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last-minute valentines…for everyone!


for those dear readers who didn’t win the contest, i hope you’ll still be my valentine.  and if you’re still struggling for gifts, here are a few last-minute ideas that i personally guarantee will be a universal hit.

for her:  if you’re feeling splurge-y, head over to saks and grab this pink prada wallet.  it’s the perfect way to say “i love you, and want you to have somewhere amazingly luxe to stash your credit cards.”  trust me…i have the same one in cobalt (courtesy of a hawaii souvenir budget).  words cannot express the sheer awesomeness of this wallet.  or, if you’re not rolling in the dough (like most of us), i swear to the fashion gods that nothing will make her happier than if you walk in the door bearing a handful of pink peonies and a sweet card that didn’t come from a drugstore.  true story.

for him:  guys are so hard to buy for on this sentiment-filled holiday…but i’m pretty sure this is as near flawless as it gets.  head to your local apple store.  pick up these super cool headphones from v-moda – i know we’re not usually into the tech here, but they’re called the vibe II and they’re amazing.  i get annoyed by headphones, headsets, and all their progeny as a rule, but these are fantastic.  they look cool, they don’t tangle, and even i can tell how much better the sound is.  plus, they double as a surprisingly excellent phone headset.  so, tack on an itunes gift card, and you can say you wanted him to be able to listen to his tom petty collection and your sweet voice in style.  his inner gadget geek will come out of the woodwork.  oh, and they work with just about any phone or MP3 player, so no worries there.  (ahem…you may want to pick up a set for yourself while you’re at it…they’re that fab.)

for you:  last, but most important…let’s not forget a valentine for you!  i have a v-day deal that’s guaranteed to steal your heart:


this fantastic blazer is cashmere…and it’s actually a cardigan.  so no tailoring, and no uncomfortable gaping.  these pieces are as close as i get to blazers – i just can’t ever get the right fit, so i cheat.  comes in charcoal, navy and black – all great, classic staples.

at any rate.  $188, down to $75.20 at bloomingdales right now…oh yeah, plus an extra 40% off this weekend.  so, it’s about $40. 

now that’s love.  happy valentine’s day!

Sale at Tobi

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