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friday finds, in brief

It’s a small list of finds this week, my friends. I’m working like mad on this year’s SMC Holiday Gift Guides, so my head’s swimming with sugar plums and scented lotions. Truthfully, I already feel like I’m weeks behind…does anyone else get completely panicked when they see all of these blog gift guides pop up in early November? So much pressure! My guides will be running the week after Thanksgiving, which I think is plenty of shopping time for us civilized folk, thankyouverymuch.

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trend to try: white ceramics

Editor’s Note: A big welcome back to the always lovely Kim Brandt! I’m so in love with her Trend to Try today that I’m already scouring my house for white objets to group on a shelf. Something tells me you’re about to do the same…


I am a huge believer in buying furniture and home decor items to specifically fit the space in which you live. Since I am still just a renter, and alas, have not lived anywhere longer then 18 months in my adult life, I have yet to invest in any long-term pieces. When I do, I can almost guarantee you that my first purchase will be a classic Chesterfield sofa.

In the meantime, I have to satisfy myself with accessories – especially pieces that build on current trends.  Right now in the world of interiors, bright, glossy, white ceramics are really catching my eye.

The Decorista / Graham & Green (via Pinterest) / Making It Lovely

Jonathan Adler is the originator (at least for my generation) of all things ceramic, and he certainly knows how to do white right.

Jonathan Adler Fox ($138) and Horns ($120)

Of course, JA’s fabulous, but the price point isn’t for everyone. West Elm and Z Gallerie both have great options at moderate price points. A few of my West Elm favorites:

West Elm Stephen Antonson Candlesticks ($19+) and Vases ($22+) / Porcelain Hurricanes ($19+)

The options from Z Gallerie are a little more whimsical, and would add a great point of interest to any room. I’ve had my eye on this guy for quite a while…it’s certainly more my version of taxidermy.

Lacquer Moose Head ($249) / Ceramic Books (set of 8, $159)

Being a Portland local, I’m an ever-adoring fan of a hometown favorite, Pigeon Toe Ceramics. Each piece is handcrafted, and oh-so-beautiful!

Pigeon Toe Ceramics mini creamer ($20) / Mason Jar lantern (shown as planter, $36)

Of course, if you’re like me and don’t like spending a lot on interior trends, I have a great tip to get this look for less: spray paint!  I really like these trophies displayed in a window, but you could try this trend with any thrifted sculpture.  I’m picturing the knickknack aisle at my local Goodwill and envisioning a group of those awful ceramic figurines spray painted in high gloss white. Serenity!!

Image via Design*Sponge

What do you think? Are you ready to embrace a little winter white?

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get gifting: all that glitters

Really, who isn’t a jewelry guide for? Anything sparkly is the perfect gift for moms, sisters, friends – and, of course, feel free to send a link to your significant other, as he’s almost certainly in the market for hints this time of year.

  1. These pretty druzy crystals would be the perfect go-to pairing with denim – if I don’t snag them first. Druzy earrings (and similar), Iris Jewelry Designs, $82 (take 10% off sitewide with code HOLIDAY10)
  2. If you can’t buy her the Crown Jewels, this might be the next best thing – she can ogle to her heart’s content. Boucheron: The Secret Archives, by Vincent Meylan, $60
  3. A locket always feels like a special gift to me. This one packs all the sentimental punch but with a style that’s not so precious. Ball locket necklace, Hayden-Harnett, $55
  4. Those pale rectangles of recycled glass give you a hint of bold color that’s still completely wearable. Mountains necklace, Sword+Fern, $72
  5. It’s hard to go wrong with anything from Grayling, but I love that these earrings are statement-worthy but still wearable for everyday. Tail Arc earrings, Grayling Jewelry, $88
  6. Call me old-school, but there’s nothing I love quite as much as a classic cameo. Cameo necklace, Kessler, $165
  7. I am forever setting my rings down in ill-advised locations (above the kitchen sink, for example), but I like to think this little squirrel would save me from yet another near-disastrous misplacing. Squirrel ring box, Jonathan Adler, $125
  8. Remember all that arm party fun I’ve been having? This gives you all the style, with absolutely none of the carefully-orchestrated effort. Pearl & disc bracelet, Gerard Yosca, $60
  9. Simple and classic, these are the perfect studs, but with a stylish update. Etoile pavé studs, Kira Kira, $250
  10. If there’s a mom on your list, look no further. Use this kit to send off a fingerprint from her darling munchkin, and she’ll get a sterling charm as one-of-a-kind as her little one. Custom fingerprint charm, Priceless Prints, $65
  11. I’m such a fan of Tiffany & Co.’s new Locks collection, and this bangle is at the top of my list. Besides, what’s a jewelry gift guide without a splurge or two? Vintage lock bangle, Tiffany & Co., $1,850
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friday finds: for mom

Mom, you’re officially banned from reading this!  Move along…

Anyway.  Friends, I’m feeling so behind this year – I can’t believe it’s already nearly Mother’s Day!  More importantly, I haven’t nabbed my mom a gift for Mother’s Day yet.  So, as I wander the world wide web searching for ideas, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite finds, just in case you’re in the same boat.  A note, though: I’m skipping jewelry this year. I feel I’ve tapped that well too many times.  Plus, it’s just not hard to find a mom-friendly necklace…you don’t need my help with that.

These gorgeous candles are a collaboration between Jo Malone and the work of legendary interior designer David Hicks.  I’m in love with each of the scents, as I always am with Jo Malone fragrances, but it’s really the packaging that shines here.  Best of all, they come in a box so beautifully pulled together, gift-wrapping would just be gilding the lily.

{Jo Malone limited edition David Hicks candles, $65 each}

And, as long as we’re talking gorgeous patterns, I’ve fallen pretty hard for Jonathan Adler’s new Carnaby collection.  The collection includes mugs and serving trays that are all pretty wonderful, but I’m especially fond of these vases.  They’d be particularly lovely presented with a big bunch of peonies or tulips inside.

{Jonathan Adler Carnaby collection vase, $68}

What mom can’t use another tote?  These are a couple I’m loving at the moment.  The cotton twill is a perfect weekend/market/go-anywhere bag, but that leather travel tote?  It’s destined to be your mom’s new favorite…I’m sure of it.

{Jesse Kamm classic tote, $135}

{Clava Bags leather travel tote, $220}

In the category of the sentimental, I love the idea of finding an art print that reminds you of a special memory you and your mom share.  For me, a lot of my best memories with my mom are of traveling together.  So, I’m thinking of a print that would help us both remember a city we explored on a girls’ trip.

{London or Paris print by Blanca Gomez, $30; Portland, Oregon print by JHill Design, starting at $25}

One of my most treasured possessions is my grandmother’s recipe box.  Every sauce-stained card is a dear memory, and the box holds a prize spot in my kitchen.  If your mom’s cooking is second to none, I love the idea of surprising her with this gorgeous recipe box, complete with letterpress recipe cards and dividers.  It’s a splurge, but it’s not something you replace.

{Charles Fradin letterpress recipe card set & box, $100 ($80 this weekend, with code FRIEND3)}

And of course, if all else fails, beauty products are always a sure hit with moms – they’re often something she’d never treat herself to.  The new Citrina fragrance sets from Space NK are a favorite of mine – the clean, light citrus scent is the perfect thing for spring. You can pick up pieces from the line starting at $12 for the beautifully-wrapped glycerin soap (I love the idea of wrapping a trio of them in twine for giving).

{Citrina body care fragrance set by Space NK, $58 (or $30 without eau de toilette); Citrina glycerin soaps, $12 each}

Yes, I think there’s a winner here…for my mom, at least.  Have you picked out your Mother’s Day gift yet?

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gift guide: the bookworm

for the person on your list who flat-out refuses to get a kindle, because she just loves the way a book feels in her hands, here’s a list of ideas she’ll be thrilled to see on christmas morning.  as usual, if i start playing favorites, i’ll begin telling you how much i loved the widower’s tale, and how i can’t wait to start reading unbearable lightness, and the next thing you know, i’ll have raved about every single thing on this list.  but i can’t move on without telling you that that pride and prejudice sweatshirt is the best. sweatshirt. ever.  it’s unbelievably snuggly, but somehow manages not to make me look like a slob.  and i’m not just saying that because i’m wearing it right now.

left to right, from top: oogy: the dog only a family could love, $10; ansel adams in the national parks, $24; out of print book cover tees, from $28 (includes donation of a book to a community in need!); book darts, $10; jonathan adler dachsund bookends, $40; the widower’s tale, by julia glass, $16; unbearable lightness: a story of loss and gain, by portia de rossi, $14; anthology magazine subscription (lord, i miss good magazines!), $38; postcards from penguin, $25.

{FTC disclaimer: some product samples were provided to help me compile this guide, but as usual, there’s no pay-for-play here.}

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friday finds

happy friday, everyone!  i hope you’re all looking forward to a weekend of parties, costumes, and – in my case – eating far too many tiny candy bars.

i’m still in heavy-duty “cozy fall” mode, and what i’m coveting now is ugg’s new venture into knitwear. their chic snuggly grandpa cardigan ($295) has my name written all over it.  and check out those suede elbow patches!  the whole collection is simple and perfect, and nearly makes up for the footwear trauma they’ve inflicted on me in the past.

Picture 11

oh, jonathan adler…the things you do to me!  he’s just released several new additions to his infamous menagerie, and i love them all.  if i had an office, you can bet your bottom dollar this peacock lollipop holder ($98) would already be on its way to me.  alas, i’m not sure having that many tootsie pops around without someone besides me to eat them would be good for my sugar intake.

Picture 12

more coats…and this mackintosh trench, at $1,175, is purely lust-only. but really, that houndstooth plaid, and the classic fitted styling?  unbelievable.  now if only j.crew could stop including insanely expensive items on their site…i get way too excited seeing something this gorgeous and thinking it’s within reach.

i’m feeling a bit guilty for foregoing my annual ‘breast cancer awareness product lineup’ feature this year.  i just get a little tired of seeing the same old stuff being dyed pink each october.  but these emily elizabeth earrings ($50) caught my eye big time, and they deserve a mention before the end of the month.  at last, a chic way to display that infamous pink ribbon.  i love the rose gold, i love the sweet little studs, and i love that proceeds go to the “feel your boobies” foundation.

and last but not least, a query for you dear readers.  are these cole haan loafers as cute as i thought they were at first glance, or are they too white, making them look like something a nurse would wear?  (no disrespect to those of you in the profession….but really, the clown-print scrubs are tricky).  i realized i’d actually bookmarked a very similar version from prada to torment you all with, but these are strikingly similar for considerably less.  thoughts?

Picture 14Picture 15

(hint: cole haan’s on the left, prada’s on the right).

let me know your thoughts, and have a fabulous halloween weekend, everyone!  here’s to a fantastic sugar coma!

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valentines worth hearting: for her

i happen to love valentine’s day…i loved it when i was single, and i love it still. i used to get so excited about making those valentine boxes to house all of the goodies kids passed around to each other on valentine’s day, and the valentine selection process at the grocery store every year was serious business.

that said, the holiday gets a pretty bad rap from grownups, singles and couples alike, and i do sort of hate what it morphs into once you’re an adult.  no one wants romance forced down their throat.  but i suggest a little change of outlook:  consider it a reminder to tell someone – a friend, a mom or a significant other – that you love them and can’t live without them.

i tend toward small, sweet and simple for valentine’s day, and when i doubt, i go full-blown corny – if you can’t romance them, at least you can entertain them.  that said, i rarely go overboard, and while i wouldn’t turn down an overboard gift (hi honey!), i never expect one.  just something simple that shows you’re thinking of the one you love.

today, it’s all about her…we’ll tackle the boys tomorrow (don’t worry, they’re easier to buy for locally).

jonathan adler heart pill case keychain: my love for mr. adler knows no bounds, and i simply must have this little heart pill case for my key ring.  the front is pink, the back is orange, and the inside is bright yellow…it’s just the thing to house my happy pills (er, tylenol?).  and at $24, it’s the perfect bargain valentine.  just, please, be smart and tuck a little love note (or, you know, diamond earrings) inside.

christine mignon rose gold hearts:  these sweet studs would certainly steal my heart away…and i’m sure they’d fare as well for just about any girl i know.  such a perfect valentine for a wife, of course, but what about a sister or a BFF?  divine.  $150 from the always-lovely christine mighion, and they’re eco-friendly besides.

whitney smith cupcake stand:  for the more creative guys, this might just the ultimate in sweet and thoughtful (ie, guaranteed to net you serious bonus points).  pick up one of these adorable cupcake stands ($72) handmade by whitney smith, and fill it with – you guessed it – one of her favorite cupcakes.  unveil on valentine’s day, and stand back to reap your rewards.

armani dolci truffles: i was skeptical when i heard armani‘s latest venture was dessert.  after all, couture and chocolate aren’t exactly a traditional pairing.  but girls, i got to test these out, and hoo boy…mr. armani knows his sugar.  they’re utterly gorgeous (right down to the red silk packaging), unbelievably delicious, and they’ll be glad to ship anything your heart desires from their NYC flagship store, which you can reach at 212.339.5950. pricing starts at $35 for that lovely box of 16 truffles.

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