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get gifting: all that glitters

we’re going to kick off this year’s gift guides with a little something that’s close to my heart: jewels! ever wonder why there are so many holiday songs about “silver and gold”? it’s because every holiday’s better with a little sparkle. take these gift ideas, for instance…i know my holiday would be dramatically improved by any one of these beauties. i tried to find a little something for every wallet, so whatever your holiday budget, you’re sure to find a little something glittering under your tree this year. significant others everywhere, take note!

Picture 11Picture 17

Picture 6peggy li

sammi prismera

Picture 22

Star StudsPicture 13Picture 15Picture 19

left to right, from top: christine mighion stacking diamond rings, $450-690; giles & brother chevron earrings, $115; skagen denmark rose links with glitz, $145; peggy li herkimer fringe necklace, $79; rosena sammi key to ajmeri necklace, $249; burberry prorsum leather and brass-studded cuff, $450; prismera designs amethyst slice necklace, $112; erickson beamon glenda bangle, $475; rebecca initial bracelet, $$$; gorjana star stud earrings, $35; by boe alfabet stud earrings, $18 per stud; tahitian pearl earrings, from $169 (the bigger, the better!); macha jewelry triangle stud earrings, $195.

{FTC disclaimer: some product samples were provided to help me compile this guide, but as usual, there’s no pay-for-play here.}

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sweltering style relief from gorjana

with the weather being as swelteringly hot as it’s been lately, i’m sorry, but heavy cuffs and statement necklaces just aren’t an option.  instead, i head for the lightest, sweetest pieces i can find…but i still want maximum impact to offset summer’s perma-casual style.  and nearly every day this summer, gorjana has been my go-to for those perfect light, high-impact pieces.

their wrap necklaces are especially perfect when the weather gets hot.  most are a generous 46″ long, which means the styling options are endless.  leave it long, and it’s just right to doll up a tank dress, or double (or even triple) it for a more casual look with a tee and shorts (the doubled version is also gorgeous under a buttoned blouse at work).  either way, it’s utterly weightless, but still makes a statement.  this shimmer wrap necklace is my personal favorite right now, but to be honest, gorjana’s wrap necklaces are an addiction of mine…i own more than i should!

ditto for these chic little leather wrap bracelets (best left for those of you with thin wrists, i have to admit).  i get all of that bold, bright color without the weight of my heavy enamel bangles.  plus, i love the barely-there stud detailing.  at $55 each, they’re an easy way to give yourself a little end-of-summer treat.

Picture 7

(can’t help but love this image, by the way…it’s so rainbow brite-slash-punky brewster!)

in other exciting news, the lovely people at gorjana emailed last week to let me know they’d redesigned their website, and i am thrilled with the results.  sometimes simple is better, and when it comes to online shopping, i’m a girl with simple needs. bigger photos, no flash, easy to link…i’m a happy blogger!

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deal of the day: $20 off at gorjana

i had big plans to be lazy today and not post.  but then, this deal arrived in my inbox, and i couldn’t not tell you about it.  a flat $20 off anything your heart desires at gorjana, today only with code SPOILME20.

in keeping with the laziness, yes, this is the exact email gorjana sent me.  that studded leather wrap bracelet is pretty awesome, i have to admit – and the price, especially with the discount, is unreal.  and i’ve been completely in love with their gold stacking eternity rings (di-vine!!!) for ages…i wonder if this is a sign.  whatever you’re after, nab it today…the sale’s over at midnight!

happy weekend, all!

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surprise steal: gorjana exeter hoops (and a sale!)

in honor of the amazing sale on gorjana jewelry going on today at gilt fuse, i had to share my latest gorjana find!

when i came across these earrings in their fall lookbook, i was absolutely sure they were part of the designer’s fine jewelry collection, and i called my hubs over to show him the dream, and tell him that someday, when we’re wealthy, he could buy me these to accrue many brownie points.  i love the varying sized circles (reminds me of a certain bubble design from my favorite jeweler of blue-box fame), and the matte silver just makes the shine of the diamonds so much stronger.  (they’re also lovely in gold – it’s a deep, saturated gold that gives these extra warmth.)

leave it to me to assume.  those “diamonds” are CZ, which normally turns me off.  but these are incredibly high-quality, and honestly, even my overly-picky eye couldn’t complain.  the result?  these beautiful, classic hoops are $95, for a style you’ll own and wear forever!  i’ve hardly taken mine off since the day they arrived (after being that pleasantly surprised about the price, how could i not order them?).  if you’re missing those splurges of yore, this is a perfect chance to get your fix!

(of course, if you’d rather check out the sale goodies at gilt fuse, grab an invite right here!)

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stylish staples: the hoop earring


am i the only one who’s noticed that hoops are back, in a big way?  i’m not sure if they were really gone, or if i’m just suddenly acknowledging them again.  the truth is i’ve never really warmed to hoops.  i’m just not coordinated enough to fasten the ones that connect in the back.  plus, i think the really large ones look a little too, well, ’80s-hair-band-groupie for my taste.  the look is just hard to get right if you go extreme, and the basic versions just seem a little too basic, if that makes any sense.  so, i took it upon myself to round up a few less traditional hoops that i’m digging this season.  

as usual, my first stop was gorjana – they’re always my go-to for beautifully-designed pieces on a budget.  plus, it turns out they’re definitely experts in the non-traditional hoop department.  my picks are that lovely silver bali crown earring (which i’m almost sure i saw on an episode of “brothers and sisters” recently) and the gold g-tear earring.  i love that both designs echo the classic hoop without being basic or dull.  the texturing is fantastic, and the slight tweak to the circle shape in both cases is perfect for anyone whose face could use a little narrowing. oh yeah…and both are under $50.  

if you happen to be more coordinated than i am, those stunning textured organic hoops by kenneth cole are an absolute steal at $32, and will keep you decidedly fashion-forward even in a conservative office.  

for a bit of a splurge, look no further than those wonderful hammered tear earrings by designer michelle lenae.  i am thoroughly amazed by some of the fine jewelry being sold on etsy these days, and these are no exception.  that drop of smokey quartz doesn’t take away from the utilitarian, go-with-anything style this hoop offers, but it definitely makes them stand out from the crowd.

so, what do you think – are you embracing the hoop earring’s return to fame?

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the annual “best of” list

every year when i get out my (completely lovely) new calendar, i love to think back through my year of retail and consider what really ended up being the best and worst purchases of the year.  the worst are harder to remember…they tend to fade into the recesses of my mind.  but the best are always there, right up front and easy to spot.  so, here’s my list of the best fashion & beauty investments i made in 2008.

loeffler randall matilde boots:  finally having these beauties in my clutches has changed my winter wear life forever.  i used to loathe the turn of seasons, because i’d be forced to either freeze in flats or resort to less dignified footwear.  but with these beautiful boots in my closet, i don’t mind a bit that the weather’s turned cold.  i scored them in this gorgeous olive color, but my first love was this amazing elephant shade (now on sale for under $500, by the way!).  both are perfect with just about anything, and so much more interesting than brown or black.

epice scarf:  i bought this as a christmas gift to myself from my dear mom back in october, and can’t tell you the degree of self-control it took to keep it in the box until the holiday arrived.  these scarves are actual works of art – i love everything about them, and am merely counting the days until i score a second.

gorjana sand coin necklace:  this necklace has hardly left my neck since it arrived – i love it so.  i wear it doubled, or layered long with a shorter necklace…the options are endless and the compliments are boundless.

benefit creaseless cream shadows:  i was always so skeptical of cream shadows, but really and truly, i haven’t touched a powder shadow since these arrived.  every color is gorgeous (though birthday suit is my personal fave), they apply flawlessly, provide a very adult degree of shimmer, and wear all day with ease.  definitely a star purchase at under $20.

barex intensive care hair mask:  i haven’t had a chance to tell you much about this italian hair care line, though i am fast learning to adore it and its 3-ounce bottles for travel.  but it’s the intensive care mask that has saved my life this year.  when i first moved to the rainy northwest, my hair objected staunchly…and voiced its objection with frizz, dryness, and countless other complaints.  this mask has soothed my hair’s temper considerably, and i am pleased to announce that my locks no longer frighten small children when i pass by.

clarins brightening day lotion:  this line has probably changed my skin more than any other this year, and i swear by it to all who will listen.  my skin borders on impossible – dry, unbelievably sensitive, and prone to hive and rash outbreaks with any change in routine.  but this brightening lotion keeps it happy and healthy, and even makes makeup-free days a possibility.  my only sorrow is that my supply has nearly run out – but this is one i’ll definitely be restocking.

so, what about you?  what were your best purchases in ’08??


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frugal fashion tips: glam your look with gorjana (and a discount!)

it’s no secret that gorjana is one of my favorite jewelry lines. every season, they never fail to debut pieces that are gorgeous, unique, and completely wearable. i get endless compliments on every piece of gorjana i own, and they’re unfailingly the styles that are in heaviest rotation from my jewelry box.

their holiday collection is no exception, and with pennies being pinched by all of us, i love the idea of picking up a stunning new piece of jewelry to help you update a holiday look that’s already in your closet. their olive leaf necklace, for example, is a perfect statement piece – it’s gorgeous alone or paired with a strand of longer beads (i love it with my dean harris quartz necklace).  

but the piece that has barely left my neck since arriving is that lovely silver sand coin necklace above.  at 40″ long, this piece is just amazingly wearable.  i’ve worn it as a single strand, i’ve doubled it over, and i’ve even shortened it by fastening the clasp behind one of the coins, so that part of the necklace dangles down the back.  for dressier occasions, try doubling it and layering with a classic pearl strand, or leave it long for a simple, classic statement with all black.  however you wear it, it’s amazing.

to put a little icing on the proverbial cake, i thought i’d ask gorjana, the owner and designer of the line, to share some tips on accessorizing for holiday affairs. her advice:

Making sure not to over-accessorize is key when it comes to jewelry, especially for more formal events such as holiday parties. The combinations I usually stick to are a great pair of statement earrings with a stack of varying bangles, or a great necklace with a simple earrings and a cocktail style ring.

Don’t be afraid to mix metals. The holidays are all about sparkle and shine, so I love to stack up my gold and silver bangles for a more dramatic look.

It’s simple to update your jewelry ensemble with a new piece that you can layer with all your favorites. I love our Olive Necklace because it easily compliments my shorter, personal necklaces that I wear every day, and also my wraps that I throw on for an evening out.

as a little extra treat, gorjana is kindly giving shoppingsmycardio readers 25% off the entire site through wed 12/17.  just use code SHOPPINGSMYCARDIO at checkout!

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