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style files: jaci carley of inhabit

I suspect it’s no secret by now that I have a longstanding love of all things Inhabit. Some brands get my heart for a season, or even a year…but with Inhabit, it’s for life. Their fabrics defy all logic – cashmere that’s somehow both lightweight and sumptuous, cotton so soft that you’d swear it was silk – and their designs always strike that perfect balance between edgy and classic. Smart details like reverse seams and asymmetrical side vents make even a simple cashmere crewneck into a collector’s piece.

So, when their impossibly hip designer, Jaci Carley, offered to do a little styling challenge with me, featuring my favorite piece from their spring collection (three cheers for Twitter!), you can guess how quickly I said yes. inhabit cashmere

styling stripes, striped sweater styling, inhabit spring 2014, how to style striped sweater, jaci carley  Read on

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ahead of my time

Remember those slouchy suede boots I had shortened last month?

Imagine my giddy surprise to see the following in Isabel Marant’s Spring 2012 collection:

It’s an utter fluke when style coincidences like these come along, so I couldn’t resist sharing. I like to think it gives hope to the rest of us when someone who isn’t Alexa Chung (ahem…) gets a big ol’ high five from the fashion world, entirely by accident. And thank goodness, as I know I’d have been coveting these babies something fierce. Now, if the craving strikes, you’ll know just how to get the look for a fraction of the cost.

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crafty girl: the isabel marant boot hack

This is really crafting by delegation (which, one might argue, is the best kind of crafting), but I had to share my most recent “Well, aren’t you clever?” moment.

A couple of years ago (wow, make that three years ago!), I bought a pair of cheap tall suede boots. They were my first foray into the world of tall boots, actually – I’d never been a fan, being from California, where shoe-related warmth is utterly unnecessary. You can see the process unfold right over here if you’d like a stroll down memory lane.

As you’d expect from cheap boots with absolutely no internal structure, these turned from slouchy chic to saggy swashbuckler over the course of a couple of years. They showed all sorts of unpleasant watermarks and wear on the shaft, the color was fading, and – best of all – the stitching was coming out at the top. Clearly, something had to be done.

Meanwhile, I was wishing for a great pair of knock-around cognac ankle boots to give my beloved Rachel Comeys a break (and stand in for the $800 Isabel Marant boots I’d been coveting). It finally dawned on me, in a fit of genius, that I have an amazing cobbler and a fashion gambler’s heart (Ha! As if.). So, I took them to my beloved cobbler Dorian, who turned these:

…into these:

And I’ve been wearing them almost nonstop since. Brand new shoes for $35 – not bad!

My crafty hack would work best with a cheapie pair of boots (lining and zippers will definitely complicate things. But if you have a far-too-slouchy pair of boots in your closet that you just can’t salvage, this is a pretty fantastic solution. Just remember, a good cobbler is key to this crafty mission. If you don’t have one, you’re missing one of the great joys in life. If you don’t have one in your town, ask the most well-heeled girl you know who she trusts.

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luxe or less: isabel marant

This Isabel Marant “Reilly” jacket from her Spring 2011 collection has been haunting me. First, I spotted it…

Then I spotted it being worn so casually and beautifully by Anja on Garance Dore’s blog:

Then I spotted it being worn in a bit more uptown style by Blake Lively and Katie Holmes (via coolspotters).

Then I spotted it in Lucky with a perfectly-layered, hip downtown vibe.

Sadly, spotting it is all I’ll be doing. It would set me back anywhere from $1,500 to $3,500 (there are a few different trim versions floating around out there) – and it’s been sold out for months. I’m thinking a few alternatives may be in order.

The first option is by Roberto Cavalli – it’s the priciest of the bunch at $560, but the style is also the closest. That said, there’s a bit more boho to this version than I’d like. The sequined jacket from Tory Burch ($348, on sale) has the embellished trim I love, but the rest is a bit more subdued. I quite like this Verona jacket from J.Crew (bonus that it’s on sale for a bizarrely reasonable $99) – it has the same silhouette and feel as the original, but it definitely doesn’t stand out in a crowd. And last, this floral bomber style jacket from Manoush ($253) definitely has the vibe of the Marant, even if the color palette is decidedly different.

So, what do you think? Do any of these styles come close to the original?

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friday finds: the pre-birthday edition!

I have to start by telling you all that next week is going to be seriously amazing here at ShoppingsMyCardio. You see, it’s my fifth anniversary in the blogosphere. Can you imagine?  I can’t begin to tell you what a fantastic time it’s been, and how much I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you all. Truly, truly, I get up and do this every morning because I know you’re out there reading, a fact that brings me even more joy than my new Vince leather moto.

Since I’m finding myself ill-equipped to express myself with words, I’m giving you presents instead!  Yes, we’re doing a major, knock-down, flat-out amazing giveaway all of next week, so whatever you do, don’t forget to show up Monday to get in on the action!

In fact…okay, I can’t resist (I am the world’s worst secret-keeper). Here’s a little tease – can you guess any of the delicious prizes up for grabs?

And with that, on to Friday Finds!

I can never seem to get enough of the new goods at Chilewich. There’s just something about their use of texture and tone to make neutral pieces sing. The latest addition to their little family is this Electric Stripe utility mat, which comes in a few different stripey combos (though the blue is my favorite). It’s precisely the blend of utilitarian and inviting I’d want at my front door. Bonus: prices start at $45, and I spotted these most recently at my friendly neighborhood Ace Hardware, so they’re actually easy to acquire.

A.P.C., a French label known for clean, creative styles has just launched their Resort/Fall 2011 lookbook, and it’s a doozy. This “Resort/Fall” season is a relatively new phenom, but I’ll take all the new goodies I can get. Particularly that sleeveless shirtdress.

I just polished off Dreams of Joy, the latest Lisa See novel. It released this week, and if you’re a fan of hers, it’s a title you won’t want to miss. The first half starts a little slow, but the second half is utterly worth the wait. This continuation of Shanghai Girls (I don’t think you need to have read that title to enjoy this one) takes you deep into the world of communist China under Mao’s leadership. It’s full of that well-researched Chinese history See is known for, and the whole thing is so engrossing, even my husband couldn’t believe how rabidly I was devouring this one.

And, last but not least, I’m having another of my DIY moments – this time, I’m hellbent on recreating this gorgeous Isabal Marant necklace, as I adore it, but it’s too spendy for me even at half price. I seem to remember seeing these wavy, zig-zag-ish beads everywhere when I was just a wee shopper, but have no idea what they’re called or where I’d find them now. Any ideas?

Have a wonderful weekend, friends – I’ll be here, working away on the fabulous week ahead. But I hope you take plenty of time to enjoy the sun this weekend!

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