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friday finds

first up, i’ve been meaning to tell you about this fabulous new moisturizer from caudalie.  my love for the brand is well-documented, so it should come as no surprise that their latest product addition has quickly made it to the top of my must-have list.  when fall hits, my skin instant rebels and invokes a dramatic change in its moisture demands.   their new quenching sorbet-creme is every bit as decadent as it sounds, and is making my traumatized skin extremely happy this season.

i can be relied upon to fall hard for absolutely anything that lynn from satsuma press sends to my inbox, and her newest additions are no exception.  these new birds of a feather cards ($14/4)  are so simple and sweet, they’d be the perfect all-occasion card to have on hand.  they’d also, come to think of it, make an excellent denomination-free holiday card, which i’m always in the market for.  and then there’s her 2011 letterpress calendar ($40) – every year, i lust after one of these, and every year i move too slow and they sell out.  i’m determined to get my order in in time this year!


speaking of beautiful things that landed in my inbox this week, a dear friend let me know about this amazing clustered crystal necklace from emma stine ($99), and i literally gasped when i opened the photo.  i can’t help but envision this dazzler getting heavy-duty use over the holidays, of course, but i’m also picturing it living quite nicely with a men’s tank and a boyfriend blazer, or a slouchy grey tee and a slim cargo pant.  i know statement necklaces are on their way out, but this one seems entirely stylish enough to survive the trend.

emma stine

and last but not least, i can’t leave for the weekend without letting you all know that today marks the first day of gilt‘s third anniversary celebration!  to kick it off, they’re hosting a seriously impressive giveaway of a trip to NYC for you and two friends, including dinner at le cirque, massages, tickets to the met opera, and your own personal stylist, who will pull together an amazing ensemble for you and your buds from the treasure troves at gilt HQ.  so, yeah, well worth entering.  oh, and they’re also offering free shipping monday and tuesday on orders over $50…so that’s exciting too.

have a great weekend, everyone!

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do-gooder donatella

we’re doing a little good this morning, checking out these darling tote bags created by versace to benefit the starlight foundation.  they’re going on sale at gilt this morning at 9 am (pacific) for $250 each, and 100% of the proceeds go right back to starlight and to the one foundation, which is helping kids impacted by the 2008 earthquake in china.

the bags were designed by kids in need, and the results are really sweet – i particularly love those little luggage tags showing you which kid designed your bag.  i know $250 is on the high side for a tote, but these are awfully cute, i must admit.   plus, if you’re a versace lover, it’s definitely your one chance to own something with their label for $250.  and if you’re a frequent versace shopper (ahem, because i know so many of you read this blog), buying a bag gets you 20% off at the boutique through 12/1/09.

but really, it’s for charity.  so, if you’re in the market for a fun tote, or are looking for an extravagant holiday gift for a teacher in your life (how amazing would these be for a teacher?!), look no further.  check out more details here, or buy at gilt starting at 9 am (if you need an invite, just click their pic on the left side of this page)!

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gilt version 2.0: meet gilt fuse

wow, so sorry i was gone yesterday.  i had big plans for fun goodies to share with you all, but well, if you follow me on twitter, you’ll have some idea of how my day went.  but let’s just say it started with a bee sting for my poor dog and ended with a car breaking down in the rain.  i was pretty much living a bloopers reel.

but, i’m confident today will be much better!  for one thing, gilt fuse launches today…and, while i was initially thinking “i need another sample sale site like a hole in my head,” it occurs to me that since i’m boycotting a certain other major player in this game, i should thank my lucky stars that gilt fuse has arrived.  they’ll be carrying the more contemporary (and lower-priced) lines that wouldn’t have really fit into the ultra-luxe model they have going at gilt.

this week, sales include modern amusement and LaROK and, from what i can see, prices at both should be well under $100 (yay!).  just like their big sis, sales premier at 12 ET/9 PT, so you’ll have to split your loyalties between the two sites.  if you’re already a gilt member, you can access gilt fuse with your regular user & password.  if you’re not (and why on earth is that??), you can nab a membership for both right here.

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some gilt love…and alexis bittar!

GIlt Groupe Invitation 468 x 60


so very excited about this one!  i’ve come to rely on gilt groupe more than the other myriad sample sale sites that have sprung up recently.  after a bad (okay, very bad) experience at hautelook, they’re on my do-not-shop list.  and most of the others just haven’t tempted me (though i predict that’s about to change…i’ll have more fun to share with you next week!).  

but gilt….ah, it’s love.  definitely the best brands of the lot, and the discounts are really amazing – most in the 50-75% off range (unlike some of their counterparts – 20% off does not a sample sale make).  plus, they have actual customer service people that resolve all problems…without making me mad.  major bonus.

and today, alexis bittar!  i’m so in the mood for his chunky, glam designs today…i can hardly wait for the sale to start (9 AM pacific, in case you’re counting t00).  that gold link necklace (look closely to see the detail – those links are scattered with multicolored stones!) is down to $250 from $575, and the earrings and that fantastic tourmaline cocktail ring are just $115 each.  

plus, we have a fun new surprise!  see that cute little “invitation” banner up above?  you can automatically join gilt now just by clicking this link!  (or the mega-banner, either one works.)  that’s right…no more annoying having to email me for an invite.  i admit, it’s a little sad for me, because i kind of like hearing from you guys!  but hey, technology…it never stops, right?

so, if you haven’t yet, jump on the gilt train…heck, just sign up and check it out for yourself!  something tells me you’ll get sucked right on in!

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