJO on sale? Never!), I could hardly believe my luck. Since I can’t buy them all, I’m having a little virtual shopping spree with you…hoping some of you will reap the rewards.

Left to right, top to bottom: MAWI bracelet, $244 (from $490) / Love Moschino Frog Queen box clutch, $103 (from $209) / DANNIJO necklace, $207 (from $417) / M Missoni bag, $242 (from $486) / DANNIJO ring, $95 (from $321) / Kenneth Jay Lane necklace, $194 (from $391) / Iosselliani necklace, $110 (from $222). Not pictured, but too lovely not to share: Mysuelly bag, $265 (from $666) / Alice by Temperley scarf, $95 (from $240)

And then there’s the matter of the Epice scarves I found marked way, way down at Yoox, a phenomenon so extraordinary, it almost certainly deserves its own post. This is probably less fantasy and more reality, as I let this pretty one on the left out of my clutches a year ago, and have regretted it ever since.

It wouldn’t take more than one of these to instantly transform virtually any outfit (even the one you’re wearing today, I suspect). That kind of power is definitely an investment worth making.

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a retail kind of weekend

a few little pretties that followed me home this weekend…

i finally picked a new epice scarf to add to my fall wardrobe.  yes, an investment, to be sure, but i wear these daily when the weather’s cold, and get more compliments on them than maybe anything else i own.  this one (it’s hard to tell in the photo) is a beautiful geometric swirl pattern of black, eggplant and olive green…totally unexpected and totally gorgeous.  covet, my favorite portland boutique, has finally gone online, and they have exactly one of these beauties left.

my old LAmade grey and white striped cardigan has finally breathed its last breath, i’m afraid, and it needed to be retired in style.  i’ve put in an order for this version from madewell…i’m hoping desperately that it’s the first thing i order from them which won’t underwhelm me.  it has sold out online, but i got them to locate one and ship it to me (bonus: free shipping on store-located items!).

i tried my very best to make this a happy threesome by adding a set of wind chimes from pigeon toe ceramics when i headed over to their open studio on friday, but alas, there were none to be had.  they very sweetly offered to special order them, but i was in an instant gratification state of mind.  i do, however, have to confess that this miniature sugar and creamer set is maybe the cutest thing i’ve ever laid eyes on.

i also managed to finally polish off a couple of books that have been lurking on my “nearly done” reading pile…but more on those later.

how did you spend your weekend?

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more epice to love

why is it that every single time i see a scarf so beautiful it makes me gasp, it turns out to be by epice?  seriously…every. single. time.

Picture 11

oh, the colors, the dreamy oversized floral, the gauzy light-as-air cotton…sigh.

sadly, epice’s prices are increasing, as is inevitable when i find a brand i adore.  this one’s $225, which i realize is excessive.  but can you ever imagine a time in your life that this wouldn’t be an amazing addition to your ensemble? plus, epice scarves in any incarnation are tough to find in the states, so if you have the means, i strongly suggest nabbing this one from calypso while you can.

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be still my heart!

i was so, so convinced i’d make it through this year without needing to splurge on a scarf from epice.  clearly, i was wrong.

Picture 7 Picture 8

i can not even handle the gorgeousness of this (also in caramel, but that gives it more of a native american vibe). it’s modeled after a vintage german poster.  sigh!  i am a wee bit annoyed that goldyn seems to be selling it for $40 more than most stores will, but then i guess since it’s not available anywhere else, they get to overprice it a bit – early bird, worm, and all that.

personally, i’ll be stalking anxiously waiting for it to arrive at my favorite local haunt.

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summer essentials: the scarf

welcome to summer!  i thought we’d kick off the season of sun and fun this week with a look at a few items i simply have to have in my closet when the weather heats up.

first on my list is a collection of gauzy, lightweight summer scarves.  at first glance, i realize that a scarf might not feel like the perfect warm weather accessory.  but i love their ability to turn summer ensembles, which can be a little dull (tees, tanks, shorts, jersey dresses…) into something sensational, without the weight and bulk of big jewelry pieces.  

also, let’s face it:  most of us spend our days going in and out of highly air-conditioned offices, stores and cars, until we hardly know whether we’re going to freeze or melt.  a light cotton scarf is the perfect solution, and so much less preppy than the cardigan-over-the-shoulders look.

picture-22            picture-52

over the weekend, i picked up this gorgeous chevron stripe scarf from epice (left, but in green) – i’m thoroughly addicted to this line.  the cotton is light as air, the pattern is incredibly bright and delicate – it’s as close to perfection as a scarf gets. i got mine at covet here in portland, but until they’re online, you can find more styles at goldyn, barneys and kate boutique.


if you’re still new to the scarf game, you might want to give this trend a try with a more budget-friendly option.  virginia johnson makes some of my absolute favorite scarves – they’re light, fun and so beautifully made!  normally on the high end of the scale, they’re having a pretty outstanding sale that’s well worth a look.  my picks are the fig leaf, sailboats and chevron – all under $50 now.

i also love the scarves over at echo – they do a fantastic job of mixing style and value.  my pick for summer is this gauzy block print scarf (far right), which looks like something you picked up on an exotic euro vacation – but really, it’s hard to go wrong with any of their designs!

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the annual “best of” list

every year when i get out my (completely lovely) new calendar, i love to think back through my year of retail and consider what really ended up being the best and worst purchases of the year.  the worst are harder to remember…they tend to fade into the recesses of my mind.  but the best are always there, right up front and easy to spot.  so, here’s my list of the best fashion & beauty investments i made in 2008.

loeffler randall matilde boots:  finally having these beauties in my clutches has changed my winter wear life forever.  i used to loathe the turn of seasons, because i’d be forced to either freeze in flats or resort to less dignified footwear.  but with these beautiful boots in my closet, i don’t mind a bit that the weather’s turned cold.  i scored them in this gorgeous olive color, but my first love was this amazing elephant shade (now on sale for under $500, by the way!).  both are perfect with just about anything, and so much more interesting than brown or black.

epice scarf:  i bought this as a christmas gift to myself from my dear mom back in october, and can’t tell you the degree of self-control it took to keep it in the box until the holiday arrived.  these scarves are actual works of art – i love everything about them, and am merely counting the days until i score a second.

gorjana sand coin necklace:  this necklace has hardly left my neck since it arrived – i love it so.  i wear it doubled, or layered long with a shorter necklace…the options are endless and the compliments are boundless.

benefit creaseless cream shadows:  i was always so skeptical of cream shadows, but really and truly, i haven’t touched a powder shadow since these arrived.  every color is gorgeous (though birthday suit is my personal fave), they apply flawlessly, provide a very adult degree of shimmer, and wear all day with ease.  definitely a star purchase at under $20.

barex intensive care hair mask:  i haven’t had a chance to tell you much about this italian hair care line, though i am fast learning to adore it and its 3-ounce bottles for travel.  but it’s the intensive care mask that has saved my life this year.  when i first moved to the rainy northwest, my hair objected staunchly…and voiced its objection with frizz, dryness, and countless other complaints.  this mask has soothed my hair’s temper considerably, and i am pleased to announce that my locks no longer frighten small children when i pass by.

clarins brightening day lotion:  this line has probably changed my skin more than any other this year, and i swear by it to all who will listen.  my skin borders on impossible – dry, unbelievably sensitive, and prone to hive and rash outbreaks with any change in routine.  but this brightening lotion keeps it happy and healthy, and even makes makeup-free days a possibility.  my only sorrow is that my supply has nearly run out – but this is one i’ll definitely be restocking.

so, what about you?  what were your best purchases in ’08??


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