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weekend forecast

weekend-forecast, via shopping's my cardio

Where on earth did this week go, friends? Is November scaring the pants off you with its apparent insistence on hurtling toward December at a breakneck pace? Or is that just me? Mental note: must find a way to take a deep breath and have a cocktail before my brain scrambles entirely. Besides drinking myself into a semi-relaxed state, here’s what I’ll be up to this weekend: Read on

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elsewhere: ivillage summer challenge!

Hey friends! You know all of those huge behind-the-scenes projects I’ve been working madly on alluding to? Well, one of them launched this morning! I’m a coach for iVillage’s “Make This Summer Count” challenge – four weeks of tips and tricks to maximize your summer before it’s gone.

It’s actually been pretty fascinating to work on…one of the other coaches is Charles Duhigg, an expert in habit formation (and a New York Times reporter), so I’ve been learning all sorts of useful tips on how to boot my procrastinating tail into action. Seriously, the guy is pretty damn interesting.

Sign up for the email tips, and you’ll get a little piece of me in your inbox for the next four weeks. Too thrilling to pass up, no?

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welcome ivillage! (and a bonus holiday tip)

First of all, I want to give a big, warm welcome to all of the iVillage Holiday Challenge visitors today! That’s right, my week of coaching started today, and I’m sharing all of my best tips for making the holiday shopping season virtually painless (I swear, it’s possible!).

We’ll be kicking off holiday shopping here at SMC next week (I like to give Turkey Day its due), with a truly fantastic giveaway and a bevy of holiday gift guides sure to make your shopping even easier. And I also have an amazing deal coming up on Black Friday, exclusively for you lovely SMC readers! It’s from one of my very favorite designers, and guaranteed to be a perfect fit for every girl on your list.

If you aren’t getting my daily tips this week, I’d love to have you on board – just head on over to iVillage and sign up! (No spam, I promise.) And for those of you already on the list, I thought I’d pass along a few bonus tips throughout the week – just my way of thanking you for stopping by.

BONUS TIP #1: Give Santa a hand.

The other day, I walked into a store with the hubs, and pointed out a sweater I liked. “This would make an excellent holiday gift, sweetie!” I said, batting my eyelashes. For once, instead of nodding mindlessly and walking away, my husband let me in on a little tidbit that explained a lot about the gifts that end up under my Christmas tree. “I want to get you things like that,” he said, “but I have no idea what size to buy you.”

I tell you, friends, it had never even crossed my mind that he didn’t have my sizes down pat (as I do his). But it explained a lot. So, right now, do it with me – send your spouse, boyfriend, partner, or otherwise-involved-person a list of all of your sizes. And be thorough – I’m talking denim size, shoe size, pant size, sweater size, coat size, ring size…even hat and glove sizes. Anything he might need to get you the holiday gift of your dreams. Trust me, your significant other has no interest in rummaging through your closet to figure out your sizes. So, help him out!

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fine holiday fun: the ivillage holiday challenge!

I have some exciting news, friends! This year, I’m helping to guide the lovely women of iVillage through that most treacherous time of year: the holidays! That’s right, I’m a coach for iVillage’s “Get Organized For The Holidays” challenge! Four weeks of tips, tricks and techniques to make your holidays merry, bright and – most of all – relaxing. You know, so you can actually enjoy the season for once?

The challenge starts on November 14, so it’s coming right up. I’m coaching the week on holiday shopping (natch), but there are coaches for all manner of holiday needs – everything from getting organized to throwing the perfect holiday party to cooking up the most delicious seasonal goodies you’ve ever churned out of your kitchen. You’ll be getting the best tips (via daily emails) from four serious experts in their fields, and I promise to share my very best ideas for making your holiday shopping simple, budget-friendly, and chock full of festive holiday fun (no, really!).

I’d be ever so flattered if you all signed up to play along, friends…hope to see you there!

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