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currently coveting: lariat necklaces

Much as I love a good statement necklace, my day-to-day wear definitely leans more delicate than daring. So I’m thrilled to see that lighter, sweeter styles are making the rounds these days. Particularly these lariat styles, which have the bonus of feeling like a fresh alternative to the usual pendant fare, but still provide all that “wear every day” delicacy I’m after. Plus, let’s be honest: a little cleavage-enhancing accoutrement never hurt a girl.

So many have popped up on my radar lately, I couldn’t resist sharing my favorites.

Lariat necklaces, via Shopping's My Cardio

Ariel Gordon diamond lariat / Jennifer Zeuner “Love” lariat / Zoe Chicco Pave V lariat

Aren’t they just divine? My girl Ariel Gordon nailed the classic version, which can be customized with any two stones – though honestly, the all-diamond option is too divine to tamper with. It just doesn’t get any better. I love that it’s delicate enough to pair with nearly anything, since I can definitely see this beauty getting daily wear at my house.

Jennifer Zeuner is heavy into lariats right now, and they’re all goodies. In fact, she has so many options, I almost couldn’t choose a favorite for this piece (see, eg, this diamond star version, which is completely wonderful). But this “Love” style is so original and fun, it had to come out on top. I’d wear it with a casual crewneck tee,so the letters really stand out.

And then, just when I thought these couldn’t be topped, I fell hard for an Instagram from the amazing Zoe Chicco. I was over the moon when she told me she was just about to debut it…along with a brand-spanking new website (fair warning: it is dangerously good). This style has a bit of an Art Deco vibe, maybe a wink and a nod to Gatsby, but it’s still thoroughly modern and unbelievably wearable. I’m envisioning this beauty dripping down from the neckline of a sexy wrap dress. Talk about turning heads!

What do you think? Painful as it would be to choose, I think I might have a favorite. What’s yours?

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all in the details: grey mixed-media clutch

Kate M.W. ~ Despite my best efforts to maintain a healthy injection of colour, occasionally I quietly nestle back into neutrals, particularly when it’s overcast outside. This week I was inspired by the grey sky outside my window and this oversized clutch from Rachel Roy. Given its size and the presence of multi-function pockets, it’s the clutch’s answer to the small cross body bag. The mix of the midnight dusky blue, two-toned grey, and the subtle stripe of dull mint green is quiet enough not be overbearing but just graphic enough to not get lost in an outfit, setting the parameters as simple, easy, and refined.

Read on

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all in the details: kate spade cassy tassel loafer

Kate M.W. ~ While last week was all about industrial chic, this week is about a way to tackle autumn in a ladylike way. Loafers are a dime a dozen in the fall, but there’s something about a bright patent purple paired with tassels that gives a lovely feminine touch to the trend. Purple is an excellent alternative to the deep wine reds that we’ve been seeing everywhere, and yet doesn’t compete with a classic fall palette.

Cassy Patent Leather Tassel Loafer, Kate Spade, $225

Because this is about playing up the ladylike nature of the loafers, I’d begin the foundations with a dress. Olive green pairs nicely with the amethyst tone, and the black pattern ensures that the colour isn’t too saturated. Adding a grey wool blazer keeps things from being too predictable, and I couldn’t resist this version that boasts purple piping and a collar to match. The foundations don’t stop here though. Given the length of the dress and the fact that it is quite definitively autumn, black tights (or if you’re a little adventurous, black thigh-high socks) are necessary to keep this properly pulled together and appropriate.

Contrast Trim Blazer, Juicy Couture, $248 / Sartorial Splendor Cutout Dress, Ruche, $49 /
Opaque Matte Tights, Commando, $34 / Thigh-Highs, J.Crew, $19

The cutout neckline on the dress and purple collar of the blazer play into the decision of how the bring together the rest of the outfit. Skip the necklace and opt for amethyst studs, letting the colour play out against a beaded bracelet of the same hue and staying subtle with a black band watch. For fear of things becoming too boring, add a little whimsy with this gold elephant bangle, and a personal touch with a monogrammed ring. If you’re so inclined, play up the whimsical nature by opting for a book clutch (Gatsby’s a classic, and the yellow plays off the gold adding an unexpected contrasting pop of colour), or go for understated function with a basic black tote. Finally, because fall tends to get brisk, logic recommends a scarf and I’d recommend black.

The Great Gatsby Book Clutch, Kate Spade, $325 / Amethys Button Earrings, Brooks Brothers, $118 / Amethyst Boheme Bracelet Anzie, $175 / Reese Elephant Bangle, Jennifer Zeuner, $187 / Metro Watch, Kate Spade, $195 / Black Silk-Cashmere Wrap, J.Crew, $75 / Swirly 3 Initial Monogram Ring, Jennifer Zeuner, $198 / Grove Court Lainey Handbag, Kate Spade, $428

Flirty and fun don’t have to be adjectives reserved for spring and summer. Finding a way to bring a touch of whimsy and ladylike elegance into your fall ensembles is all in the details.

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friday finds: sugar, shine and stripes

welcome to this week’s friday finds!  i have a pretty fabulous weekend brewing…tonight kicks off the greek festival here in portland, an event i wait longingly for every single year (mmm, gyros and baklava!).  and later, hubs is whisking me off for an overnight shopping excursion to seattle (barneys! club monaco! madewell!)!  so, without further ado, let’s get this show on the road so i can start making my shopping list.

i’m a little too excited about these baking books by the talented duo behind baked in brooklyn…when the box from the publisher arrived, i actually squealed.  but with good reason: their first book has been on my wishlist for ages (if only because in it, they divulge their now-legendary brownie recipe), and their newest title, baked: explorations, just released this very day, and promises even more high-calorie wonderfulness.  now that fall weather has settled in, my kitchenaid mixer will be coming out of hibernation, and i can hardly wait to try out some of these recipes. what can i say, they had me at “peanut butter crispy bar.”  (or was it at “ginger rum molasses cookies”? or “red velvet whoopie pie”?  or…)

i wasn’t sure i was going to show this one off, as i’m still hoping to take a closer look at these pricey pieces before i fully commit (and drag you all along with me). but while i’m waiting, and can’t resist showing you all this initial necklace by jennifer zeuner any longer.  i’m obsessed with the antique styling, and i think it would be the perfect ‘wear every day’ piece to layer with longer pendants.  the price is a little daunting (ahem, $760), but those are real diamonds, and i’ve scoured the web without coming up with a single adequate substitute.  with fall’s new trends heading back toward classic pendants, this one is high on my list for number one.

last but not least, we’ll be talking more about the gap next week, but i tried on this mariner top last night at the store, and it’s well worth your $34.50.  it’s made of a very thick, sturdy knit, and fits like a dream – a better, more tailored version of the infamous saint james shirts, but at less than half the price, this is a no-brainer.  oh, wait…did i mention you can take 25% off today with code GAPSAVE?

have a great weekend, everyone!

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