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yay or nay: the chic fanny pack

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Historically, I’ve always been pretty opposed to the fanny pack, even an admittedly chic-ish version such as this. The name, for one thing – it’s just awful, isn’t it? Also, I feel like once Carrie Bradshaw has done it, the rest of us just shouldn’t. And then there’s the simple fact that drawing more eyes toward my belly isn’t high on my list of sartorial goals. chic fanny pack

But having just adopted a second dog, I can tell you that the idea of something that doesn’t threaten to careen off my shoulder and into a waiting pile of…well, you know…every time I lean over to clean up someone’s mess is looking more appealing every day.

My question to you is this: Would you? I mean, not to the opera, but for weekend coffee jaunts, etc?

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asked and answered: cool fanny packs?

it was bound to happen…a reader question that had me completely and totally stumped.

Is there such a thing as a “cool” fanny pack? Something that can be worn for a runner/jogger or traveling?  I was thinking about this the other day and of course, you came to mind.  A friend of mine has a cute LeSportsac one, but I don’t really know how “cool” it really is and who can really pull something like that off.  ~ A



well…i said i’d answer any and all reader questions, and i meant it, darn it.  

so, before we get into the fashion faux-pas issue, i don’t think a fanny pack when used for running has to be “cool” – i think it’s pretty much all about function at that point, and i’d hit up my local REI – you only want the necessities with you, and anything too heavy is going to cause chafing, which is definitely a fashion don’t.  though, for me, i think this arm band pocket by nike would be much less annoying than a waist pack if i was actually running…no jostling, and no risk of the aforementioned chafing.

for travel, that’s another matter entirely.  i’ve never been an advocate of “travel wear”, unless you’re wading through a jungle.  when i travel, one of my favorite pasttimes is pointing out the tourists – white tennis shoes, hawaiian shirt (regardless of climate), pockets stuffed with maps, cameras, and brochures from various museums…and a fanny pack (or one of those travel neck wallet things, possibly even worse than the fanny pack!).  so, i’d start by saying i think a fanny pack puts you at greater risk of being mugged, etc. than a regular purse, because it effectively plants a big “i’m a tourist” sign on your back.

besides the goofy tourist factor, i don’t know about you, but i’m not looking to add bulk to my midsection…and nothing accomplishes that like strapping a bag full of your daily necessities around your waist.

soapbox aside, i did manage to find a few non-heinous options, if you’re willing to suffer through the aforementioned challenges.  first off is the now-famous gucci belt bag, whose resurgence in popularity a few years back is due to an appearance on sex and the city, being sported by the lovely sarah jessica parker.  at $495, you need to love it – but at least you’re on trend while wearing the fanny pack, which is tough to manage.  and that silver is actually sort of cool, i must admit.  then, there’s also this posh turnlock belt bag from marc by marc jacobs, but it’s also pricey at $228 – and i’d much rather see you spend $250 on a handbag you’ll love than a waist pack you’ll constantly question. 

in terms of bang for your proverbial buck, the lovely writers of bunnyshop reminded me that there was one option i found long ago that i think is the closest to “cool” i’ve ever seen for a waist pack.  etsy seller bonspiel creations is a longtime favorite of mine, and they make several cute-as-a-button options, in two different sizes ($64 and $32), that i think one could actually manage to pull off without slapping that “tourist” sign between your shoulderblades.

does anyone have any other ideas for our darling reader?

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