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holiday hodgepodge

This is the post in which I try to remember every fabulous last-minute holiday gift that’s crossed my path since I finished our gift guides. Let’s see how it goes.

First of all, you should know I’ve been pinning gifts madly over on Pinterest (check out my Giftable, Dear Santa and Tinsel Time boards). So, you know, in case all of those gift guides weren’t enough, you have even more options! Plus, really, just about everyone is still shipping for the holidays, so don’t fret.

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get gifting: the perfect host

If you ask me, a Martha Stewart wannabe is the easiest person in the world to buy for. Give them something beautiful to display, something they can use at their next party, or something they can drink at this one, and you’re done.  Trust me: tote along any of these surefire hostess gifts, and you’re guaranteed a repeat invite.

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friday finds: a glamorous morning

Happy Friday, friends! Today’s list is all about turning those dreary, dragging weekday mornings into something a little more extraordinary. Enough with fumbling blindly for our iPhones and staggering toward the shower…it’s time to add some glam to your morning routine.

Brace yourselves: I’m about to recommend a $6 shampoo. No, really. Heidi Klum has been schilling for Clear Haircare, so I decided to give it a try (celebrity endorsements: they work, people). And though I was the skepticalest of skeptics, I kind of love it…more than my usual $30 shampoo, in fact. I’m sure it’s packed full of sulfates, but I can’t even remember why those were so bad for us. As promised, it does a great job of improving scalp health – my hair sheds less, my scalp is less itchy on non-wash days…I’m a happy girl. Stick with your old conditioner, though.

Strong Lengths shampoo, Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy, $6

In some alternate reality, I’d spend the morning hours lounging in La Perla while my butler brings me tea. But the reality is, it’s a stretch to make much of anything feel glam before 8 am. But now imagine you wake up and make yourself tea in this mug, then add a slow drizzle of organic honey from your beautiful teak honey jar. I’m feeling more glamorous already.

Harabu House Gold thermo mug, $30 & Teak honey jar & stick, $38

It was like at first sight when I came across Lola James jewelry. Every piece is so easy – a complete no-brainer to wear or even to layer. And they’re so fun and cheerful, it would be impossible not to smile when you put them on. Then I saw the prices. Now, it’s love.

Luck Necklace, $45 / Protection necklace, $45 / Pebbles necklace, $45 / Smokin’ Hot bracelet, $30 – All, Lola James Jewelry

Nothing adds that final piece of cheery polish to an outfit like tossing on a gorgeous scarf as you head out the door. Our fabulous sale spy, Roxanna, introduced me to a new line, and I’m obsessed. I suspect you will be too. They have a bevy of beautiful options, but this sunset-inspired palette is easily my favorite.

m0851 modal/cashmere scarf, $295

And before you head out the door, a pretty, pretty Pinterest pick to put you in a happy mood: Oscar de la Renta, fresh from his spring 2013 runway. How can you help but be happy in the face of turquoise, feathers and tulle?

Oscar de la Renta spring 2013, via Style.com

I feel better already. How about you?

Have a great weekend, friends, and I’ll see you back here next week!

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