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friday finds: fashion week!

Friends, I’ve missed our Friday Finds fun, so I’m resurrecting it today. Which means I’m pre-empting Kim’s usual spot…so you’ll see her here on Monday instead. Rude, I know. Forgive me?

Every year when Fashion Week (or NYFW, as it’s called in the biz) rolls around, I get excited to see what’s in store. But mostly, I get incredibly jealous that I’m not there. Because, you know, the only thing standing between me and a front row seat at Marc Jacobs, Rachel Comey and Proenza Schouler is a plane ticket and a hotel room.

Since (sniff!) I’m not there, I thought I’d daydream a little about what I’d pack for my fantasy NYFW experience.

First, I’m going to need an amazing carry-on. This new tote from Hayden-Harnett stole my heart the moment I spotted it last week, and hasn’t let go. Navy and black used to scare me, but now it’s one of my favorite color combos – and this crazy-practical version happens to be reversible! Fashion Week or not, I may need this as a consolation prize.

Menswear flats are everywhere right now, and I’ve been dying to splurge on a pair of Dieppa Restrepo loafers. This metallic tasseled version would be just the thing to get Bill Cunningham to snap my pic, as I stylishly leap from one cab to another.

Of course, I’m going to need some pretty amazing apparel to compete with all of my cohorts on the front row. Fortunately, Lauren Santo Domingo has nothing on me. Sure, I could go with the obvious and dress in the designer whose show I’m seeing, but it’s infinitely cooler to show up in a piece from a up-and-coming label. This Jasper jacket from Veda isn’t available until next month, but I’m sure I could pull some strings and pick one up early, just like all the celebs do. It’s easy, right?

And really, it’s time to admit that those printed pants I’ve been coveting are totally necessary – at NYFW, it’s all about trends, after all. These from Derek Lam have been in every fashion magazine this season, so they’re sure to pave my way to success. Or, I could go the “understated chic French” route and opt for these Vanessa Bruno cropped silk trousers instead. I do love that colorblocking!

To go along with all this edgy apparel, I’ll need a little something extraordinary in the jewelry department. Yes, I’m thinking a piece from Iosselliani is just the thing to help me bump up the style quotient of my everyday attire. Add a white tee, leather jacket and a great boot, and really, I’m ready for just about anything.

Finally, I’m going to need an amazing bag to carry to all of these events. I’d be nothing at NYFW without at least one piece of Proenza to my name, but absolutely everyone will be toting the ubiquitous PS1. Instead, I’ll opt for this neon yellow clutch (which I’ll wear, ever so coolly, crossbody by day). This bag alone is sure to get me into Anna Wintour’s most exclusive fete.

Phew! I’m exhausted, friends. All that wistful shopping was too much….I think I need a nap. Especially since I’ll be heading to all those after-parties this week. Have an amazing weekend, and I’ll see you back here next week!

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the scoop on fashion week: fall ’09

(photo from feb ’09 vogue, taken with my less-than-perfect iphone camera)

for those that aren’t aware, fashion week for fall ’09 officially began yesterday.  but rather than completely exhaust myself trying to keep you all up to date on every show happening this week, i’m going to direct you to a couple of sources i love for up-to-the-moment coverage of the shows, the trends, and the gossip:  new york magazine’s “the cut” blog and fashion week daily.  

along the way, if really wonderful things cross my path, i’ll be sure to share…and you can definitely count on a fall trends roundup from me early next week, to save you the hours of combing through fashion show stills. plus, if you subscribe to my ‘shared posts’ over on google readeri’ll be linking to my favorite bryant park posts all week.

but for this week, i’m going to spend more time on spring trends – hopefully, you’ll find that a little more helpful while the weather’s just finally getting warm enough that i can imagine a day when my boots will go back into storage.

i’ve been meaning to share this gorgeous photo from february’s vogue (page 146, if you’re following along in your hymnal).  for me, this shot embodies everything i’m looking for in spring fashions this year.  mismatched but still polished, and very pattern-heavy, but in a unique way.  look for unusual florals (dark or bright backgrounds instead of pastels, abstracts, and a resurgence of liberty prints), light and airy plaids, ikat, ruffles, and more of that fabulous bold, chunky jewelry that was so hot last fall.  also, the waist is back, in a big way – great news for those of you with hourglass figures.  the hats are optional, but the message is clear:  the more accessories, the better.

stay tuned for more hot spring trends, as always…and we’ll chat fall once bryant park has had its say.

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reminder: fall ’08 fashion week is here

if you happened to miss the memo, fashion week (fall ’08 already? really?) is upon us. your best bet for succinct reviews, without (a) getting trapped in the millions of pics flying around out there, or (b) having to wait for the april vogue, is to hang out at the daily obsession this week, where we’re all manically writing up every single show, and two of the editors are actually at the tents, which is pretty freaking fantastic (i’m not jealous, i’m not jealous, i’m not jealous…).

if you check out nothing else from fashion week, the proenza schouler show is required viewing here at shoppingsmycardio. well, not required…how about “utterly fantastic, and not to be missed.” yes, that’s it.

(ps…a great big kiss to coutorture for that lovely pic, not to mention the thousands more they’ve left us on their site.)

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