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princess or pauper: ikat scarf

ikat is still as hot as it was last summer, and promises to be absolutely everywhere this spring (see tory burch’s ikat-crazy resort line for proof).  whether the colors are muted or bold, an ikat-patterned scarf is an endlessly versatile way to add a little trendy to your pre-spring style.  wear it now with a trench, or pair it with tights to warm up a flirty spring dress in a couple of months, when you just can’t bear another day of thick sweaters and wool trousers.  

the version above is our “high” version – made by yarnz, it’s 100% cashmere and sells for $188.  this one looks so cozy to me..it’s hard to resist.

of course, if you’re loving the look but less willing to commit, i love the bolder colors in this version by charlotte russe…especially for just $9!  the styling is a little trickier to pull off, as it’s a square scarf, but that also makes it even better for warmer weather.  tie it cowboy-style like all the trendy girls are these days, and you’re set for spring.

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what i want today: ikat scarves

for those of you that have been living under a rock this summer (or are just maybe slightly less fashion-obsessed than i am), ikat is a style of printed fabric that’s beyond hot right now, but it’s always been a chic secret of true fashion insiders.  a few months back, lucky mag featured a stellar site to score authentic ikat scarves for a pittance, but alas, shipping from uzbekistan is not cheap…and, because it was featured in lucky, the entire shop was sold out.

fortunately, the fabulously talented kim over at always in style thought to take another look, and she found that not only are the scarves back, but they’re shipping for free through the weekend!  this is your chance, girls – gorgeous, all silk, and under $40.

as for me, i’ll be undertaking one of the few DIY (or hire-out-myself) projects you’ll ever hear me suggest.  extra long (as in 8-foot) scarves are going to be hot for fall/winter, so i’m planning to buy 2 meters of their ikat fabric, which is already the perfect width, and have my trusty tailor hem it up.  i detest scarf fringe anyway, so this might just be the best of both worlds!

huge thanks to always in style for clueing us in to the bargain!

CoutureCandy $10 Off

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