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random friday finds: flip & tumble

i’m sort of enjoying the “random friday” thing…how about you?  hope you don’t mind the mental detours!


this week, i have to show off this new reusable bag i got from flip & tumble recently.  i know…another reusable bag.  but i have literally had people stop me on the street asking about this cutie, and now it’s the only one i’ll use!  they come in a rainbow of colors, only have a single strap (much more chic), and ball up perfectly in mere seconds into the itty-bitty, sewn-in stretchy ball cover. plus, they’re so cute!  i carry one in my purse religiously now, so – wonder of wonders – i actually have a reusable bag with me now when i want one for last-minute purchases (ahem, or protecting my pricier bags from the rain when i get caught in a summer shower. yes, i’m an environmental wonder, i know).

at $9 (less if you buy more), they’re less than you’re paying for those canvas totes you have lying all over the house, and these are so much cuter (not to mention easier to stash).  and have i mentioned how cute they are?  grab a stack at flip & tumble‘s website…definitely a fun friday indulgence.

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