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for someone exactly like me

as long as we’re talking about my well-documented love for gemma redux, i thought i’d share a little something i’m positively dying to find under my tree this holiday.  these blue agate earrings have had a place in my heart for months now…while some women fantasize about daniel craig (a link well worth clicking, by the way), i fantasize about how and where i’d wear these beauties, and all the people that would stop me on the street to admire them.

aren’t they fantastic?!   sadly, the hubs has already nixed these from my list, so i’m stuck relying on santa for this one.  they’re a little indulgent at $215, but what are the holidays for if not a little indulgence?

santa, if you’re listening…i’m prepared to bargain!

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for the coolest girl you know

i’m a gemma redux fan from way, way back, and have yet to meet a piece i wouldn’t love to own.  but this new omne necklace is pretty fantastic, even for gemma.

it’s definitely not for the faint of heart when it comes to fashion, but the idea is that you can choose from seven different combinations of metals, all of which are strung together into one long strand.  you also get a super-strength magnet…and from there, the options are, literally, endless.

wear it as a necklace (in any one of dozens of configurations), a headband, a belt…wherever your imagination takes you.  tie it, loop it, or fasten it with the magnet – it’s actually pretty ingenius!  give this to the coolest, most creative girl you know, and i guarantee you’ll be amazed at what she does with it.

pick it up from gemma redux’s website, starting at $98.  just consider it an investment….there’s serious borrowing potential here!

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our big fall giveaway! fall’s hottest jewelry trends from charm & chain

i’ve been working on this goodie for a while, and am so, so, SO excited to finally share this with you guys!  welcome to our big fall fashion giveaway!  i wanted to offer up something truly extraordinary, something the winner could use as a statement piece all season to really amp up their fall wardrobe.  i think we’ve done it!

my jewelry lust is well documented – i think you’ll all attest to that.  but the truth is that i’m obsessed with good reason – in fashion, especially this year, the jewels really do make the outfit!  for fall, the trends in gems are big, strong, and sometimes hard to navigate.  so, i turned to the experts!

ali galgano owns one of my all-time favorite jewelry shops, charm & chain.  this site is so perfectly curated, it takes virtually all of the guesswork out of my jewelry choices.  she carries everything from fallon and tuleste market to house of harlow and alexis bittar, so there are loads of both splurges and steals – always a good thing.  plus, she’s just the sweetest person ever…which always makes me want to spend more money!

Picture 15

with fall coming, i asked ali to share her favorite jewelry trends for the season.  i also asked if we could spread a little love and give one of her picks away to a shoppingsmycardio reader.  yep, always thinking of you guys!  so, i’m excited to tell you that that gorgeous tuleste market necklace you see above is up for grabs! (details at the end of this post!!)

now, without further ado, ali’s picks:

Picture 3Picture 4Picture 7

“The Bigger, the Better”: necklaces and earrings keep getting bigger and bigger, as people are pushing the limits of what’s wearable.  any one of these pieces makes a serious statement! (from left: fringe necklace by lulu frost, $375; hammered squares necklace by tuleste market, $170; leather sunburst ring by house of harlow, $45)

Picture 10Picture 8Picture 9

“American West”: we’ve seen a lot of designers turn to the american west for inspiration this season. fringe, turquoise, raw stones–a lot of the new jewelry we’re seeing reminds us of the gold rush.  (from left: bronze seedbead necklace by lee angel, $450; turquoise seedbead necklace by lee angel, $213; dina pyrite earrings by gemma redux, $245; red rock necklace by lizzie fortunato, $557)

Picture 2Picture 11Picture 12

“Neon Pop”: it seems this season that we’ve completely flashed back to the 80s, with big shoulders, sequins, etc on the runway, along with as much neon as possible. we love the futuristic, tough feel the neon pieces have this year—a lot of the florescent pieces we’re seeing this year are paired with gunmetal hardware. (from left: fallon necklace by marlaina stone, $1500; innocence earrings by erickson beamon, $227; siena necklace by dannijo, $238)

Picture 17Picture 14Picture 13

“Chains, Chains, Chains”: from what we’ve seen designers showing this season, the more chains you can cram on your neck and layer with shorter pieces, the more stylish you’ll be. best of all, chain looks can range from punk rock to deliciously girly.  (from left: long crystal and cross necklace by fallon, $250; layered ball and chain necklace by tuleste market, $150 (and our giveaway item!); jac necklace by gemma redux, $369)

i don’t know about you, but i’m crazy excited to add all of these hot fall trends to my wardrobe.  the great thing about most of these pieces is that a little goes a long way.  add a fringed necklace to a tee, mini and boots, and you’ve got a perfect american west look.  pair that tee with distressed jeans and flats, add a little neon pop, and presto, you’re back in the ’80s!

so, about that giveaway! that gorgeous tuleste market necklace that’s up for grabs?  it retails for $150, and is one of my absolute favorites from ali’s picks. i’m dying to pair it with everything from a simple tee to a cocktail dress…it’s sure to add instant glam to any and all ensembles! to win, just leave a comment at the end of this post (as always, if you share on facebook, twitter or any other internet-y place, leave a second comment telling me where you shared to score a bonus entry)!  since this prize is so amazing, we’ll run this contest through sunday night, and announce the winner on monday (9/21). you’ll have to email me within 24 hours to claim your prize, or we’ll find someone else to give it to, so make sure you check back monday!

thanks so much to charm & chain for offering up this truly fabulous prize.  now get those entries in!

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designer 101: gemma redux


a few weeks ago, i spent the better part of my gossip-girl hour wishing i had a zoom lens to get a better look at the amazing necklace serena was wearing.  fortunately (thank god for the internet!), it didn’t take me long to track down the real thing.  the design was by gemma redux, and i’m now pretty thoroughly obsessed with the entire line.  

i love the fact that they combine every trend that’s hot right now, but in a completely original way – and with such intricate, unique detail that you can’t help by stare.  translation:  you’ll be wearing these pieces long after the chunky jewelry and multi-chain trends pass the rest of the world by.  or at least, i will be…if i can figure out how to add one of these beauties to my accessories drawer.  

prices range from $200-400, which is high in the world of fashion jewelry, but in the world of quality, ensemble-creating statement pieces?  a definite bargain.

check out the gemma redux site – if nothing else, it’s beautifully designed and perfect for browsing your heart out!

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