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last chance! 4 things you’ll wish you’d bought when the nordstrom anniversary sale ends sunday

Psst…Looking for details on the 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? I’ve got the scoop right here. |


It’s nearly over, friends! Those delicious Nordstrom Anniversary Sale prices end this Sunday, when things go back to…gasp!…full price. Possibly my two least favorite words in the English language. (Well, right after “moist”.)

Though I’m sure you’ve already found a few new things that are making you long for sweater weather, I couldn’t let the last couple of Sale days go by without making sure you’d nabbed a few of my personal favorites: Read on

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your perfect jeans

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When it comes to denim, I may not have as many pairs as this lady, but I’ve done all right for myself. And though I can’t seem to stop racking up new finds, I’ll always have a few die-hard, impossible-to-part-with favorites in the mix. The J.Crew Matchsticks from a zillion years ago (before they messed up the fit), now so perfectly stretched out and worn in that they’re really more boyfriend jeans than anything, but still utterly perfect. The MiH Ellsworths that are exactly the right shade of faded blue. And the Paige Hidden Hills that magically make me look 10 pounds slimmer, even on fat days.

But my all-time favorite, I’ll-cry-when-they-finally-give-up, perfect jeans are my Joe’s Socialites (a now-extinct style, I’m sad to say). They’re made of the softest, thinnest denim, and every time I put them on, my whole body just lets out a big sigh of relief. They’re that comfortable.

What about you, friends? What’s your perfect pair?

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travel in style: the perfect summer packing list!

Friends, I am so in need of a summer vacation. I’m writing this while wearing a beach caftan and white jeans…in my living room. It’s time to get out of dodge!

I’m thinking if I pack myself an overnight bag now, perhaps I’ll be struck by a spur-of-the-moment inspiration and take myself out on a weekend getaway. Worth a shot, don’t you think? I have a feeling the rest of you may have actual weekend (or week-long) trips afoot, and could use a little guidance on packing the perfect weekend bag.

As usual, I have big dreams of 3 outfits a day, shoes to match, and a whole separate trunk of accessories. But really, summer trips call for minimal effort…and minimal luggage. So, rather than fantasy, this is pure practicality. Skip the fashion-conscious gear and go for versatility. Skip the giant jewels and go for simple. Skip the boring classic novel and go for the trashy celebrity magazines. This is a vacation!

Top: Striped tank, Edith A. Miller, $58 / Tissue v-neck tee, J.Crew, $30 / Callan tee, Velvet, $86 /
Denim shorts
, Joe’s Jeans, $138 / Tank dress, Three Dots, $66

Bottom: Graf + Lantz overnighter, $379 / Druzy studs, Dara Ettinger, $95 / Rope bracelet, Kiel James Patrick, $40 / Archer flat, Dolce Vita, $69 / Espadrilles, ASOS (similar here) / Cenoire electric toothbrush, $35 / Sun Protector, Kiehls, $23

 You’ll need:

* 2 tees: one basic, one fashion-forward
* 1 tank: basic is great
* 1 pair of denim cutoffs: the ultimate in versatility!
* 1 easy summer dress
* 1 pair of sandals/flip flops
* 1 pair of walking shoes
* 1 great bracelet
* 1 pair of simple earrings
* 1 swimsuit
* 1 semi-slinky nightgown (it is a vacation, after all)
* Oh, and…extra undies!

That’s it!

Add your trusty bag of toiletries and you’re set. You do keep that pre-packed, right? No? You don’t know what you’re missing…it’s a total travel game-changer! Head to Nordstrom with a list of your staple products, ask them to make up testers for you (buy something so you don’t feel guilty), and throw them in a Ziploc. I know you have extra makeup lying around, so make yourself a travel bag with the spares. Throw in a toothbrush, treat yourself to a travel flat iron, and leave the whole assembly in your bag, so you never have to go hunting when the open road calls.

Oh, and don’t forget the big bottle of SPF. My sun-phobic favorite this season is from Kiehls – it’s SPF 50, water-resistant and broad-spectrum. Done and done!

Where are you off to this summer? Maybe I can live vicariously…

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stylish steals: going native

i always love this time of year for bargains.  casual shoppers are worn out by the holidays, and the after-christmas crowds are gone, but this is prime time for my favorite local boutiques to induce mega markdowns in advance of spring arrivals.  fall’s pieces are always more versatile and, typically, more expensive than spring styles, so i really relish the winter sales.  i thought i’d share a few of my favorite sale finds of late, both online and off.

i picked up the minidress version of this utterly wonderful cowl neck tank from t by alexander wang (isn’t that blue gorgeous?) from frances may, a local boutique that gets loads of love from the fashion world (check out their feature in lucky this month!).  if i hadn’t been set on a tunic-length, i’d have picked up this tank version instead, as i’d probably wear it more.  $62 is as close to a steal as this line gets, and i can tell you, the cut is *un*believable.  divinely drapey, flowing, but curve-skimming…it’s sheer layering perfection, and can you imagine it with shorts this spring?  (sizing note: i’d say it runs a smidge big…i think going down a size would be totally appropriate here.)

sadly, my latest completely awesome bargain find – a military-style jacket at anthropologie yesterday for $9.95(!) – isn’t online.  but i will say in general, their (in-store) selection of coats is excellent right now – i fell hard for a buttery leather cropped moto jacket in burnt caramel, for $124.  as for online finds, this striped michael stars tee is right on trend for spring, and definitely a steal at $29.  i was utterly shocked by the flattering styling of these joe’s knit chelsea leggings (leggings, not jeans…don’t let the pockets fool you), and they’re maybe the most comfortable thing i’ve ever worn. they’re $78 for now…i’m holding out for one more markdown.

those of you on the east coast are lucky enough to be near one of my favorite shops.  CUSP is a spinoff from neiman marcus, and they’re one of my must-shops when i hit the east coast.  but don’t fret – if you’re not nearby, there are some serious steals at their online sale right now, especially in the “under $100” section.  the fillmore moto jacket ($81) is maybe the best version i’ve seen of the classic moto – the asymmetrical styling makes it infinitely more hip, and infinitely more wearable for those of us over the age of 25. plus, that bright indigo shade will be fabulous layered over your spring floral dresses (or that striped michael stars top!).  and, if you’ve been wanting to try the sequin trend, i love their version from MK2K (i have a feeling this one’s more sleek than it appears – those microsequins never photog well).

have you been braving the weather to hit up the winter sales in your ‘hood?  i’d love to know what steals you’re scoring these days!

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