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designer 101: gemma redux


a few weeks ago, i spent the better part of my gossip-girl hour wishing i had a zoom lens to get a better look at the amazing necklace serena was wearing.  fortunately (thank god for the internet!), it didn’t take me long to track down the real thing.  the design was by gemma redux, and i’m now pretty thoroughly obsessed with the entire line.  

i love the fact that they combine every trend that’s hot right now, but in a completely original way – and with such intricate, unique detail that you can’t help by stare.  translation:  you’ll be wearing these pieces long after the chunky jewelry and multi-chain trends pass the rest of the world by.  or at least, i will be…if i can figure out how to add one of these beauties to my accessories drawer.  

prices range from $200-400, which is high in the world of fashion jewelry, but in the world of quality, ensemble-creating statement pieces?  a definite bargain.

check out the gemma redux site – if nothing else, it’s beautifully designed and perfect for browsing your heart out!

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what i want today: gossip girl-worthy argyles

hey there SMC readers, (wherever you are…)

little j here.  queen b and i can hardly wait for the next episode of gossip girl, after checking out the premiere this week.  to help contain my excitement i have been looking at on-set photos taken from this season’s episodes, and the trend i saw nearly every character sporting was argyle.  argyles are such a fun, classic look – and there are tons of options this season to make argyles work for every look.  here are a few picks that i found for some of our favorite gossip girls (all in the grey, navy and black color scheme to match those constance billard uniforms, natch)

who else but blair, the queen bee, would wear this gorgeous burberry cashmere sweater?  a splurge at $550, but this argyle will stand the test of time and keep you looking as classic as miss waldorf. 

word is that serena will be a little less bohemian this season and a little more chanel.  i can just picture S on the steps of the met, with her over the knee argyle socks paired with a riding boot.  if you don’t think you have the stems for the over-the-knee sock, try out argyle tights

and we can’t forget little j.  i love jenny humprey’s style – she doesn’t have an unlimited budget like our other gossip girls, so she mixes vintage pieces with some designer and some homemade items.  jenny would look so adorable in a crisp white shirt topped with j. crew’s sequin argyle cardigan.  that three-quarter-length sleeve means this would look great over your little black dress too!  for a more weekend-worthy vibe, check out the steal of the season:  this ruffle-neck argyle cardigan from old navy.  with a pricetag this low, jenny might not even have to pawn her hot older bro to snag these digs.

until next time, you know you love me!

xoxo, little j

ps…don’t forget your chance to snag the free goods up for grabs this week!  if you haven’t entered yet, what are you waiting for?

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