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the loeffler randall fetish continues

just feeling a little loeffler love this morning, and couldn’t resist sharing.  i know, i know, the economy, blah…but we can still look at pretty things, surely?

that fantastic taupe edith pump is the perfect antidote to your winter blues, and will be a fab addition to your spring/summer wardrobe.  they’d be absolutely stunning now with a colored tight, but when spring hits, this is such a gorgeous way to add a little ladylike to your look.  that heel is mighty daunting at 4.25″, but i’m thinking the 1″ platform will help.  plus, designer jessie randall does faux snakeskin better than just about anyone.  if you’re lucky enough to find your size, these are on sale at habitat for $315; otherwise, grab them at eluxury for their full $450 pricetag.  

not much can make me more anxious for warm weather than hot pink satin…except, perhaps, ruffles.  this colette pump is just begging for a fab flirty dress in a contrasting print, or to update last season’s bubble skirts.  for shoes this hot, i might even be able to get on board with a shorts-pairing.  maybe.  grab them on sale for $300 at shopbop.

here’s something i never even knew i needed before now – a camel flat.  honestly, how endlessly practical can you get…and how did i not know that this was an even bigger necessity in life than the camel heel?  at least for my 5’8″ frame, flats are my footwear of choice.  the camel color is virtually guaranteed to make your legs look a mile longer (and slimmer), and the ruffles (again with the ruffles!) keep them from being too matronly.  these would be the ultimate go-to for any “i have no shoes to match this outfit!” emergency, and they’re a great way to lighten winter basics for warmer weather.  in short, this is possibly the perfect shoe…and it can be yours for $425 from bluebee.

and for those of you drooling, but unable to partake, i do have one lovely little gift.  remember those fantastic raspberry pumps i was loving this fall?  well, the red version is are now on sale for a frighteningly good $135 at shopjake.  as they say, if the shoe fits…


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