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getting fleeced…


there’s a possibility i’ve been living in the land of fleece and birkenstocks too long, but i have to confess:  the fashion world wants me wearing blazers and shoulder pads, but all i want is a cozy, easy-to-wear fleece to throw on when an evening chill sets in.

now, before you get all worried that i’ve lost my mind, and remove me from your reading list, i’m not talking your standard zip hoodie…i’m guessing none of us need much advice on those (although this one is pretty damn cute).  i’m talking about a fleece that manages to stay at least moderately stylish, and maybe even completely hip.

that fleece biker jacket, for example – i love it so much more than the leather versions that are resurfacing (i clearly remember a frightening denim version i had in the ’80s…yikes).  it’s fitted, streamlined, light as a feather…all qualities that sound pretty fantastic when i remember the bulk and sheer weight of the real version.  whether you use it for your weekend lounging or get bold and mix it with a graphic tee and trousers for day (which, by the way, i think would be fantastic – i might even add a small silk scarf at the neck), i’m convinced this would be your go-to all spring.  grab it from adidas, of all places, for $160…steep for fleece, but it’s such a great update on a classic that i’m willing to consider it.


for a more relaxed look, this short-sleeved pullover from brooklyn industries is marked down to $35, but i have even more reasons to love it.  those big, pleated sleeves are almost dolman in their slouch, and are sure to result in a flattering silhouette – as does anything with wider shoulders that narrows at the waist.  the high pocket placement just emphasizes that look – it’s pretty perfect, actually.  the side drawstrings give it interest, and make it easy to style it your own way.  plus, they’ll be perfect to turn it into a swim coverup later this summer.

in both cases, i thought it was worth showing you the final, styled look…it just goes to show that even fleece can be hip if you spend a little time making the style work (and because the photos of the pieces alone were just not good).  these definitely fall under the category of higher maintenance, as you’ll have to work to show these are more style than slouch.  but i know you’re up to the task!

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