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friday finds

thank goodness, friends…i am so, so ready for it to be friday.  i have a couple of projects i’m hoping to crank out today, so that i can really settle in and laze this weekend.  i’m even hoping (foolishly, perhaps) for a bit of spring-worthy weather.  hey, a girl can dream!

and now, on to the week’s most random finds:

i’m in the mood for a bright spring pedicure…there’s something about a really bright polish that makes me pine for open-toed shoes.  the colors i’m most anxious to break out this season are from opi’s new texas collection – it’s exactly the bright, bold shot of color i’m jonesing for this time of year.  check out too hot pink to hold ’em, guy meets gal-veston and houston, we have a purple…all are just begging for a little pedi-cameo. i’m even thinking of trying san-tan-tonio for my fingers…bold move for ms. bubble bath, i know.

i have a longstanding obsession with quilts…my grandmother was an amazing quilter, and it’s made me a bit cat-lady-crazy when it comes to coveting new ones to pile up on my bed.  i wish i would just get my act together and learn how to sew.  until then, though, an email landed in my inbox, letting me know that a.p.c., that lovely french brand, has released a few quilts, and it’s swoon central over here. they’re made from fabrics used in previous collections, so they’re going to be uber soft and silky, too.  if only i had a spare $500 or so…

i have no idea if this pure & good hand cream is, in fact, good or not, but i’m in love with that sweet retro packaging.  and anything with “ginger mandarin” scent can’t be that bad, can it?  from anthropologie, of course.

more bracelets? yep, i just can’t resist.  giles & brother’s spring collection is popping up on my radar almost daily this month, and i’m just in love.  they always manage to hit that perfect note of hip edge that a preppy girl like me can actually handle.

that’s it for me, friends…i hope you have a wonderful two days ahead of you!  here’s to sunglasses and sandals…

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friday finds: cozying up to fall

now that we’re officially into that crisp fall weather (my absolute favorite time of year), i thought i’d dedicate this week’s friday finds to all things cozy and warm.  sounds just right at that time of year when you suddenly want suede elbow patches on all of your sweaters, and nothing sounds better than a fireplace and a glass of wine.  so grab your mug of hot cider (or your box of franzia), and read on.

shopbop did a fabulous lookbook of their best outerwear this week, and i swooned many times.  but the piece that really caught my eye was this short-sleeved faux fur by wink ($288).  i know, the fur trend is a little scary.  but this might be the perfect starter faux if you ask me – i love how casually it’s styled, and i think a real person could actually pull this look off.  plus, when the trend dies, this one would still work wonders with a cocktail frock.

since i basically only wear socks with boots, i tend to veer toward a little fun in my knit footwear.  these sweet socks from lisa b. ($19+) are pricey enough you wouldn’t want to lose their mate, but think of the warm fuzzy feeling when you put these on in the morning.  it’d be almost as good as coffee.

Picture 9

this red plaid blouse has that back-to-school, fall days quality i’m looking for this time of year.  i just adore the peter pan collar and that contrasting placket…so sweet!  i’d love to see it layered with a great tweed jacket or a grey cardi, and maybe a fun pleated skirt. or dark skinny jeans.

and, speaking of plaid, i have been head over heels for this see by chloe plaid coat since i first laid eyes on it.  in fact, it’s sitting in my dining room this very moment.  alas, it’s going back…this style would work best on a girl with a slightly smaller chest.  but it’s unbelievably pretty in person, and unbelievably cheap at the outnet right now.  let me know if you need a size 8.

this really has nothing to do with fall…i can’t think of a single tie-in.  but this giles and brother chevron necklace is absolutely gorgeous, even if it is $345, and i’ve had it planned for ‘friday finds’ since i spotted it earlier this week.  so there it is.

have a great weekend, everyone!

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studly silver

can you believe i’ve been so busy shopping today, i completely forgot to blog? i know, the irony! but i got the word that my mom-in-law is ready to start her holiday buying, and hanukkah starts especially early this year (12/11). translation: time to update those amazon wish lists, stat.

high on my list is a pair of simple, classic silver earrings in a shape other than round. i have a few options in gold, which is usually my metal of choice. but i definitely need a silver style in my accessory arsenal. i thought i’d share a couple of my favorite finds of late, all incredibly budget-friendly (you know, just in case the hubs is watching…).

Picture 3

my top choice are these pyramid stud earrings from giles and brother ($65). aren’t they darling? i first fell for these early in the fall, in gold. but now that i’ve seen them in silver, i’m head over heels. i love the way they’ve oxidized these just perfectly, so that you can see the detail enough to tell they’re actual pyramids, not just punk-style studs.

these hammered bar stud earrings are as classic as it gets, and the $70 pricetag is might tempting as well. they come in both a shiny and oxidized silver, which is a nice benefit (personally, i like the shiny version). these are so much more interesting than a classic round stud, and give you a bit of shine without being at all obvious.

Picture 2

not technically a stud, but i love these oat leaf earrings by annette ferdinandsen ($80) just the same. once again, i like that these are small without being precious, and the gold wires are a beautiful touch, and make these look considerably more luxe than their pricetag suggests. these would be a great addition to a casual ensemble (the style in which i spend the vast majority of my time), and provide just enough interest, without overwhelming a thing.

those are my top three for the moment…what do you all think?

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