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pleased to meet: harlow jewelry

Friends, I met the sweetest Portland designer the other day: Ruthie Crawford, of Harlow Jewelry. Even before I saw her designs, I knew I had to introduce you…she’s an absolute doll, who truly adores what she does. Fortunately, her gems happen to be stylish, elegant, and ridiculously reasonable too. I could hardly wait to fill you in!

For me, these pieces just scream “work appropriate” – something not all jewelry can do. Every last one has this fantastically delicate, vintage vibe that makes them perfect for the office, but they’re still stylish enough to be taken out on the town.

I was lucky enough to indulge in a little shopping spree while I visited, and well…let’s just say my gifting needs are handled for the year. Oh, and did I mention her pricing? Honestly…I was working hard looking at her website this morning, and couldn’t find a single piece over $100. Including the pieces piled high with massive stones. I have no idea how she does it.

Check out all of Harlow Jewelry’s goodies on their website…but be warned: mass buying is likely to ensue.


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