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my shopbop sale crawl

as usual, shopbop’s seasonal markdowns have me lunging wildly for my credit card.  i didn’t find quite as much as i normally do, but there are still plenty of pieces i’m sure i can’t live without.  plus, these would all stroll seamlessly into my fall wardrobe, which is really all i care about these days.

the dkny cozy ($137): i’ll admit, it baffles me a little.  but there’s a whole iphone app dedicated to sharing the thousand ways there are to wear it, and i dig the camel shade for fall.  i haven’t seen these marked down before, so if you’re already loving the look, this might be the time to jump.

geren ford paneled sweater ($125):  i know, i know, i said no more stripes.  but old habits die hard, and this is such a classic! i’d love to see this layered under a tweed blazer for fall.

james jeans humphrey high rise flare ($126):  rises are on their way back up, and trouser jeans are finally, finally becoming a bit easier to find.  pounce on this classic pair now, and your style problems for fall are solved.

joie martine blouse ($139):  these floaty silk blouses will be everywhere this fall – add them to those trouser jeans above and throw on a cozy scarf in a contrasting pattern for a perfectly chic fall look.  the pattern choices are virtually endless, but i love the soft, ethereal quality of the grey and cream here, and the pleated placket is just a bonus.  this bolder version from patterson j kincaid was a close second, though, and half the price!

as for my buys, i can’t even believe i’m saying this, but i think i’m going to make a full-price splurge on this alexander wang tee.  it’s utterly ridiculous, i know, but his knits are just unbearably soft, and they drape so well!  i’m not even a white tee girl, and i know i’ll be wearing this one to death.

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